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George E. Detsis Office of Corporate Safety Analysis, HS-30 Naval Reactors / HSS Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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George E. Detsis Office of Corporate Safety Analysis, HS-30 Naval Reactors / HSS Workshop

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George E. Detsis Office of Corporate Safety Analysis, HS-30 Naval Reactors / HSS Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S. Department of Energy’s Analytical Services Program Systematic Planning and Data Assessment Tools and Training - SPADAT DOE Consolidated Audit Program – DOECAP Mixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Program – MAPEP. George E. Detsis Office of Corporate Safety Analysis, HS-30

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George E. Detsis Office of Corporate Safety Analysis, HS-30 Naval Reactors / HSS Workshop

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Presentation Transcript

U.S. Department of Energy’sAnalytical Services ProgramSystematic Planning and Data Assessment Tools and Training - SPADATDOE Consolidated Audit Program – DOECAPMixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Program – MAPEP

George E. DetsisOffice of Corporate Safety Analysis, HS-30

Naval Reactors / HSS Workshop

March 13, 2009

James Forrestal Office Building

systematic planning and data assessment tools and training program http vsp pnl gov dqo
Systematic Planning and DataAssessment Tools and Training Program(

Provides sampling and data evaluation methods and tools to facilitate enhanced, timely and cost effective approaches to meet regulatory requirements, accelerate site cleanup, facilitate decommissioning, and support legacy management.

Visual Sample Plan (VSP) software tool development and implementation

Training courses for systematic sample planning and Data Quality Objectives

On-site sample planning assistance and support

Support for statistically defensible sampling approaches and data evaluation methodologies

spadat visual sample planning
SPADAT Visual Sample Planning
  • Interfaces with GIS and Autocad
  • Supports multiple statistical approaches (simple random, sequential, stratified, systematic, adaptive cluster, etc.)
  • Hotspot Sampling
  • Composite Sampling
  • Well Redundancy Modeling
  • Geostatistical Modeling
  • Probability / Uncertainty Mapping
  • Seasonality Consistency Testing
  • Temporal Redundancy Evaluations
vsp used for hotspot sampling
VSP Used for Hotspot Sampling

Using new or existing data, VSP programming will automatically and iteratively locate samples in the largest un-sampled area

vsp sampling designs
VSP Sampling Designs

Use of VSP to plan sampling designs and data analysis for decommissioning or decontamination of buildings

Use of VSP to determine monitoring well redundancy while preserving important plume information

doe consolidated audit program https doecap oro doe gov
DOE Consolidated Audit Program(

Performs, coordinates and administers audits of Analytical Laboratories and Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities subcontracted to the DOE.

Recruits technically qualified auditors from across the DOE

Eliminates redundant audits between DOE facilities

Provides standardized audit methodology and procedures

Improves communication of audit information and lessons learned

Reduces overall Department risks and liabilities

doecap audit areas
DOECAP Audit Areas


Disposal Facilities

Quality Assurance Management

Sampling and Analytical Quality

Waste Operations

Environmental Compliance

Radiological Control

Industrial and Chemical Safety

Transportation Management

Regulatory Agency Review

  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Organic Analysis
  • Inorganic Analysis
  • Radiochemical Analysis
  • Laboratory Information Systems
  • Hazardous and Radioactive Materials Management
  • Specialty Analysis
mixed analyte performance evaluation program http www inl gov resl mapep
Mixed Analyte PerformanceEvaluation Program(

Tests and evaluates environmental analytical laboratory performance and ability to provide defensible data that instills confidence in DOE decision- making.

ISO 17025 Accredited Performance Test Provider

Direct traceability to the National Institute for Standards and Testing

Tests radiological, stable inorganic, and organic parameters

Evaluates soil, water, air filter, and vegetation media

Required for all laboratories performing analysis for DOE

Interaction and cooperation with DOECAP auditing

mapep operations
MAPEP Operations

MAPEP Scope and Laboratory Participants:

Scheduled to distribute approximately 1200 samples in FY09

Anticipate over 14,000 performance analyses for evaluation

109 Domestic Laboratories

17 International Laboratories

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Laboratories (New Zealand, Brazil)

Cooperative Monitoring (Canada, United Kingdom)

International Atomic Energy Agency

Middle Eastern Nations (Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar,

Qatar, Turkey, Morocco)

asp program contact information
ASP Program Contact Information

George E. Detsis, Analytical Services Program (ASP) Manager

Phone: (301) 903-1488E-mail:

Brent Pulsifer, VSP Coordinator, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Phone: (509) 375-3989


Jorge Ferrer - DOECAP Manager, DOE Oak Ridge

Phone: (865) 576-6638E-mail:

Guy Marlette, MAPEP Coordinator, Idaho National Laboratory

Phone: (208) 526-2532