Is he a good man
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Is he a good man?. Balram Halwai. What Defines A Good Person?. *according to LOVED. POLITE. SCHOLAR. ARISTOCRAT. NOBLE. ANGEL. SAINT. MARTYR. A Bad Person Would Be Opposite?. *according to hated. rude. LOVED. POLITE. h alf-baked. SCHOLAR. vaishyas.

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Is he a good man

Is he a good man?


Balram halwai

What Defines A Good Person?

*according to









Balram halwai

A Bad Person Would Be Opposite?

*according to

















Balram halwai

Polite | rude

1. Balram observes the etiquette and manners of his betters.

page | 253

I was smelling coffee on a daily basis. I was dying to try it out.

But before you could drink it, you had to know how to drink it.

There was an etiquette, a routine, associated with it that fascinated me.

2. Balram is only rude because of his ignorance.

page | 128

Why had my father never told me not to scratch my groin?

Why had my father never taught me to brush my teeth in milky foam?

Why had he raised me to live like an animal?

Balram halwai

Loved | hated

1. Balram was loved by his father.

page | 19

My father was a poor man, but he was a man on honor and courage.

I wouldn’t be here, under the chandelier, if not for his guidance.

2. Balram’s family uses love as a tool for manipulation.

page | 224

Letter from Kusum:

Also we have decided to arrange for your wedding on our own, and if you do not come here, we will send the girl to you by bus.

I say these things not to threaten you but out of love.

Balram halwai

Scholar| half-baked

1. Balram desires knowledge.

page | 60

I absorbed everything- that’s the amazing thing about entrepreneurs. We are like sponges- we absorb and grow.

2. Balram has gained his education through observation.

page | 259

Now, despite my amazing success story, I don’t want to lose contact with the places where I got my real education in life. The road and pavement.

Balram halwai

Noble| common

1. Balram is unique.

page | 30

You, young man, are an intelligent, honest, vivacious fellow in this crowd of thugs and idiots. In any jungle, what is the rarest of animals- the creature that comes along only once in a generation?

The white tiger.

2. Balram mimics the noble in appearance.

page | 128

I was sure the guard in front of the door would challenge me and say, No, you’re not allowed in, even with a pair of black shoes and a T-shirt that is mostly white with just one English word on it.

Balram halwai

Angel | devil

1. Balram is a guiding spirit.

page | 159

Lord Krishna – another of history’s famous chauffeurs – stops the chariot he is driving and give his passenger some excellent advice on life and death. Like Krishna I philosophized – I joked – I even sang a song – all to make Mr. Ashok feel better.

2. Balram rejects being a servant.

page | 75

God says: I am powerful. I am huge. Become my servant again.

Devil says: Ha!

I see the little man in the khaki uniform spitting at God again and again…

Balram halwai

Saint | murderer

1. Balram expounds his virtues.

page | 50-51

I am a good driver, sir. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t steal.

I don’t disrespect God, I don’t disrespect my family.

I don’t gossip about my masters, I don’t steal, I don’t blaspheme.

2. Balramis trying to make amends.

page | 262

It’s just that here (Bangalore), if a man wants to be good, he can be good.

In Laxmangarh, he doesn’t even have this choice.

That is the difference between this India and that India: the choice.

Bhagavad gita good characteristics
Bhagavad Gita: Good Characteristics


Spiritual vision

Victory over delusion

Patient forgiveness




Simple austerity


-Lesson 10 pg 47

Bhagavad gita bad characteristics
Bhagavad Gita: Bad Characteristics








Insatiable desires


-Lesson 16 pg 74

Balram halwai

The Bhagavad Gita is telling us:

Humans are imperfect.

Human’s knowledge is incomplete.

God is required for men to see their potential.

God has given men dharma.

If humans seek knowledge the Gods will provide it.

Balram halwai

What is BalramHalwai?

Is he a thief?

Is he an idealist?

Is he an opportunist?

Is he a revolutionary?

Is he a psychopath?

Is he a philosopher?

Balram halwai

Martyr | balramhalwai

Martyr: One who makes great sacrifices, or suffers much, in order to further a belief, cause, or principle.

Is Balram a good man?

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“You were looking for the key for years -

But the door was always open!” - 216