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II. Protestant Reformation. The Northern Renaissance 1509-1555. Goals:. To Explain how Christian Humanism led to Reformation To Identify why intellectuals wished to reform the Catholic Church To analyze Martin Luther’s objections to the Catholic Hierarchy. What is the Reformation?.

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Ii protestant reformation

II. Protestant Reformation

The Northern Renaissance



To Explain how Christian Humanism led to Reformation

To Identify why intellectuals wished to reform the Catholic Church

To analyze Martin Luther’s objections to the Catholic Hierarchy

What is the reformation
What is the Reformation?

Religious reform movement that divided the Western Christian Church into Catholic and Protestant groups.

A christian humanism
A. Christian Humanism

  • Humans can improve themselves by studying the bible

  • Inward Piety would lead to a personal relationship with God

  • Desiderius Erasmus famously criticized Catholics for focusing on rituals to earn salvation (fasting, pilgrimage)

B why reform the catholic church
B. Why Reform the Catholic Church?


  • Church hierarchy became preoccupied with expanding Christian territory (HRE) and not about the spiritual needs of their subjects

2 selling salvation
2. Selling Salvation

  • Indulgence – a certificate purchased from the Church that guaranteed spiritual release from a sin

  • Relics – a historical artifact that was purchased

C martin luther
C. Martin Luther

  • A German Monk who grew disenfranchised by Catholic corruption

  • Published the 95 Theses attacking Church practices

  • Humans are saved through faith in God, not Good works, Indulgences or the Pope

  • Advocated publishing the bible in vernacular

  • Believed in two sacraments (communion and Baptism)

  • Clergy should marry

D break with the church 1520 1522
D. Break with the Church (1520-1522)

  • Luther called on Princes to overthrow the papacy in Germany

  • The Church excommunicated Luther in 1521

  • Edict of Worms – made Luther an outlaw and he went into hiding

E rise of lutheranism
E. Rise of Lutheranism

  • Luther’s religious movement became a Revolution

  • Princes in Germany began to follow Luther’s teachings and occupied Catholic Churches

  • Charles V (HRE) could not defeat the German revolt due to Muslim invasions into the HRE

  • 1555 Peace of Augsburg, The papacy officially recognized the split in the Christian Church


  • What is Christian Humanism and how was it used to attack the Catholic Church?

  • Why did many feel the Catholic Church was in need of reform?

  • Describe Luther’s contribution to the Reformation.

Iii spread of the reformation
III. Spread of the Reformation

  • Zwinglian - 1531

  • Anabaptist – 1530’s

  • Calvinist - 1536

  • English Reformation - 1534

  • Catholic Reformation - 1545

What links the Renaissance to the Protestant Reformation and the Spread of Reformation?


Iv wars of religion
IV. Wars of Religion the Spread of Reformation?

Remember the Peace of Augsburg in 1555?

The pope recognized a split in the Church

Group activity
Group Activity the Spread of Reformation?

There are four major areas of war over religion throughout the 16th and 17th century

  • French Wars of Religion

  • Phillip II and Spain

  • Queen Elizabeth of England

  • The Thirty Years war in Germany

Goals for each group
Goals for each Group: the Spread of Reformation?

- Read your respective sections.

- Create a thematic web of the religious, social and political issues involved in each war.

  • Report the outcome of the war!

  • Draw a picture(s) representing your war.