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Safety Basics for Your Hot Tub and Portable Spa PowerPoint Presentation
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Safety Basics for Your Hot Tub and Portable Spa

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Safety Basics for Your Hot Tub and Portable Spa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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As all Jacuzzi owners know, one of the best experiences in life is soaking in the warm, hydroptherapeutic waters of hot tubs. It helps replenish our bodies while soothing the stresses and worries of everyday life. However, before we get to avail of its wonderful benefits here are some of the basic safety steps and information that you may want to keep in mind.

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Safety Basics for Your Hot Tub and Portable Spa

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Safety Basics for Your Hot Tub and Portable SpaWritten By: Vivienne Fox -

As every Jacuzzi hot tub owner know, one of the best pleasures in life is immersing in the warm, bubbling waters of hot tubs. It revitalizes our bodies while melting away the worries and stresses of everyday living. But of course, we must familiarize ourselves with the basic hot tub safety guidelines in order to get and enjoy its wonderful benefits. Here are some of the basic hot tub safety tips and information:
keep your hot tubs clean and its waters disinfected
Keep Your Hot Tubs Clean and Its Waters Disinfected

It is the responsibility of every hot tub owner to make sure that their Jacuzzi hot tub or portable hot tubs are clean and its water disinfected properly to thwart the spread of disease-causing germs. Having the proper level of disinfectant is vital to ensure you’re your hot tubs are safe and clean. The usual disinfectant used for the regular and portable hot tubs is Chlorine. Keep in mind that the more your hot tub is used, then the quicker the disinfectant peters out. So you might want to check your Jacuzzi hot tub before and after use and add the disinfectant if it gets low.

alcohol and drug risks
Alcohol and Drug Risks

The hot water in a hot tub intensifies the effects of alcohol and particular drugs, and the outcome can get very serious. If you’re using a prescription drug, you must first consult your physician about it before immersing in your Jacuzzi hot tub. Most hot tub accidents involving adults are either alcohol or drug related. Also, soaking in the hot water in hot tubs can be dehydrating and usually leads to dizziness, nausea, and fainting. So take a break from your tub every once in a while and drink some water or juice before getting back in.

children and infants are at higher risks
Children and Infants are at Higher Risks

Children, especially infants, must be introduced to hot tubs slowly in order to give let them have time to adjust in the changes in temperature and to ease discomfort or alleviate fear. NEVER leave children unattended in a Jacuzzi, portable hot tubs, or spa under any circumstance. Even the shallow waters in portable hot tubs pose a drowning hazard, and being distracted for a few seconds is a moment is too long. Better safe than sorry.

electrical device hazard
Electrical Device Hazard

Don’t ever handle corded phones, hair dryer, radios or any other electrical gadgets while you’re in a Jacuzzi hot tub to prevent electrocution. Set all electrical outlets at a safe distance away from your portable hot tubs or spa and keep all electrical devices away from its waters.

steps and safety rails
Steps and Safety Rails

Going in and out your Jacuzzi hot tub with wet feet can be a slippery hazard. Consider equipping your hot tubs with steps and handrails to let you get in and out of your portable hot tub safely and easily.

hot tub safety cover
Hot Tub Safety Cover

Always lock your hot tub with its cover when not in use. Keep the little ones away from hot tubs unless there’s unwavering adult supervision. Young children are curious and unsupervised portable hot tubs, pool and spa can be an attraction to their eyes. Also, do make certain that the straps of your hot tub cover are tight to prevent children from slipping under.

hot tub together
Hot Tub Together

It is always wiser and more fun for adults to immerse in hot tubs together. When two or more people are bathing together, then there’ll be someone who to aid the other person if he experiences a problem and the children can be well watched and assisted too.