White shoes present for my 9 th birthday
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White Shoes - Present for my 9 th Birthday - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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White Shoes - Present for my 9 th Birthday.

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White shoes present for my 9 th birthday
White Shoes - Present for my 9th Birthday

  • They were slip on shoes that I wore around the house and to parties. I went to my Grandma’s birthday party and wore a white dress with a butterfly on and these white shoes. It was quite boring because it was mainly adults (older ones) talking, but the food tasted nice. Afterwards, we went outside and there was a drive made of pebbles. We walked over them. It was just me and my Grandma, Great-Aunt, Cousin and Mum. In the middle of the stone drive there was a picnic bench and we sat down and chatted.

  • I was really upset on my actual birthday because we were staying at my Godfather’s house and my mum forgot to bring them.


  • Pink Shoes - The shoes were pink with pretend jewels all over them. Yellow, red, orange and many different shades of pink. I got these shoes a couple of times, mostly because at the age of 6 you went to a lot of girly parties, but I also wore them as trainers - very rarely though! The one party that I remember the most was my friend’s party. When I was about 6 years old. It was a party in her garden and all my school friends were there wearing similar shoes to me. In the garden there was a pinata, pin-the-tail on the donkey and many other normal party games.

  • Silver Shoes - The shoes were silver and covered in sequins, with little straps with buckles. They were flat and easy to walk in. They felt comfortable and didn’t rub, as the inside was quite soft. I would wear them on special occasions, like at a birthday party when I was about six.

White shoes present for my 9 th birthday

ANIMAL SLIPPERS - They were soft and fuzzy on the souls of my feet. I slowly but steadily climbed up the wooden mountain of stairs ahead of me. As I reached the top of the stairs I looked down at my brand new cow slippers. I was heading for bed, it was so exciting – the shoes were brand new! My mum had picked them out for me. They had big ears and a little tail on the end – they were amazing, wait till I told every one at school, they will be sooooo jealous! I kept on walking until I reach my bedroom door. I walked inside and climbed into bed after I had slipped off my slippers.

WORN SHOES – The shoes I wore when I was three, were as battered as any pair that had been dragged around London day after day. There was chewing gum stuck to the bottoms of them, which latched onto my sole like a white, disc shaped sea-anemone. The laces were snagged at the end where I had probably bit the plastic ring off with my small teeth, as everything was a new flavour at that age. The sides were stretched and frayed at intervals which were not always far apart. Caked in dust that the loud, frightening street cleaners couldn’t sweep and just left as a cloud of grey matter. You could hardly see the blue fabric underneath the grime.