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Jermaine Defoe

Jermaine Defoe

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Jermaine Defoe

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  1. Jermaine Defoe By: Samid Koch

  2. Who is the player? Well the player that I chose was Jermaine Defoe because I like the way he is small like me but excellent at the same time. In this PowerPoint I will give you more information about him. Enjoy the rest of the power point

  3. What clubs and which country has he played for? That is Defoe In The 2010 England Squad Defoe’s first professional club was Charlton Atletic but he never appeared for them before he was signed by West Ham in 1999, In 2004 he was moved to Tottenham Hotspurs for 7m Pounds. On the 31st of January Jermaine Defoe was Transferred from Tottenham Hotspurs to Portsmouth. It was not long till Jermaine Defoe returned to Tottenham in 2009. The Country that Jermaine Defoe plays for is England the first time he got on the England Squad was in 2010 but he was put on the standby list in 2006

  4. What is the player’s background and how long has he been playing for and what position does he play As you can see him scoring another one of his master pieces Jermaine Defoe Was born on the 7th of October , 1982 in Beckton, London he is average height plus he is fast. Let me tell you more about Beckton, well Beckton is a small town famous for it’s Royal Docks . Well Jermaine Defoe has been playing football Since he was under 12 years old till now at the age of 28 the number that he wears for Tottenham Hotspurs Is number 18.The Position he plays in is striker position because he is magnificent at scoring goals.

  5. What does the player do on the field that makes him so good? See all the space he has found to shoot He is a very quick striker he can use both of his feet’s to strike . He always pops up when you need him. Plus he is always able to find space to shoot just like me.

  6. Why do you enjoy watching this character ? I am going to tell you a couple of things I like watching in this player and then a video on his top 30 goals. Well the first thing I like to see in this player is that he is always there to recive the ball. The second thing I like to see is the way he can skill people up and make long runs. Last thing I like to see when I watch Jermaine Defoe is the way he scores his goals and how unique they are now here is a link to a video

  7. What 3 Questions I would ask the player If I had a chance to ask Jermaine Defoe 3 Questions they would be. How do you become a football player? Do you think I could be a football player in the future? Is training fun or really hard or both?

  8. Facts Now I will give you some more facts about what we talked about. Jermaine Defoe has a nick name in Tottenham his nick name is JD trouble because he is so much trouble for the opponents. Plus Tottenham Hotspurs is such a long name so the have a nickname to it is Spurs because it comes from Hotspurs

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  10. Thank you! This Guys pap must have been a giant thanks for watching guys Peace Hope you enjoyed The End