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Box & Whisker Plots

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Box & Whisker Plots. SDAP 1.3 (Understand the meaning of, and be able to compute the minimum, the lower quartile, the median, the upper quartile, and the maximum of a data set). S. Blake 3 points. A . Bynum 16 points. K. Bryant 33 points. T. Murphy 0 points. A . Goudelock 7 points.

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box whisker plots

Box & Whisker Plots

SDAP 1.3 (Understand the meaning of, and be able to compute the minimum, the lower quartile, the median, the upper quartile, and the maximum of a data set).

heat vs lakers 3 4 12
S. Blake3 points

A. Bynum16 points

K. Bryant33 points

T. Murphy0 points

A. Goudelock7 points

Heat vs. Lakers 3/4/12
heat vs lakers 3 4 121

First Quartile3

Maximum Value33



Heat vs. Lakers 3/4/12
what is a box whisker plot
A box-and-whisker plot
    • can be useful for handling many data values
    • allow people to explore data and to draw informal conclusions when two or more variables are present
    • show only certain statistics rather than all the data
      • Think back on the Lakers… did the box-and-whisker plot show rebounds? Fouls? Free throws?
What is a box & whisker plot?
step one find the median middle
The following numbers are the amount of marbles different boys own.68 34 54 82 18 93 87 78 61 85 100 27 52 59 91-------------------------------------------------------
  • To find the median, put the numbers in order & find the one in the exact middle18 27 34 52 54 59 61 68 78 82 85 87 91 93 100
Step One: Find the Median (middle)
step two the lower quartile
Focus only on the values to the left of the median: 18 27 34 52 54 59 61
  • Now we need to find the median of these numbers
    • Since they’re already in order it’s easy to see the median of the values less than the median is 52
  • This value is called the “Lower Quartile”
    • Think ahead: Using your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes, what does ‘quartile’ mean and how will knowing this help us design our box-and-whisker plot?
Step Two: The Lower Quartile
step three the lower quartile
Now consider only the values to the right of the median: 78 82 85 87 91 93 100
  • You should have noticed the median of this set of numbers is 87
  • This value is called the “Upper Quartile”
Step Three: The Lower Quartile
wait a minute too easy right
What happens if you’re finding the median in an ordered set with an even number of values?
    • You must first take the average of the two middle numbers.
      • For example: 3, 5, 7, and 10.Add the two middle numbers 5 + 7 = 12Divide your answer by the number of values added 12 / 2 = 66 is the average and yourmedian for this set.
Wait a minute… Too easy right?
step four the interquartile range
You’re now ready to find the Interquartile Range (IQR).
  • The IQR is the difference between the upper quartile and the lower quartile.
  • In our case the IQR = 87 – 52 IQR = 35
  • The IQR is a very useful measurement because it is less influenced by extreme values, it limits the range to the middle 50% of the values.
Step Four: The Interquartile Range
What is the maximum value (upper extreme) of the set of data below?34, 22, 18, 32, 26, 56, 49, 40, 34, 41, 12


drops on a penny partner activity
You will need:

Cup of water


Paper towel

Eye dropper

4 sticky notes


DROPS ON A PENNY! partner activity
Working with a partner, take turns dropping one drop of water at a time on the penny.

Both partners count the drops as you go to assure for an accurate count.

When the water finally spills over the edge of the penny record on your sticky note how many drops you had before the water spilled

Each partner will take 2 turns

Be sure to dry the penny between turns

When your team is done, clean up and construct a box-and-whisker plot for your information.

When everyone is finished we will make one for the class’ results!