water properties sc 912 l 18 12 n.
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Water Properties SC.912.L.18.12 PowerPoint Presentation
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Water Properties SC.912.L.18.12

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Water Properties SC.912.L.18.12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Properties SC.912.L.18.12. Water has unique properties that make it an important substance for life. Cohesion and Adhesion. Hkhkhjhkjhkh Cohesion is an attraction between substances of the same kind.

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water properties sc 912 l 18 12

Water PropertiesSC.912.L.18.12

Water has unique properties that make it an important substance for life.

cohesion and adhesion
Cohesion and Adhesion

Hkhkhjhkjhkh Cohesion is an attraction

between substances of the

same kind.

Example: Hydrogen bonds

between water molecules cause the cohesion

of liquid water. Because of cohesion, water and

other liquids form thin films and drops.

  • Adhesion is an attraction
  • between different substances.
  • Water molecules are attracted
  • to many other similarly polarized
  • substances
  • Example: Adhesion powers
  • capillary action, where H20
  • molecules move upward thru
  • a narrow tube, such as the stem
  • of a plant.
stores heat energy
Stores Heat Energy
  • Water absorbs heat
  • more slowly and
  • retains this energy
  • longer than many

other substances do. Many organisms release

excess heat through water evaporation.

Example: Humans cool themselves by sweating.

The water vapor lost through the evaporation of

sweat carries heat away from the body.

universal solvent
Universal Solvent
  • Water has the ability to
  • dissolve many substances.
  • The polarity of water
  • enables many substances

to dissolve in water.

Example: Ionic compounds and polar molecules

dissolve best in water

surface tension
Surface Tension
  • Water molecules
  • like to cling to one
  • another. At the
  • surface, there are

fewer water molecules to cling since there is air

above (no water molecules). This results in a

stronger bond between those molecules that

actually do come in contact with one another and a

layer of strongly bonded water.

Example: Small insects such as the water strider can walk

on water because their weight is not enough to penetrate

the surface.

review questions

Review Questions:

Why is water a good solvent for many ionic compounds?

Water has the ability to store heat longer than other substances. What benefit does this property of water provide to organisms?