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Say No to bullying. By Manos Melanitis, Matteo Tzenetopoulos, Sara Al-Khashlok. What is Bullying?. ‘Everyone who wants to do good to the human race always ends in universal bullying.’ –Aldous Huxley. Why do they bully me?.

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Say no to bullying

Say No to bullying

By Manos Melanitis, Matteo Tzenetopoulos, Sara Al-Khashlok

What is bullying
What is Bullying?

‘Everyone who wants to do good to the human race always ends in universal bullying.’

–Aldous Huxley

Why do they bully me
Why do they bully me?

  • Bullies are usually people who use strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

  • Even though bullies harm others, most of them have a terrifying past, and heal themselves by torturing others.

Teenager bullied to death for having red hair
Teenager bullied to death for having red hair.

Helena Farrell moved to the UK from Galway on 2001. She was bullied for having ginger hair. The 15 year old girl’s body was found in dense woodland half a mile from her home in January of this year and despite an inquest not yet establishing a cause of death, her father is convinced it was suicide.

Mr Farrell, originally from Wexford but now living in Kendal, Cumbria, said: “People need to realise that when they say the things they do, it can have deeply traumatizing effects and can lead to self-harm and suicide.”

Helena Farrell

They re just a band
They’re just a band…

Here is a picture of a teenager who was bullied and beaten up because he was a fan of one direction. He was unable to pay for surgery but donations have been sent.

Celebrities get bullied too
Celebrities get bullied too…

Zayn Malik was bullied for being a Muslim. People have abused him in different ways, and called him a terrorist.

Niall Horan was bullied out of the other five, for not being fit. He was quite a chubby kid but, has fought for himself and stood up to his bullies.

Just because these boys are loved my girls and sing romantic songs now and then, they are thought to be gay.

“Never judge a book by it’s cover, it might be the best book you ever read.”

What have we realized
What have we realized?

Bullying leads up to:

  • Suicide

  • Social isolation

  • Self-harm

    Our School is trying to decrease the chance of S.S.S.


“I realized that bullying never has to do with you. It’s the bully who is insecure.”

-Shay Mitchell

I want a friend
I want a Friend…

  • We suggest that every school should have a Buddy System. This is when a student is chosen to help new pupils fit in.

  • The student should be correctly chosen to connect with the new pupil. Most school nowadays have used this system, but not properly.

I m scared to talk
I’m scared to talk…

  • Every school should have a counselor. This is a special person who can communicate with the children, and talk about their problems.

  • This person should be trained, and not be chosen randomly. This position is important to parents and children.

What else
What else…

The Worry Box

What are you

talking about?

  • Admit your worries and pain. Place it in a box, and the headmaster or teacher can act upon the situation.


“Online bullying has to stop.”

-LeAnn Rimes

What you send on electronics is received by a person
What you send on electronics, is received by a person…

“They call me names and abuse me. They don’t even know me.”

It has been proven that bullies on the internet are usually suffering from abuse themselves. Either held in captivity and eager for attention, or suffering from cyberbullying themselves.

“Why did I just write that!”

When something is sent out on the internet it can never be taken back. You just don’t realize that the words you send, turns into an image for the other person.

A Picture is worth a thousand Words

Adults can be cruel
Adults can be cruel!

  • Yes it’s true!

    Adults often use the internet to lure children into offline meetings. The victim is often harassed sexually, such as rape or even ads posted by the adult offering the victim for sex.

“Death isn’t painful. Pain is painful.”

Parent’s should be alert who their children

are talking to on the internet.

Is it fear or are we all guilty
Is it fear, or are we all guilty?

  • did a poll of almost 45,000 middle school students a few years ago, and found that only 5% of students said they’d tell their parents if they were cyberbullied, fear that their parents would take away their technology used to bully them, would over react or even under react.

    -“Mum these kids are bullying be on the internet.”

    -“Did you say something stupid?”


    -“It’s Okay, they don’t even know you.”

    That’s the thing parents don't realize, they don’t know you and yet they judge you. A child is very sensitive.

What you going to do when i come for you
What you going to do, When I come for you?

Join a club that can stop cyberbullying

Talk to someone:

  • There are all these sites that you could join that try to reduce the chances of bullying. There are all these different advantages. By doing this you don’t only heal yourself, but help others who fell the same way.

This is a very understanding book
This is a very understanding book..

Jaqueline Wilson has written a perfect solution for all the problems. Even though this is a great book for kids, it is a great method for the to embrace their worries.

Say no to bullying

Remember bullying doesn’t just happen at school. And sometimes the biggest bullies are at home. Sadly the ones that should be standing up for us and chasing the bullies away are the very ones that cause the most pain.

This is no harm to any parents. But this is true, the biggest bullies are at home. Siblings are usually in quite a competition, trying to catch the parents’ attention. Commonly parents are abroad giving the kids a left out experience. REMEMBER ALWAYS REMIND YOUR KIDS THAT THEY’RE ALL SPECIAL IN THEIR OWN WAY.

We know how it feels
We know how it feels… sometimes the biggest bullies are at home. Sadly the ones that should be standing up for us and chasing the bullies away are the very ones that cause the most pain.

  • Matteo: “They called me a girl because my hair is long, and I play the violin.”

  • Sara: “I had a nickname Fatso when I was younger. They called me a terrorist for being an Arab and I never really was accepted.”

  • Manos: “They called me a shorty when I was younger. I was always the smallest.”

    “We stood up for ourselves, and now no-one can bring us down.”

    “We need to realize that every bully has a story to share, but is afraid from their past.”

Say no to bullying

Tell sometimes the biggest bullies are at home. Sadly the ones that should be standing up for us and chasing the bullies away are the very ones that cause the most your Story!

We do Care!

Don’t be afraid!

We are here to help!