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Data Management. Machine / Application State Data. Outline. EPICS Archiver Gathering related datasets File vs. database storage. EPICS Archiver. EPICS toolkit does provide an archiver > 100,000 different signals are archived at SNS (various rates)

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Data management


Data Management

Machine / Application State Data


EPICS Archiver

Gathering related datasets

File vs. database storage

Epics archiver
EPICS Archiver

EPICS toolkit does provide an archiver

> 100,000 different signals are archived at SNS (various rates)

Great for looking for unanticipated correlations between different effects

Is beam loss related to cooling temperature?

Great for seeing what failed first

Uses the time of arrival to the archiver as the time-stamp

Not good for fine-scale time resolution (< 1 sec)

Cumbersome to gather collected sets of large amounts of data

What were all the magnets in a beamline set to at 11:23:01 AM on 05/11/2008 ?

Epics archive viewer
EPICS Archive Viewer

CSS – Powerful archive -viewer

Collected data set storage
Collected Data Set Storage

Why Bother ?

Often applications do not work in the control room when connected to live data for the first time.

It is useful to have a “beam replay” mode for diagnosing application problems after a beam shift (i.e. the next day after you’ve slept some).

When analyzing beam behavior at some moment, it is useful to know the value of all the magnets / BPM readings at that time – difficult to do with the Archiver

Xal services a digression
XAL Services – A Digression

Services are headless executables (no GUI)

Run continuously in the background

Typically on one instance runs

Sometimes more than one instance can run across servers

Provides remote communication with user interfaces

XAL defines an API for communication between client and service

Uses open standards

XML-RPC for communication

mDNS for dynamic service discovery

Pv logger service
PV-Logger Service

It will grab a prescribed set of PVs as a collection

Can prescribe a collection rate

Can trigger on demand a set

e.g. when a beam measurement is done

Can define many independent sets of data to log

These definition sets are defined in a database

Data sets are stored in a database

Allows easy browsing

Other tools can access these sets (e.g. Online Model)

Machine save compare restore score
Machine Save – Compare-Restore (SCORE)

In order to restore the state of a machine, need to capture all settable values in the beamline

Magnet fields, RF amplitude/phases, foil poisition, timing setup, …

Need to monitor readback values for these devices

A power supply could be tripped

Need convenient restore mechanism

Need convenient browsing of save-sets

Viewable comments helpful

Data storage file vs database


Data Storage: File vs. Database

  • File Storage

    • Pros

      • Easy to implement

      • Can readily get you hands on the information (editor)

    • Cons

      • Problem archiving

      • Not easy to browse contents of many files

  • Database

    • Pros

      • Easy management of old data

      • Wealth of query tools available

    • Cons

      • More trouble for the initial deployment

File data storage
File Data Storage

Useful for Physics Application Setup Information

What sequence is used, what range is being scanned, plot configurations, etc.

Can be used for data storage as well

XML data format is used in XAL


Easy to create hierarchal storage

Typically this type configuration is managed in the “document” part of the application (document – view – control architecture model)