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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology. Nervous system. Medical Terminology. Combining form Definition e lectro/o e lectricity e ncephal /o brain cerebr /o cerebrum

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Medical Terminology

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  1. Medical Terminology Nervous system

  2. Medical Terminology • Combining formDefinition • electro/o electricity • encephal/o brain • cerebr/o cerebrum • mening/o meninges • neur/o nerve • phas/o speech

  3. Medical Terminology • Electroencephalogram • Electr/o/encephal/o/gram • A recording of the electrical impulses by the brain • Encephalitis • Encephal/itis • Inflammation of the brain • Aphasia • A/phas/ia • Pertaining to no(without) speech; or inability to speak(stroke)

  4. Medical Terminology • Meningitis • Mening/itis • Inflammation of the meninges • Meningocele • Mening/o/cele • Displacement or swelling in the brain(as known as spina bifida)

  5. Medical Terminology • Word PartsDefinition • myel/o spinal cord • -phobia fear • -mania madness • -esthesia sensation; feeling • -graphy process of recording • -plegia paralysis

  6. Medical Terminology • Myelitis • Myel/itis • Inflammation of the spinal cord • Anesthesia • An/esthes/ia • Pertaining to without feeling/sensation • Hemiplegia • Hemi/pleg/ia • Pertaining to half(one side of the body) paralysis • Encephalography • Encephal/o/graphy • Recording or measuring the brain

  7. Abbreviations Related To The Nervous System • AD: • Alzheimer's disease • ADH • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder • CP: • cerebral palsy • CSF: • cerebrospinal fluid • EEG: • electroencephalography • EPAN: • epidural anesthesia

  8. Abbreviations Related To The Nervous System • ICP: • intracranial pressure • LOC: • loss of consciousness • MS: • multiple sclerosis • OCD: • obsessive-compulsive disorder

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