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L čko `s guidebook

L čko `s guidebook

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L čko `s guidebook

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  1. Lčko`s guidebook

  2. Lčko made a guide book about Belgrade (Serbia). It`s for other foreign students who are interested in visiting Serbia in the future.

  3. Home life If you stay with a Serbian family, what will life be like? I do not know if the Markovics are a typical Serbian family, but I will tell you about my life at their flat in north-west Belgrade. During the week the day starts at about 6.30. We have our breakfast in the dining room. Djordje and Marija Markovic always have corn bread and yoghurt. Sometimes they eat cereal with milk and fruit. If everyone is in a hurry, we do not have time to sit down. I often make a sandwich to take to the primary school ``Dragan Lukić“ with me. Djordje and Marija leave the flat at 7.30 am. They go to work by car. I get the bus to school. I usually walk to the bus stop with Andrija, Djordje and Marija`s son, and my classmates. A lot of Serbian people travel to work by car or by bus. The roads are often very busy, especially during the `rush hour`.

  4. At the weekand,Andrija,Lčko and their classmates go to a football match. Marija does the housework and Djordje does the shopping at the supermarket `Maxi`. Itis open from 9 am to 9 pm, and itis huge, with a big car park. Sometimes we go to the cinema `Cineplexx` in `Usce shopping centar`, or we go for a walk at Ada Ciganlija. Sometimes we go to the restaurant for a meal, or we go to friends` house. We usually have our dinner together,but sometimes Djordje works in the evening. We eat at about 8 pm. After that we all sit in the living room and watch TV. We go to bed at about half past ten. Djordje likes `Do it yourself`` way and at the moment he is making a new table for Nevena`s room ( she is Andrija`s little sister). Andrija and I spend a lot of time at our friend`s house,and he often argues with his parents, when he does not help at home.

  5. Lčko is getting around • Kalemegdan • This beautiful park is the biggest park of our capital,Belgrade. Important part of Belgrade is Kalemegdan`s fortress. It has beautiful view of the Branko`s bridge ,river and many beautiful buildings. Many people sit on the fortress together on the sunset and enjoy. • The beautiful part of it is nature. There are so many benches, different trees and flowers. I think the Kalemegdan is the paradise of the Earth.

  6. Park prijateljstva ( the Friendship Park ) • The Friendship Park is located in New Belgrade and spreads on a large green area,that forms part of the Sava and the Danube. • In this park numerous officials planted a tree of friendship and among them Indira Gandhi,Richard Nixon,Queen Elizabeth II and many others. • After the break of Yugoslavia,Serbia has continued this tradition until the present day in a slightly altered form. There is the Rolling Stones who planted the tree in 2008 after their concert. The friendship park is sometimes used for concerts and popular Beer fest.

  7. Skadarlija • Skadarska street is the famous Bohemian quarter. It is located in the centre of Belgrade. Cobbled streetsare its basic quality. It has an antique look. There is a large number of restaurants, in which music is heard well during the night.

  8. Ulica kneza Mihaila (Knez Mihailova Street) • Knez Mihailova street is a pedestrian zone in downtown Belgrade. It is law protected because it contains the oldest and most valuable buildings,homes and monuments of Belgrade. The centre of Singidunum was in this street in Roman times.

  9. Avala • At an altitude of 511 metres, near Belgrade, rises the mountain of Avala. In 1859 knez Milos Obrenovic ordered Avala brackets and protection, and in 1863 was declared a national park. It was declared a protected natural area in 2007. • Avala tower today is unique in our country. The original tower was built on the same place in 1965 but,unfortunately it was destroyed in 1999. Avala tower was built on the model of destroyed one in 2010 and it is taller for one metre.

  10. Ada Ciganlija • Belgrade-sea, like we love to joke.Ada is now the perfect place for walking,skating or bike driving and various forms of recreation.

  11. Shopping in Belgrade Belgrade is a fantastic place for shopping. These are some of my favourite shops. There are lot of shopping centars like : Usce , Delta city , Shopping centar Stadion... My favourite shop is C&A . You can find one in most big cities . I go to the one in Usce Shopping center on New Belgrade. There are a lot of markets in Belgrade and they are always busy and colorfull. Some of them are: -Kalinic -Mirijevo -Cvetkova`s -Bajloni`s market

  12. Bookstores The most famous bookstores in Belgrade are: -Vulkan -Delfi -Evro Giunti -Laguna

  13. Useful information Transport Belgrade city public transport is provided through a network of bus, trolleybus and tram routes run by GSP "Beograd" and bus services operated by private bus companies, on around 130 routes. Single tickets can be bought: - in public transport vehicles, from the driver or conductor- at kiosks marked with a ticket sales sticker- at GSP points-of-sale

  14. Changing money In Belgrade there are lot of currency exchanges. You can change: -dinars -euros -dolars -pounds Letters and poscards You can send your letters and poscards from many post offices. You can even make your own poscard using MMS messages,or buy any with Belgrade pictures.

  15. Parking As in all big cities, finding a parking space in the central streets of Belgrade during working hours is very tricky and we recommend vehicles be parked in a public car park. There are three parking zones in Belgrade: -red zone-maximum 1 hour -yellowzone-maximun 2 hours -greenzone-maximum 3 hours

  16. Currency The official currency in Serbia is dinar, abbreviated RSD. Money may be exchanged in all banks and post offices, as well as in authorized exchange offices. Dinar is issued in denominations of: -10 -1000 -20 -2000 -50 -5000 -100 -200 -500

  17. Hotels Some of the best hotels in Belgrade are: -Metropol Palace Beograd -Hotel Moskva -Hotel Balkan -Crystal Hotel Belgrade -Square nine

  18. Mini phrase book Here are some useful sentences for your visit to an Serbian-speaking country. When you are introduced to someone for the first time, if they say: Dobar dan,ja sam Lčko. you should say: Dobar dan,drago mi je. When you say goodbye, you can say: Doviđenja. Zdravo. Vidimo se uskoro. Ćao.

  19. At my school,we usually say: Dobro jutro or Dobar dan to our teachers when we arrive,or,if it`s an evening class, Dobro veče. You say Laku noć when you go to bed. At a shop or café,you must remember to ask politely, for example: Da li mogu dobiti kutiju aspirina? or Mogu li dobiti toplu čokoladu?

  20. When you sit down at the table for the meal,you don`t have to say anything. But you can say: Prijatno. If you want to know where a place is,ask: Izvinite,možete li mi reći kako da dođem do autobuske stanice? or Da li je u blizini turistička organizacija? If you want to apologise, you mustn`t say Pardon (It means Šta ste rekli?). Say Žao mi je or Izvinite!

  21. EntertainmentHow will you spend your free time when you are in Serbia? Here are some suggestions: • 1. The most popular TV programs in Serbia are news and soap operas. All the people in Serbia listen to the news to know what is going on in the world. Tne Markovics and me watch the news on the first channel. Most soap operas are in Spanish,Indian and Turkish. The most famous soap operas are: • Rejected • Little bride • Those are Indian soap operas and usually last 4-5 years. • Lots of people are watching some funny programs like “The evening with Ivan Ivanović“ and “24 minutes“. Not many people listen to the radio. • Cartoons ofcourse watch just kids. Teenegers like me often watch Fox life and Fox crime. • There are lot of music competitions like “X Factor“ and “Pink stars“.

  22. 2.If you come to Serbia for a couple of months,you will be able to join any club you want-it depends on your age. • If you are young,you can go to the gym,on volleyball, bascetball,driving course or foreign language course. So you can learn to play bascetball,draw nice or speak Japanese. And for the older people there are courses for a computer control,decoupage and calligraphy course or course of sculpture. So that everyone can have fun and learn something new!

  23. 3. The centreof Belgrade is known for its National Theatre which was founded in 1869. • People today more prefer the cinema,but lot of people still come to theatre to watch plays,ballet... • Famous theaters are: National Theatre, Atelier 212,Yugoslovian Drama Theatre... Ofcourse there are theatres for children too. Some of them are: Theatre Snail,Boško Buha, Duško Radović Theatre... Themost famous cinemas are located in shopping centers Ušće and Delta cityand others cinemas are located in the center of city like Tuckwood.

  24. 4. At the weekend teenagers in Belgrade can go for a walk to a knez Mihailova street and go to “McDonald’s“ or they can go to the clubs like “Club 25“ , “Club Enter“ ...Lots of teenagers celebrates their birthdays there. • 5.There are lot of festivals in Serbia like: Illusion Quest onAda Ciganlija, Beer fest, Exit in Novi Sad. It’s very fun!

  25. The End

  26. By: Dunja Veličković Dunja Stojanović Ksenija Kujundžić Filip Simović Mladen PopovićPrimary school “Pavle Savić“,Belgrade