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Sustainable Hotel Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustainable Hotel Design

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Sustainable Hotel Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainable Hotel Design. Presentation 1 Site and Resource Analysis Group 5. Semester 1. Supply Technology Demand Reduction Matching Supply with Demand. Project Aims. Low energy, sustainable building Develop energy systems Create environment that is not compromised.

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Presentation Transcript

Sustainable Hotel Design

Presentation 1

Site and Resource Analysis

Group 5

semester 1
Semester 1
  • Supply Technology
  • Demand Reduction
  • Matching Supply with Demand
project aims
Project Aims
  • Low energy, sustainable building
  • Develop energy systems
  • Create environment that is not compromised

Initial Design Proposal

  • Outdoor community
  • Relaxation
  • Sustainable
  • Low visual impact
  • Local Materials
  • Aesthetically pleasing
initial research
Initial Research
  • Site selection
    • Access
    • Topography
    • Geology
    • Visual impact
  • Water supply
  • Waste management
  • Site Analysis
    • Climate
    • Local resources
maximum and minimum temperatures
Maximum and Minimum Temperatures


Max 25.7 °C

Min 2.5 °C

Mean 13.6 °C


Max 19.8°C

Min -2.5 °C

Mean 9.2 °C


Max 11.4 °C

Min -3.9 °C

Mean 5.1 °C

solar intensity
Solar intensity

Direct solar intensity

  • Unpredictable
  • Peaks at 870W/m²K

Diffuse solar intensity

  • Sinusoidal
  • Average around 100W/m²K
passive solar design
Passive Solar Design
  • Passive Solar Heating in winter

(sunspaces, thermal mass)

  • Passive Solar Cooling in summer

(thermal mass, night ventilation)

wind speed and direction
Wind speed and direction

Prevailing wind direction SW

wind driven ventilation
Wind Driven Ventilation


  • Energy consumption up to £6000
  • CO2 emissions upto 100 tonnes

Reduce requirement for mechanical ventilation

Cross ventilation and stack effect also a possibility


Annual rainfall

  • 2277.8mm

Collection: roof, pipes, tank pumps.

Use: dishwasher, laundry, toilets, showers, etc

local resources
Local Resources


Utilisation from

nearby forests

NHFT promote

  • Woodchip for

cattle corals

  • Woodchip as fuel source for swimming pools
  • Development of log buildings and training in log building
local resources14
Local Resources
  • Local quarries
  • High quality stone
  • Used internally and externally


site selection criteria16
Site Selection Criteria
  • Topography
  • Site offers many views
  • Most important would be view of Loch and Quinaig (nearest mountian range).
site selection criteria19
Site Selection Criteria
  • Geology
  • Surrounding metamorphic and igneous rocks
  • Alluvial and glacial deposits at Loch side
  • Alluvial and glacial deposits cheaper for excavation
  • Test on Californian bearing ratio will be required (on granular and unbound sub soils)
site selection criteria20
Site Selection Criteria
  • Access
  • Fish farm there at present so roads to site C will be able to handle lorries

(local information from fish farm and hotel)

  • Virgin roads built with passing places, drainage and fencing can cost £250 thousand

(fife council)

  • Site C also has advantage of Jetty
site selection criteria21
Site Selection Criteria
  • Existing road conditions
site selection
Site Selection
  • Visual Impact
  • Site C- In amongst other buildings so visual impact will be reduced
  • A and B are virgin sites so will stand out
  • Especially B which is on an open embankment
site selection criteria23
Site Selection Criteria
  • Water access
  • Mains saturated in highlands

(highland free press)

  • Site B is closest to road so would be cheapest to connect to mains.
  • All sites are close to stream,
  • Site C has largest stream and deepest V valley. More likely for reservoir.
site selection24
Site Selection


  • We therefore choose site C as it offers the greatest flexibility and opportunities for further design.
solid waste
Solid Waste
  • Council collects bins twice weekly


  • Kerbside collection for paper/card
  • Local Availability of recycling banks
  • Possible other options from LA

Initial Conclusions


Future Projections

initial conclusions
Initial Conclusions
  • Site C
    • Better access
    • “easier” excavation
    • Less visual impact
    • greatest water source
targets for future
Targets for Future
  • Presentation 2
    • Initial building design
    • Ventilation and Heat Recovery
    • HVAC systems
    • Demand profile
    • Demand reduction
  • Presentation 3
    • Continuation of building design
    • Lighting and Electrical Supplies
    • Control strategies
    • Power supply
targets for future32
Targets for Future
  • Presentation 4
    • Continuation of building design
    • Supply/Demand matching techniques
  • Presentation 5
    • Final Proposal
    • Prime example of sustainable design