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Self check

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Self check

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  1. 九年级人教新目标 Unit 12 You’re supposed to shake hands. Self check

  2. Review! • What are you supposed to do, when you … • be supposed to do 被期望或要求做……; 应该做……

  3. 1. Fill in the blanks! arrive vi.到达, 来到(in, at);(时间等)到来;达到; 得出(at) 同义词:come get to reach 反义词:depart leave start 1

  4. 2 meet n.会, 集会 adj.适宜的, 合适的 vt.遇见, (迎)接, 与(某人目光)相遇, (赴约) 和……会面, (经介绍)与……相识, 对付 vi.相遇, 接触

  5. 3 spend 花钱;付款 e.g. How much money do you spend each week? vt. 花时间;度过 e.g. I spent an hour reading.

  6. 4 behave vi. 1.行为, 举止, 表现 2.(机器等)开动, 运转 3.举止端正, 讲礼貌, 守规矩

  7. 5 imagine vt. 想象, 设想, 幻想 猜想, 推测 以为, 认为, 相信 捏造, 编造 e.g. You can imagine the situation there.

  8. 1.People in Japan and people in America _______differently at the dinner table. 2.You can _______ how different the table manners here are from ours. 3.In Singapore, the trains always _______ on time. They are never late. behave imagine arrive

  9. 4.On Chinese New Year, people like to _______ time with their families. 5.I usually _______ my friends in the library on Friday nights. spend meet

  10. 2. Read the story Fan Ling has been to a western country. She wrote an article telling about her experience in a restaurant there. Now read it in part 2 and finish her story as you like. Fan Ling’s story!

  11. Learning 1 When I first ate in a western restaurant, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Everything was unfamiliar. I was used to eating with chopsticks and a spoon, but I had to eat with a knife, a fork and a spoon. And I had, not just one set to use, but two or three of each. Questions crowded my mind.

  12. Learning 2 Was I supposed to begin with the largest ones or the smallest? Was I supposed to start at the outside and work in or the inside and work out? Was I supposed to hold the spoon in my left hand or my right hand?

  13. Learning 3 • What I finally decided to do was ….

  14. A sample 1 What I finally decided to do was to look up at how the others behave themselves at the table. I found that the man opposite to me was looking at me. It seemed that he was also a newcomer and not able to eat a western meal, either.

  15. 2 We burst into laughter. And then came the waiter to see what it was the matter. We told him that we did not know how to eat. He was surprised to learn that. And then he said, “Eat the way you do in your own country.”

  16. Phrases be unfamiliar陌生,不熟悉 just one set to use只用一套 begin with用……开始 work in/out往里用(往外用) hold…in one’s left hand左手拿…… crowd sth挤满了某处 e.g. The swimmer crowded the beaches. The beaches were crowded by the swimmers. We often crowded around the table, eating meals.

  17. 3. Complete the crossword 1. Japanese and Korean do this when they meet people. 2. Americans do this with their hands when they meet people. 3. Brazilian do this in Brazil when they meet. 4. You eat with these in Japan, Korea, and China. 5. You cut your food with this in the United States. bow shake kiss chopsticks knife

  18. Just for fun!

  19. Homework 请根据以下提示,介绍一下在美国人家里做客 时应注意的一些事项。  1.买一件小礼物,如一个漂亮的杯子,一束花等。 2.请准时到达主人家里,不要提前也不要迟到。 3.用餐时要称赞饭菜的味道好,主人的厨艺高等。 4.不要在主人家里呆太久,跟主人告别时要致谢。