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Biotechnology Tompkins Cortland Community College PowerPoint Presentation
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Biotechnology Tompkins Cortland Community College

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Biotechnology Tompkins Cortland Community College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Biotechnology Tompkins Cortland Community College. Vaccines. Genetically Modified Organisms. Biologicals. Cell Biology. Microbiology. Agriculture. Bioremediation. Cloning. TC3 offers a program of study leading to a degree or certificate in Biotechnology.

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Biotechnology Tompkins Cortland Community College

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    1. Biotechnology Tompkins Cortland Community College Vaccines Genetically Modified Organisms Biologicals Cell Biology Microbiology Agriculture Bioremediation Cloning TC3 offers a program of study leading to a degree or certificate in Biotechnology. Biotechnology is applied in many sectors of today’s society. Biodefense Biotechniques Genetics Diagnostics Bioethics Forensics Medicine Gene therapy

    2. Click on map for link to SUNY website TC3 is located in the midst of several Centers of Academic Excellence. TC3 is the only 2 yr degree institution in the Southern tier offering a Biotechnology degree program

    3. Click on logo’s For link to website Locally the Biotech industry is growing in Central NY Follow these links to learn more.

    4. At the National level, the Department of Labor predicts rapid growth in the Biotech industry. Workforce Challenges in the Biotechnology Industry The Biotechnology industry is an emerging industry with large growth potential. The industry has more than tripled in size since 1992, with revenues increasing from $8 billion in 1992 to $28.5 billion in 2001. Additionally, the Biotechnology industry is expected to add approximately 101,900 new positions between 2002 and 2007, growing from 713,000 workers to 814,900 workers. Because of this rapid growth, significant workforce supply and demand gaps currently exist across the United States. The gaps remain consistent across Biotechnology industry regional cluster areas and across levels of education. For example, the projected growth by 2012 for Medical Scientists (doctoral degree) is 26.9 percent; Biomedical Engineers (bachelors degree), 26.1 percent, and Biological Technicians (Associates Degree), 19.4 percent. The Biotechnology industry faces a number of workforce challenges. For example, because of the emerging nature of the industry, occupations are often difficult to classify, and the public is unaware of the range of employment opportunities available in the industry. Furthermore, employee skill upgrades are required on a regular basis to keep up with rapidly changing technology and skills requirements. Additionally, there is a need for articulated career ladders and lattices that allow individuals to advance from technician positions to engineer positions. ETA conducted three meetings with the biotechnology industry to allow business and industry an opportunity to share their current and future workforce challenges. Forum attendees identified the following six critical workforce challenges: Pipeline Issues: . Recruitment of new employees to the industry . Retention Skills, Competencies, and Training Issues: . Developing competencies and career ladders . Mapping occupations to other industries Image and Outreach to the Public: . Definition of the industry . Image of the industry The forums also identified 137 potential solutions to these challenges. Examples of the identified solutions include, but are not limited to: . Programs focused on developing an industry-validated definition and corresponding pipeline of characteristics that creates exposure and demonstrates the critical skills and attributes needed for employment within the industry; and . Programs designed to better prepare educators for teaching the requisite skills necessary for entry into the industry, e.g., teacher externships. Click on icon to visit DoL website 56084 Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 180 / Friday, September 17, 2004 / Notices

    5. Career Opportunities in Biotechnology Click on title for web link Administration: Technical Recruiter Human Resources Representative Buyer Patent Administrator Patent Agent Manufacturing & Production: Product Development Engineer Production Planner Scheduler Manufacturing Technician Packaging Operator Manufacturing Research Associate Instrument Calibration Technician Biochemical Development Engineer Process Development Associate Assay Analyst Manufacturing Engineer Regulatory Affairs: Regulatory Affairs Specialist Documentation Coordinator Documentation Specialist Quality Control: Quality Control Analyst Quality Control Engineer Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Quality Assurance Auditor Validation Engineer Validation Technician Research & Development: Laboratory Assistant Research Associate Research Assistant Postdoctoral Fellow Media Prep Technician Glasswasher Greenhouse Assistant Plant Breeder Clinical Research: Clinical Research Administrator Clinical Coordinator Clinical Programmer Biostatistician Clinical Data Specialist Drug Experience Coordinator Clinical Research Associate Animal Handler Animal Technician Technical Writer Information Systems: Library Assistant Scientific Programmer Analyst Marketing and Sales Market Research Analyst Systems Analyst Sales Representative Customer Service Representative Technical Services Representative

    6. Alliances to promote & strengthen the growth and development of Biotechnology Click on icons for web links

    7. CTO Director of Research Research scientist, biochemistry Material/Research scientist, packaging (materials, chemistry, physics, biophysics, optics) Director, Packaging Research scientist, medical Director, Facilities Director, Process Engineering Research scientist, biology Research assistant, biology Manager, Packaging Manager, Process Engineering (specialty) Manager EHS Lab assistant Research assistant, bio-chemistry Research assistant, chemist Manager, Facilities Medical lab technician (lab assistant) Equipment / maintenance engineer Facility engineer Process engineer (specialty) Electrical engineer Clinical lab technician (lab assistant) Physics/Math technician Mechanical engineer Packaging engineer Food science technician Packaging technician Environmental science technician Process technician (specialty) Environmental/health safety technician Agricultural technician Lab technician (science) Clean room technician Facility technician Biological technician Electrical engineering technician Plumbing technician (plumber) Chemical technician Landscaper/Groundskeeper Facilities helper / support Maintenance technician Maintenance helper Packaging technician HVAC technician Undergrad to PhD($48-111,000) Undergrad to Masters($47-91,000) Undergrad($36-68,000) Certificate, License, Associates Degree($28-44,900) HS Diploma,License($19-35,900) 7 - 11 K - 6 Careers in Life and Physical Sciences Career Advancement within Model Some decisionsre:science/math choices Contact TC3 to learn about your careers in Biotechnology. Core skills Plant your seed at TC3 and let us nurture your career growth