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z/VM Module 10: Storage Management Software. Objectives. Discuss the importance of using a storage management software package. Describe the storage environment today and explain why storage management products are needed. Describe a storage management product: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

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Z vm module 10 storage management software l.jpg

z/VM Module 10: Storage Management Software

Objectives l.jpg

  • Discuss the importance of using a storage management software package.

  • Describe the storage environment today and explain why storage management products are needed.

  • Describe a storage management product:

    • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

  • Mention three alternative products:

    • BrightStor Resource Manager

    • Sun StorEdge

    • VERITAS NetBackup

Objectives continued l.jpg
Objectives, continued

  • Explain the functions and concepts behind storage management:

    • Data protection

    • Restoration

    • SAN/NAS

    • Virtualization

    • Application management

    • Integration and global management

  • List the best storage management techniques according to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

Why storage management l.jpg
Why Storage Management?

  • More affordable storage technology allows IT managers to buy more storage devices.

  • But more storage devices mean expanded storage networks. They become very complex, which can cause a reduction in cost-effectiveness and efficiency because more personnel are needed to support the complex system.

  • An administrator who applies the appropriate technology to storage management can provide significant business value, increase revenues, and decrease costs.

Today s storage environment l.jpg
Today’s Storage Environment

  • Today’s storage infrastructures are too complex to manage with conventional, tactical products.

  • Storage systems’ technology and performance continues to rapidly change and improve. Often organizations have no way to efficiently manage new storage technologies and storage performance.

  • Some technologies are:

    • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

    • BrightStor Storage Resource Manager

    • Sun StorEdge Resource Manager

    • VERITAS NetBackup

Influencing z vm memory management l.jpg
Influencing z/VM Memory Management

  • The major factors that can influence z/VM’s memory management include:

    • Ensure paging DASD and the paths to them are not very busy

    • Use expanded storage for paging

    • Ensure system operation information records are properly retrieved and stored

    • Use V=F or V=R

Paging and spooling l.jpg
Paging and Spooling

  • Paging DASD storage is utilized for virtual machine paging along with main memory and expanded storage.

  • Spool space is used to store data that is common to all virtual machines.

  • Spool space is also used for executable data or systems stored for access by all virtual machines.

  • Temporary minidisk space can be allocated as needed by a virtual machine.

Module agenda l.jpg
Module Agenda

  • Product Descriptions

  • Data Protection

    • Backup

  • Data Restoration


  • Virtualization

  • Application Management

  • Integration & Global Management

Ibm tivoli storage manager l.jpg
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

  • Has emerged as one of the front runners in the Enterprise Storage Management market

  • Recent product introductions and roadmaps show it is well on its way to providing integrated solutions

  • Traditional SRM solutions provide alerts and alarms, but the Tivoli product provides corrective actions, which go beyond alerting and quota management

Ibm tsm data protection l.jpg
IBM TSM: Data Protection

  • TSM operates in a number of possible architectures and utilizes a number of patented technologies to enable a very high performance data protection system.

  • TSM has very sophisticated policy-driven tools that help simplify the increasingly complex management tasks faced by administrators in the large IT infrastructure.

Ibm tsm restore l.jpg
IBM TSM: Restore

  • Instant Archive – allows the customer to create a virtual full backup from data already stored at the Tivoli Storage Manager server

  • Rapid recovery – is an integrated attribute of the instant archive media, but these pieces of media also contain all inventory information necessary to perform a restore with the databases

  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Disaster Recovery Manager -- simplifies the disaster-recovery planning process by generating an automated recovery plan based on a predetermined strategy

Ibm tsm virtualization l.jpg
IBM TSM: Virtualization

  • IBM Tivoli was the first to support the IBM Total Storage Virtualization family of products.

  • This software can help you better manage storage environments, including virtualized SANs, by reducing unplanned downtime, providing detailed information and taking automated actions.

  • Storage virtualization is an intelligent layer or abstraction that pools storage devices into a common storage pool.

Ibm tsm application management l.jpg
IBM TSM: Application Management

  • Tivoli’s Application Management supplies products that help to simplify the management of the storage issues associated with many large application and databases.

  • Tivoli ERP is specially designed and optimized for:

    • The SAP R/3 environment

    • Providing automated data protection

    • Reducing the CPU performance impact of data backups and restores on the R/3 server

    • Greatly reducing the administrator workload

Ibm tsm integration and global management l.jpg
IBM TSM: Integration and Global Management

  • Tivoli recognizes that integration with other tools is a key requirement for every management product.

  • Tivoli provides tools that are capable of supplying global systems management.

  • GSM manages:

    • Storage configuration

    • Backup

    • Capacity allocation

    • Utilization

    • Performance

Ca brightstor storage resource manager l.jpg
CA BrightStor Storage Resource Manager

  • Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) created this product to provide powerful, centralized management for storage resources

  • BrightStor SRM provides:

    • End-to-End Management

    • Storage-View of application

    • Business Process Focus

    • Advance SRM Capability

Sun storedge enterprise storage manager l.jpg
Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager

  • This product provides a consolidated view of essential SAN management services to give you full command and control of the SUN Open environment.

  • Sun’s comprehensive storage software solutions provide storage management services that are designed to help simplify management of storage assets.

  • Sun’s offerings include:

    • SAN and Systems Management solutions

    • Data continuance solutions

    • Data management solutions

Veritas netbackup l.jpg

  • This software is the VERITAS data protection solution that provides centralized control from a single management interface.

  • The key features of this software are:

    • Media management

    • Disaster recovery support

    • High performance backups

    • Automatic/Unattended backup operations

    • Administrator and Client manual backup, archive, and restore operations without operator intervention

Comparing storage management techniques l.jpg

Common Practices:

Installing a tape drive on each server,, an expensive option that does not provide high reliability

Manually monitoring or neglecting to monitor backup jobs, which might create incomplete backup tape sets

Delaying restores to obtain the latest backup, then waiting for the tapes to be scanned until the needed file is found

Best Practices:

Backing up only changed data, which improves backup time, reduces network demand, and saves on storage resources

Automatically restarting restore operations in case of network failure during a restore operation

Implementing a storage management policy as needed, across heterogeneous platforms

Comparing Storage Management Techniques

Glossary l.jpg

AIX:– (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) IBM’s incarnation of Unix for the RT PC, RS/6000, PS/2, and mainframe; it is an enhanced version of Unix V

AS/400: – (Application System/400) IBM’s mid-range processor

DAS: – (Direct Access Storage) can only scale along with the server that it is attached to, unlike SAN

Instant Archive: – allows customers to create a virtual full backup from data already stored at the Tivoli Storage Manager server

Glossary22 l.jpg

  • IOP: – (Integrated Off-load Processor) originally, a component of certain ES/9000s which manages data transfer autonomously, without using the central processor.

  • JBOD: -  Just a Bunch Of Disks. A RAID system that doesn’t try to be too clever.

  • LAN-Free: – a data transfer that exploits the SAN and NAS path by enabling the Tivoli Storage Manager client to back up and restore data directly to and from SAN and NAS-attached storage.

Glossary23 l.jpg

LUNs: - logical unit numbers

NAS: – (Network-Attached Storage) typically, a disk drive subsystem attached via Ethernet to a network that uses an IP protocol to accept and process requests form multiple platforms.

NDMP: – (Network Data Management Protocol) can be used to back up file- system images to a Tivoli storage management server.

Glossary24 l.jpg

RAID: - (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) consists of a series of systems to organize several disk drives into a single entity that behaves as a single virtual drive. The various disks work in parallel, thus improving the access performance and saving the information stored from accidental crashes.

Rapid Recovery: – is an integrated attribute of the instant archive media, but these piece of media also contain all inventory information necessary to perform a restore with the database.

SAN: - Storage Area Network. Typically, a disk drive subsystem attached via fiber to a network, accepting and processing requests from multiple platforms.

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