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Netizens and the New News

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On the Netizen Movement and Its Impact. Netizens and the New News. The Emergence of Netizens and Netizen Journalism by Ronda Hauben The concept of net.citizen or netizen.

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netizens and the new news

On the Netizen Movement and Its Impact

Netizens and the New News

The Emergence of Netizens and Netizen Journalism

by Ronda Hauben


“Netizens are not just anyone who comes online. Netizens are especially not people who come online for individual gain or profit. They are not people who come to the Net thinking it is a service. Rather they are people who understand it takes effort and action on each and everyone’s part to make the Net a regenerative and vibrant community and resource. Netizens are people who decide to devote time and effort into making the Net, this new part of our world, a better place.”


The Net gives

“the power of the reporter to the Netizen”

every citizen is a reporter
Every Citizen is a Reporter
  • Not a privilege of the few
  • News Guerrillas – small non-regular forces which disrupt rear positions of the enemy
  • Post news from unique perspectives in order to challenge the conservative establishment


started March 1996

Small Staff

Several new articles every day

Lively Discussion

china matters blog
China Matters Blog
  • To date, America's China policy evolves with relatively little public information, insight, or debate.
  • In the Internet age, that's not desirable or justifiable.
  • So, China Matters.
  • The purpose of this site is to provide objective, authoritative information and comment on matters concerning the People's Republic of China.

awesome nail house
Awesome Nail House
  • City of Chongqing
  • Netizens at Tianya, MOP and KDNET reporting from the scene
  • Zola – netizen journalist goes to scene
  • “Netizens sending information live from where the news is happening.”
  • “Milestone in history… Chinese Internet”

From Southern Weekend)  An Investigation of the History of the Illegal Brick Mine in Hongdong County. By Zhu Hongjun (朱红军).  June 21, 2007.

“The local government disclosed that there are 93 brick kilns in Hongdong county, of which 95% have no legal permits.”  


Who Can Save Our Children? - Fathers of 400 Enslaved Children

Posted by Kate Zhao :: 2007-06-14, 08:23 PM ::

A group of fathers from Henan province recently ventured to brick kilns in Shanxi province to rescue their children, who were abducted and illegally forced to work as slaves. There were an estimated 2,000 children, about 400 of whom were from Henan. …


We need investigative journalists

By You Nuo (China Daily)Updated: 2007-06-18 06:48


"Well, I don't see any point in looking any farther.

It was probably just one of those wild rumors."


Germany and China, September 18-19, 2007

China – the First E-Mail – How it all began

Netizens and the New News

The Emergence of the Netizen and

Netizen Journalism

Ronda Hauben

OhmyNews International