importance of ip to hong kong creative industry l.
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Importance of IP to Hong Kong Creative Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Importance of IP to Hong Kong Creative Industry

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Importance of IP to Hong Kong Creative Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Importance of IP to Hong Kong Creative Industry. Gino Yu Talk Summary. Without IP protection, there is no creative industry Without a creative industry, manufacturing will forever be OEM Difficult to create and market brands, merchandising, etc.

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Presentation Transcript
talk summary
Talk Summary
  • Without IP protection, there is no creative industry
  • Without a creative industry, manufacturing will forever be OEM
    • Difficult to create and market brands, merchandising, etc.
  • Technology is changing the way in which media is created and distributed
    • Technology is empowering individuals
    • Individual freedom vs. businesses’ right to make money
digital technology
Digital Technology
  • Exponential growth (double in performance every 18 months)
    • Auto industry comparison– cars faster than the speed of light and cost less than 1/100 of a cent
  • One of the rare technologies that can track population growth





implications of digital technology
Implications of Digital Technology
  • Technology “sweeps” into new industries
    • Technology impacts the cost/capability/productivity for products and services
    • New industries must learn to “re-invent” itself with each new generation of technology
      • Connected to exponential growth of underlying IC technology
  • Near limits of perception for media






And Broadcast


TV, Film





digital entertainment

Digital Entertainment= Technology + Content

Digital Entertainment
  • Traditional media
    • Digital production
  • Interactive media applications
  • Electronic toys
  • Video games
  • Consumer electronics
  • Location-based entertainment
hong kong strengths
Hong Kong Strengths
  • Industry
    • Entertainment capital of Asia
    • Largest toy exporter in the world
    • Financial services
    • Tourism
  • International
    • Network
    • Perspective
    • Culturally Chinese
  • Entrepreneurial
    • Fast reaction to market changes
    • “Close” - everyone knows everyone
  • Infrastructure
    • Broadband/wireless
    • Cyberport/Science Park
    • Logistics
    • Legal
  • Location, location, location
    • Geographic center of Asia
    • Pearl River Delta
    • Proximity to China
intellectual property development



Video games




Specialty goods

Cross promotional synergy

40% sold within the few weeks prior to release

Extends lifetime of IP

Sequels, video changing business of media

Technology play

Technology today driven by entertainment

Intellectual Property Development
strategy hong kong perspective
Strategy – Hong Kong Perspective
  • Hong Kong as a testbed
    • Tech savvy population
    • World-class infrastructure
  • Target Asia
    • Do what Hollywood does, but focus on Asia
    • Leverage Asia to spring-board into the International market
  • Improve quality
    • Shift emphasis to quality rather than cost
    • Understand the target market (research)
    • Listen, learn, experiment
  • Cooperate rather than compete
    • Can’t beat China on cost
    • Can’t beat Taiwan/Singapore/Korea on technology
    • Leverage strengths
target asia hong kong strategy
Target Asia – Hong Kong Strategy
  • Asia marketing/promotion and distribution infrastructure
    • Different markets, different rates, different strategies (fragmented)
    • Reaching Asia is becoming cheaper (Satellite/Cable TV/Internet)
    • International companies trying to solve the same problem
  • Coordination/synchronization between different industries
    • Production, manufacturing, promotion
    • Transmedia forum
  • Better understand Asian consumers
    • Research, trends, analysis
  • Financing
    • Minimize risks
    • Hong Kong has burned Asian channels in the past (quality)
goal of ip protection
Goal of IP Protection
  • Provide an framework for IP owners to receive payment for their works
    • B2B / C2B – licensing
    • B2C – distribution
    • C2C – sharing
global issue
Global Issue
  • International broadband networks
  • Two years of continued decrease in music sales
    • Some claim that piracy isn’t the factor (poor music, competition from other media - Forrester)
    • Will impact other media forms with increased bandwidth
  • Distribution is changing
    • Disk-based today
    • Download in the future
      • What is the roadmap?
      • What is the new business model
current strategies for combating piracy
Current Strategies for Combating Piracy
  • Technology
    • Protection
      • Can’t win with one-way dissemination
    • Watermark
      • Can’t win – digitization is too easy and cheap
  • Legal challenge
    • Go after businesses
    • Go after consumers
    • Can’t win
      • Technology and adoption changes faster than it takes to process legal cases
      • International
      • Too many loopholes
  • Consumer education
    • May be able to win, but harder the longer you wait
      • There are kids now that have never bought a record or CD…
    • Effective education?
hong kong is ineffective thusfar
Hong Kong is Ineffective Thusfar
  • Futile market for international companies
    • $2M USD / year by Sony in legal expenses
  • Eliminated local manufacturing of pirated goods, but allow parallel import
    • Without legal/healthy distribution channels, who will press charges against the pirates?
    • Games are entertainment, not business software
    • What is legal what is not?
      • Market confusion
  • Who is going after the organized pirate groups?
    • Star Wars example
    • Well financed
    • Cut the lawn, but where is the root?
  • The Porn loophole
distribution challenge and opportunity for hong kong
Distribution – Challenge and Opportunity for Hong Kong
  • Distribution of digital content is changing
    • P2P (music to movies to software)
    • Hong Kong already plagued by piracy
  • What is the new form for distributing content in the age of networks and piracy?
    • Need to solve or there is no China/SE Asian market
  • Hong Kong is a good test market
    • Rule of law
    • Infrastructure
    • Content creators, electronics manufacturers, small (7M people)
pirated goods off the streets
Pirated Goods Off the Streets
  • “Broken Window” effect
  • Grassroots approach
    • Web-based reporting
      • Education in university and VTC
      • Sponsorship from industry
    • Flood market with counterfeits
      • Create market confusion (a form of consumer education)
      • Effective in P2P approach
    • Technology solutions?
      • 3G cameras?
  • Close the porn loophole
strategy to combat piracy
Strategy to Combat Piracy
  • Provide a way for law-abiding citizens to purchase legal goods
    • Get pirated goods out of public shops
    • Still make it difficult for “average joe” to break
      • Important to give legitimate products a “lead-time”
      • Effective education
    • Give consumers a choice
  • Get pirated goods off the streets (protect B2C, B2B)
    • Mong Kok, Sham Sui Po, 298 Hennesy Road
    • Protect B2B at all costs
  • New revenue models
    • Subscription, advertising
    • New pricing structures
    • New products and services
  • Motivate current pirate groups to become legal
    • Asia/international model, bigger money!
factors that motive purchase
Factors that Motive Purchase
  • Timing
    • Pay to see it first
  • Quality
    • DVD vs. VCD
  • Features (e.g., value added)
    • DVD supplemental information
  • Social setting
    • View by self, at home, or in theater
  • Portability
    • View / play at home or on the road
  • Must protect IP for B2B
  • There is a way to prosper in a world of piracy
    • New business model
    • New products and services
  • Hong Kong is well positioned to lead the world
    • Solve the problem in local market first
      • Effective laws and enforcement
  • Will benefit creative and all other industries
philosophical questions
Philosophical Questions
  • What is IP?
    • Representation?
    • Storage and delivery medium?
    • Performance?
    • “Spirit”?
  • What are my rights in the digital age?
    • If I have a file on my computer, am I liable for it?
      • Library book in the park analogy
    • Who is liable for software loopholes and hacks?
    • If I buy something, do I own it?