Growth of internet and web
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Growth of Internet and Web. Principles in Successfully Managing E-Business. All e-projects must be aligned with business objectives and improving customer satisfaction should be a key metric in measuring success

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Growth of internet and web l.jpg
Growth of Internet and Web.

E-commerce workshop

Principles in successfully managing e business l.jpg
Principles in Successfully Managing E-Business

  • All e-projects must be aligned with business objectives and improving customer satisfaction should be a key metric in measuring success

  • Operating business decision-makers responsible for bottle-line performance should be responsible for effectively using technology to achieve business results

E-commerce workshop

What is e commerce l.jpg
What is E-commerce ?

  • The term electronic commerce or E-commerce is used to describe doing business over the Internet and has been described as the new economic paradigm.

  • Electronic commerce is the application of communication and information sharing technologies among trading partners to the pursuit of business objectives.

E-commerce workshop

Why e commerce l.jpg
Why E-commerce?

  • Demand: Penetration of Computers in Home.

  • Providing information to customer when they need it.

  • Building customer relationship.

  • New way to for customer to interact with you.

E-commerce workshop

Dramatic distribution of savings l.jpg
Dramatic Distribution of Savings

  • Orders taken with any human intervention.

  • Automatic order confirmation.

  • Direct input into order processing system.

  • Orders taken outside of office hours.

E-commerce workshop

Technological infrastructure l.jpg
Technological Infrastructure

  • Digital Cash.

  • Shopping Cart.

  • Online privacy (security).

  • Electronic checks.

  • Credit Card Purchase.

E-commerce workshop

E commerce issues l.jpg
E-Commerce Issues

  • Customer Support

  • Relationship with supplier

  • Warehousing & Shipping

  • Solution to their problem.

E-commerce workshop

Setting up an e business on web l.jpg
Setting-up an E-Business on Web

  • Building your website

  • Registering your domain name

  • Hosting website with an ISP

  • Marketing your Website

  • Building E-business

  • E-business Example Websites

  • E-business Challenges

E-commerce workshop

Building your website l.jpg

Using Word '00

Using Netscape Composer

Other Tools:


Net Objects

HTML Editors

Building your Website ?

E-commerce workshop

Domain names on the internet l.jpg
Domain Names on the Internet

Tabnet Inc. has the task of registering Internet domain names.

Three-character suffix specifies type of organization:

.com .edu

.gov .mil

.org .net

Two-character suffix specifies country of origin (outside of U.S.)

E-commerce workshop

Website hosting l.jpg
Website Hosting

  • ISP Examples:

    • Media3.Net


    • Web Hosting

  • VSP Examples:


    • - eShop

    • (for small-biz)

E-commerce workshop

Marketing your website l.jpg
Marketing your Website

  • Advertising on the Web

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Promoting Websites on Search Engines

  • Internet Business Journal

E-commerce workshop

Building e business solutions l.jpg
Building E-Business Solutions

  • Online Shopping Carts

  • Secure Access – SSL

  • Credit-Card Processing

    • Visa International

    • MasterCard

    • Card Service West

    • Online Giving

  • Shipping

  • Online Customer Service & Support

E-commerce workshop

Do it yourself examples l.jpg
Do-it-Yourself: Examples

  • ABC Computers.


E-commerce workshop

E business models l.jpg
E-Business Models

  • Business-to-Business

    Net enabling relationships with business partners, customers and channels external to your organization( includes extranet)

  • Business-to-Customer

    Net enabling relationships with individual consumers or end-users

  • Consumer-to-Consumer

    • E-Auctions, Flea Markets, …

E-commerce workshop

E strategy challenges l.jpg
E-Strategy Challenges

  • Customer Retention

    • Sticky Services

    • Personalization

  • Customer Services

    • Returns

    • Questions

  • Website Options

    • Do-it-yourself Guide

    • Hire IT consultant

    • E-business Outsourcing

E-commerce workshop

Benefits of e business l.jpg
Benefits of E-Business

  • Low cost of new applications deployment( minimum duplication)

  • Flexibility-easy to adapt to changing business needs

  • Scalability e.g., acquisitions integrated easily

  • Improved time to market

  • New technologies and changes in business process easily integrated enterprise wide

E-commerce workshop

Role of it l.jpg
Role of IT

  • “Free market fulfillment”

  • Consultant: Teach and inform Business Units about what they can get from IT

  • Determine and support enterprise-wide standards

E-commerce workshop

Technological challenges l.jpg
Technological Challenges

  • Bridge technical infrastructure capabilities and business requirements

  • Educate clients on new technologies

  • Assess technical costs and risks in the calculation of ROI

  • Participate in and drive technology standards

  • Partner in business process re-engineering

E-commerce workshop

How to create e applications l.jpg
How to Create e-Applications

  • Easy to use the environment

    • Small central team controls “ look and feel”

    • Anyone can “post to the Web”

    • E-Pub system used for automated publishing: everything gets posted to the Web

E-commerce workshop

E business consultants l.jpg
E-Business Consultants

  • IBM

  • H-P

  • Others

E-commerce workshop

E business outsourcing l.jpg
E-Business Outsourcing

  • zShops at



  • Other Resources

E-commerce workshop

Listen to the pros l.jpg
Listen to the Pros

  • “The world will only need four or five computers” (source: Tom Watson, Sr., IBM)

  • “There is absolutely no need for a computer in the home” (source: Ken Olson,DEC)

  • “640K ought to be enough for anybody” (source: Bill Gates, Microsoft)

E-commerce workshop