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Career Success, Rated PG

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Career Success, Rated PG - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Success, Rated PG. Family Orientation 2004. Introduction. “To be happy for life, love your work” -Chinese Proverb Whether the goal is to get a job, go to graduate school, or spend a year on the beach in Tahiti – the Career Center is here for your student’s success. Agenda.

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career success rated pg

Career Success, Rated PG

Family Orientation 2004


“To be happy for life, love your work”

-Chinese Proverb

Whether the goal is to get a job, go to graduate school, or spend a year on the beach in Tahiti – the Career Center is here for your student’s success.

  • Myth busters
  • Skills employers value
  • Career Planning Process
  • Family, Career Center,and Student Roles
  • Career Center Services
myth you must choose the right major to get a good job or get into grad school
MythYou must choose the “right” major to get a good job or get into grad school.
  • There is no magic formula
  • The correlation between careers and majors varies
  • This is their chance to try things out
myth you just need a good major and good grades for career success
MythYou just need a good major and good grades for career success
  • Career success depends on major, grades and much, much more
  • Career experience allows assessment of fit between their values, interests, and skills with potential careers
  • summer and part-time jobs
  • co-ops and internships
  • service learning and volunteering
  • study abroad
  • student clubs and organizations
skills employers look for regardless of major
Skills Employers Look for Regardless of Major
  • Problem-Solving and Analytical Thinking
  • Oral and Written Communication
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Proficiency in Major
  • Career Experience

NACE Survey 2003

career experience makes you competitive
Career Experiencemakes youCOMPETITIVE

“The will to win is important,

but the will to prepare is vital”

-Joe Paterno

career planning process
Career Planning Process


values, personality


skills, interests


gain career experience


find a job OR go to graduate school

discovery and exploration first second year students
DISCOVERYand EXPLORATIONFirst/Second Year Students
  • Familiarization with the university and academic world
  • Develop study skills
  • Explore majors
  • Learn about careers
  • Login with HAWK’S HUNT
discovery and exploration first second year students10
DISCOVERYand EXPLORATIONFirst/Second Year Students
  • Explore values, interests, and skills
  • Talk with a Career Center staff member
  • Meet professionals in career fields

-There are over 70 clubs and organizations at RWU

-There are 18 varsity sports and many more club and intramural sports

experimentation and exploration third fourth year students and beyond
EXPERIMENTATION and EXPLORATIONThird/Fourth Year students and beyond
  • Develop a Resume
  • Learn to Interview
  • Research Employers/Graduate Programs
  • Build a Network
  • Gain Career Experience
  • Login with HAWK’S HUNT
quotes to live by
Quotes to Live By…

“I always wanted to be somebody,

but I should have been more specific”

-Lily Tomlin

choosing a career
Choosing a Career
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Library
  • Career Experience
  • Assessments
  • Career Fairs
  • Programs and workshops
  • Networking/Mentoring
  • Academic Advising
student family and career center roles defined
Student, Family, and Career Center Roles Defined

Students are getting this information, too.


We know you are their primary resource;

Please send them to us.

family member roles
Family Member Roles

Encourage your student to:

  • Explore majors
  • Learn about careers
  • Follow their dreams
  • Study and make grades a priority
  • Gain career experience
  • Take classes that match interests and skills
quotes to live by16
Quotes to Live By…

“When I told my father I was going to an actor, he said, ‘Fine, but study welding just in case.”

-Robin Williams

this generation listens to their parents
This generation listens to their parents!

The Millennial Generation values their relationship with their parents and takes their guidance.

conversation starters
Conversation Starters
  • Did you register with that HAWK’S HUNT?
  • What campus activities interest you?
  • What previous classes have you liked?
  • What do you want to do next summer?
  • Are you happy in college?
  • Have you gone to the Career Center and met with someone there?
career center roles
Career Center Roles
  • Offer career development assistance
  • Provide career counseling
  • Assist in the procurement of an internship/co-op
  • Help students assess values, interests, and skills
  • Provide information on majors/careers
  • Provide employer/graduate school information
career center roles20
Career Center Roles
  • Post job and co-op/internship listings
  • Sponsor career fairs and other events
  • Host campus recruiting
  • Develop job search skills
  • Assist with graduate school applications
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Maintain Career Center resource library
  • Maintain HAWK’S HUNT
hawk s hunt helping you to solve the mystery of your future
HAWK’S HUNT – helping you to solve the mystery of your future

Brand new web-based career hub

  • Summer and Part-time Job Listings
  • Professional Jobs Database with access to recruiters participating in RWU’s on-campus interviewing program
  • Co-op/Internship Database
  • Mentors (job-shadowing, networking)
  • Access to Career Fairs and other events
student roles
Student Roles
  • Actively participate at the University
    • Get involved in campus activities to expand your experiences
    • Do an internship or co-op to gain career experience
    • Work in a job related to your intended career
    • Volunteer to do community service
    • Study abroad
    • Attend all career-related events
rwu career center
RWU Career Center
  • First Floor, Center for Student Development Bldg.
  • (401) 254-3224

Special thanks to University of Arizona Career Services

for inspiration and information in this presentation.

quotes to live by24
Quotes to Live By…

“Eighty percent of success is showing up”

-Woody Allen