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Powerful Blu-ray Copy Software Introduced to you PowerPoint Presentation
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Powerful Blu-ray Copy Software Introduced to you

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Powerful Blu-ray Copy Software Introduced to you - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Slideshow about ' Powerful Blu-ray Copy Software Introduced to you' - victorhan

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Presentation Transcript

Here are two different reviews on DVDFab Blu-ray Copy.Now let‟s see the guides

together,hope to help you better understand the software.

Reviews One: Powerful Blu-ray Copy Software Introduced to you

Looking for Blu-ray copy software for your Windows PC to take care of your Blu-ray

collections? Here is one application you can have a try: DVDFab Blu-ray Copy.

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is rather powerful, capable of handling both Blu-ray 2D and

Blu-ray 3D, and can enable users to copy any Blu-ray to blank medias, Blu-ray

(BD50/BD25) /DVD (DVD9/DVD5) /AVCHD disc, or to your hard drive (as Blu-ray

Folder or ISO image file) with just one or a few clicks. One thing needs to be pointed

out: if you choose to save to DVD, you can playback them only in Blu-ray

Player/drive, „cause they are still in Blu-ray format. (However, if you do want to

convert a Blu-ray to DVD format, you can use DVDFab‟s another product “DVDFab

Blu-ray to DVD Converter”.)

Blu-ray Copy removes the RC (region codes), thereby making the movie region free

and viewable on any Blu-ray player and with any Blu-ray software players, you don‟t

have to change the region code of your players.

It contains five copy modes, which are “Full Disc”, “Main Movie”, “Customize”,

“Merge” and “Clone/Burn”. Both “Full Disc” and “Clone/Burn” allow you to 1:1

output, but with slight difference. “Full Disc” mode also supports to shrink Blu-ray to

BD25, and you can choose how to copy the Blu-ray when the one you have is a

Blu-ray 3D.

The available options are “Copy as Blu-ray 3D”, “Copy as Blu-ray 2D” and


“Converter to Blu-ray SBS 3D”. One amazing point is that even you choose to

compress the source to smaller size by selecting BD25 as output, you still can use

“Copy as Blu-ray 3D” to keep the 3D effect.

Another thing that is of some interest to me is the option “Create miniso file to mount

the folder in DVDFab Virtual Drive” under the Blu-ray Settings tab in the Advanced

Settings window. I prefer saving movies to my external hard drive, and use software

player for movie playback. But some players do not support to view movie folder

directly; in which case, I need to browse into multiple subfolders for the m2ts files so

as to watch a Blu-ray movie folder, it is inconvenience, however if I use that option to

create a miniso file, things become easier, I can later use DVDFab Virtual Drive to

mount the folder which will then behave like a Blu-ray disc. Well, as you might also

notice, it seems that I can choose to save the Blu-ray movie as ISO file directly, haha.

The above two mentioned features can also be accessed in “Main Movie” mode. Main

Movie, just as its name implies, is for copying the main movie title of the Blu-ray,

which is the most often-used mode for my part, as I have no need for bonus or other

features; the movie only is enough for me, saving hard disk space as well.

I seldom use “Customize” mode or “Merge” mode; however, for those who want to

combine two or more Blu-rays into one Blu-ray, the “Merge” mode is useful.

Available Output options for Merge are BD50/BD25 and BD9/BD5 (DVD9/DVD5).

There is a green button; it is for previewing the movie title and it only shows up when

the title is highlighted with mouse over. You can preview the title content.

In conclusion, I think this Blu-ray copying software is flexible and handy for use. As

Blu-ray fans, you can download it and evaluate it first; It is offered as

try-before-you-buy, 30-day free trial, fully functional. A high-end specs PC will give

you faster performance when copying Blu-rays with DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. Still

wondering about how it will perform on your PC? Action now!

Reviews Two:DVDFab Bluray Copy

If you are one of those users who are on a look out for the software that will help you

in achieving perfect 1:1 copies for your personal use or commercial use, then you can

definitely give DVDFab Bluray copy a try. It is known for its efficiency as well as

simplicity and the powerful in-built decryption tool is a great advantage that the users

avail in removing all kinds of protections.

There are many DVDs that come with protection and doesn‟t allow the users to copy

them, but if you are using the DVDFab software, then no restriction will pose to be a

big threat as you will easily be able to copy the content with flawless quality. It is

frustrating when you find a DVD that comes with protection and doesn‟t allow you to

copy to somewhere else. But, with this software, you will be able to overcome the


protection, no matter how strong it is. The software is being updated in a manner that

will dodge any kind of protection.

ThisBlu-ray copy comes with 4 modes for copying the contents and they are –

Main Movie

Full Disc


Clone/ Burn

Depending on your requirement you can customize and personalize the Bluray with

the help of multiple settings. You will be able to enjoy speedy recording and fast

conversions. Moreover, the audio qualities or the output image is as good as that of

the original. With the help of this software you can clone, copy or burn the Blu-ray

quite easily.

The software in use

You can use this software tobackup Blu-ray and also copy all the content, including

the trailers, menus as well as the special features. Using the main movie option will

help the users to copy only the movie and leave out the unwanted trailers of the

movies that would eat up the space. A customized Blu-ray disc can be created by

using this software where you will have only those contents that you need.

It also supports the 3D Blu-ray as well along with the 2D. Moreover, BD -50 can be

compressed to BD 25 and similarly BD 9 can be compressed into BD 5 with


outstanding effects. Compression can be carried out to save space. You won‟t require

any third party driver for carrying out this work.

DVDFab Blu-ray copy has the ability copy almost all types of Bluray that you have

purchased legally and create the backup of your favorite movies. Burning of the

existing Bluray folder or the ISO file is also made possible with the help of this

software. You can create a backup first on your hard drive, when you don‟t have the

disc in hand and then you can burn it any time later. The Bluray movie can be burnt to

any kind of blank Bluray disc or DVD. Even the HD audio can be removed, so that

you can save some space on your disc. Flexible settings option will help you in

copying the content as per your preferences.

Alright. Now leave the rest to DVDFab. For more info about DVDFab Blu-ray Copy,

please go to:

Author Bio: Victor Han is a young freelance writer/blogger, Based in the USA. He

writes for several themes as well as blogs. His prime areas of interest include

Blogging, SEO/SMO, Tech, Latest News, sports, & music. This year,he also shares

the great video tools and useful tips on data backup software.