pit bulls are great dogs n.
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Pit Bulls are great Dogs PowerPoint Presentation
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Pit Bulls are great Dogs

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Pit Bulls are great Dogs

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Pit Bulls are great Dogs

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  1. Pit Bulls are great Dogs By: Kevin Grice

  2. Pit bulls often are very aggressive towards other animals. This is something that can be socialized out of the k-9 if you raise them from a puppy.

  3. There are two things that make Pit bulls dangerous dogs...1. Ignorance2. Bad owners.

  4. But aren't Pit bulls vicious people haters? No more vicious than beagles and golden retrievers! In a study of 122 dog breeds by the American Temperament Testing Society, Pit-bulls achieved a passing rate of 83.9%. Beagles scored 78.2% and golden retrievers, 83.2%.


  6. Myth: Pit bulls are naturally aggressive.What is aggression?Generally speaking, all dogs are, by definition, territorial predators. All dogs are “naturally aggressive” to some extent, as it is through “aggressive” behaviors like fighting, defending, hunting, guarding, barking, biting, and posturing that dogs’ predecessors survived. These behaviors are also the reason why humans domesticated dogs in the first place. Dogs have long been bred and used for hunting, protection, fighting, and guarding. Thus, aggression is a natural component of all dogs’ behavior.However, it is important to stress that aggression is not a state of being or a temperament (which would be solely affected by genetics). Aggression is a behavior. Behavior is the product of both genetics and environment (the way a dog is or is not raised and trained, and the circumstances a dog is put in by its owner). Therefore, a dog’s breed alone does not and can not shape behavior.  Socialization, training, management, and proper care–or lack thereof–can have a strong influence on a dog’s behavior. Because a dog’s owner determines the situations a dog faces, the dog’s owner has total control over whether a dog has the opportunity or the inclination to exhibit aggression.

  7. Top 10 dangerous dogs1. Pit Bulls 2. Rottweiler's 3. German Shepherds 4. Huskies 5. Alaskan Malamutes 6. Doberman Pinschers 7. Chow Chows 8. Great Danes 9. St. Bernard 10. Akitas Though Pit Bulls have been on the receiving end of some bad publicity over the years, the blame for their bad behavior really belongs with the owners

  8. The Pit Bulls were specifically bred not to bite humans, so their masters could safely handle them even in the midst of a dog fight. Therefore, though Pit Bulls have a tendency to be dog-aggressive, they are not generally aggressive towards people. Good with children, the Pit-Bulls has a very high tolerance of pain, which allows the dog to tolerate more inadvertently rough handling from children than some other breeds allow. (As with all breeds, children should always be supervised with dogs and should be trained how to treat them properly.)

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