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The Outsiders Response to Literature Essay PowerPoint Presentation
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The Outsiders Response to Literature Essay

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The Outsiders Response to Literature Essay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Outsiders Response to Literature Essay. A step-by-step process to writing an analytical essay. The Prompt. You’ve just read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Write a response to literature essay in which you explore S.E. Hinton’s characters and how they change throughout the story.

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The Outsiders Response to Literature Essay

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    1. The OutsidersResponse to LiteratureEssay A step-by-step process towriting an analytical essay

    2. The Prompt • You’ve just read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Write a response to literature essay in which you explore S.E. Hinton’s characters and how they change throughout the story. • Pinpoint one major character in the novel. • Discuss three specific events that illustrate how the character develops/changes. Analyze how the character evolves and what he learns about life.

    3. Prewriting—Per. 2 • How does the character change? • Ponyboy: • Realizes stereotypes are incorrect • Understands that life is valuable • Realizes Darry cares for him • Sees that society is not going to change—unfair • Learns how to overcome problems • What causes the change(s)? • Befriends a Soc; Talks with Randy; “Things are rough all over”/sunset • Johnny’s advice to “stay gold”; Dally’s death • Darry shows emotion at hospital; Sodapop’s perspective/conversations; Darry warns P to run away if cops show at rumble • Rumble—Socs “win” no matter what; Conversation with Randy; Cherry won’t publicly acknowledge Pony • Threat of failing class wakes him up; Johnny’s letter; tries to become tough, but fails

    4. Prewriting—Per. 4 • How does the character change? • Ponyboy: • Open-minded • Street smart • Understands stereotypes are unfair • Tolerant • Aware of others’ feelings (Empathetic) • Mature • What causes the change(s)? • Friendship with Cherry/Conversation with Randy/Bob/Relationship with brothers • Friendship with Cherry; He stereotypes Socs before getting to know them; Convo with Randy; Victim of stereotyping; Deeper understanding of Dally’s character • Changes perspective on Socs—Randy, Bob, Cherry & Dally • Jeopardizes his safety to save the kids; Cries when J dies; Explains to Cherry how Johnny is abused; Makes an effort to be nicer to Darry so Soda isn’t the mediator • Death of close friends; Parents’ deatjs; Survive on his own; Saved the kids; Stops fighting with Darry; Near-death experience; Negative environment (smoking, fighting, etc.); Coming to terms with J’s death;/J’s letter

    5. Prewriting--Per. 6 • How does the character change? • Johnny: • Brave • More Reliable • Confident • Wise (Worldly) • Mature • Values life • What causes the change(s)? • Kills in self-defense; Helps save kids in fire; Willing to turn himself in to the police; Stood up to Dally at the drive-in; Accepted his death • Disguises Pony; Stays awake on train; J helps save kids; Seeks out Dally for help; Bought needed supplies • Stood up to Dally; Helps save kids; Confronts Socs; Wants to turn himself in to protect P; faces death like a Southern gentleman • “Stay Gold”; Quick to think re: getting help/disguises/supplies; Reflects on his journey in letter to P; • Faces death bravely; Takes care of Pony; Instead of suffering his parents’ abuse, he sleeps outside; Realizes fighting is useless; willing to turn himself in; Smart choices • Realizes: fighting is useless; life has meaning; kids have bright future; The letter J writes to Pony; Wants Dally to see a sunset

    6. THESIS STATEMENT DRAFTING • Specific requirements: • TAPS: title, author, address the prompt, make a statement about the prompt (see below) • State the three elements that support the prompt (the 3-point thesis) • Sample thesis statement format: • In S.E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders, the character _________ (character’s name)________________(prompt/statement) through _____(p/s)______, ______(p/s)__________, and _____(p/s)_______. REMEMBER: THE THESIS IS THE CONTROLLING IDEA FOR THE ENTIRE ESSAY

    7. Selecting Evidence(3 per body paragraph) • Must be direct quotes from the novel with page numbers • Page citations (numbers) must be accurate: “Quote quote quote quote” (78). • Each example must support the focus (the element) for each body paragraph • Each quote must be embedded into your sentences/paragraph • Example: One element contributing to Hinton’s theme is when Ponyboy realizes, “Darry did care about me…and because he cared he was trying too hard to make something of me” (98). Pre-Writing

    8. Quotes must be embedded, meaning they must flow with your own words; you must ease your reader into the quote, not just have the quote stand on its own. You want the author’s words to sounds as if they are actually your words. Examples: Not embedded: Johnny says, “Stay gold” (148). Embedded: As Johnny lays dying, he instructs Ponyboy to “Stay gold” (148). Embedding Quotes DRAFTING

    9. For each example (CD), you must compose at least 2 sentences of Commentary that analyze the significance of the example Start your commentary with the phrase This shows that… (You will omit this phrase later in revision) Remember that Commentary Connects the CD to the Topic Sentence, and therefore, the Thesis statement Provides your insight, analysis, interpretation, explication and/or reflection of the CD Answers why the CD is significant Analyzing your evidenceaka Writing Commentary DRAFTING

    10. DO! Show the connection between the CD and the TS/Thesis Analyze the significance of the example (why is it important?) Convey your insight Explain how the CD illustrates the author’s theme through a literary element DON’T! Summarize the story Give more CDs/examples Repeat yourself Commentary Dos and Don’ts DRAFTING

    11. Commentary Practice DRAFTING Here’s a CD based on the same topic, but concerning Robert Frost: CD: “Nature’s first green,” symbolizes the beginning stages of life, when people are innocent and pure (line 1). CM: This shows that… CM: This also shows that…

    12. More Commentary Practice Try it again: CD: Frost explains that experience destroys innocence by stating, “Eden sank to grief” (line 6). CM: This shows that… CM: This also shows that… DRAFTING

    13. Introductory Paragraph • General statement • Hook • See intros/conclusions handout for ideas • Should be interesting, logical, and well-developed • Make a smooth transition from the hook to the following info • Connection to the piece you are analyzing • Be sure to make a transition and connection from general statement to the background of the text • Thesis Statement (TAPS/3-point) DRAFTING

    14. Types of Leads to Start the Intro • Begin with a startling statement--an interesting fact or opinion Ex: As I write, highly civilized human beings are flying overhead, trying to kill me. • Create Imagery Ex: It has a body of bronze and wings made from razor blades, and it behaves so much like a bee that it can convince real ones to leave their hive in search of nectar. It’s a robot built by Danish and American researchers who study how bees communicate. • Draw a comparison Ex: One bad apple can spoil a whole basket. The same is true of automobiles and air quality. • Cite a quotation Ex: “A flute,” wrote an early nineteenth-century British critic, “is a musical weed which springs up everywhere.” • Present an anecdote Ex: A man in Cambridge, Massachusetts, took his neighbor to court because the neighbor hadn’t cut his grass in fourteen years.

    15. Sample Intro In America 2008 there are thousands of heroes. These heroes are the military men and women fighting for American ideals and the rights of humanity. These heroes are those people who stand up for what is right regardless the risk to their own lives. Furthermore, military heroes don’t serve to become heroes, or even think of themselves as such.In fact, the heroes of today are similar to those found in The Outsiders who step outside of themselves in order to save others.In this novel S. E. Hinton employs characterization, a story frame, and the hero’s journey to show that anyone can be a hero.

    16. Conclusion • Restatement of the thesis • Restate your thesis, but do it in a different way • Do not simply copy what you wrote in the intro; rephrase it in an interesting way • Say something insightful; reflect on your subject • Make a statement about your topic, but do it with all commentary. There is no concrete detail, no summary of key points. • Hearken back to your lead—remind your reader of the broad connection you made at the start of the essay DRAFTING