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Eran Mertens 516-536-6200

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Eran Mertens 516-536-6200 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Eran Mertens 516-536-6200 Overview. Founded in 1990 Dedicated to Stratus/VOS Software Development Distribution & support One stop shopping SERVICE.

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Eran Mertens



  • Founded in 1990
  • Dedicated to Stratus/VOS
  • Software
    • Development
    • Distribution & support
  • One stop shopping

“We rate Application Resources, Inc. (the distributor of DRMS) and SoftMark, Inc. (developer/owner) as our best vendors in terms of problem/issue turnaround.”

Andy Orrock, Manager, IT Infrastructure

Tosco Shared Services

“The SPS software tools that we are using are a strategic part of our monitoring strategy.  Bill and his team, along with the development areas, depend on these tools on a daily basis to provide us with important statistical information.” 

Harry Dewedoff, PHLX

Mgr IT Systems



  • VOS Essentials
  • VOS Auditor
  • VOS Encryptor
  • Disaster Recovery Management System
  • SQL Query & Report Writer for VOS
  • TCP/IP Gateway to VOS Applications
  • Alphanumeric Paging & Fax
  • Windows Terminal Emulator (Secure)
vos essentials
Job Scheduler

Alert Manager

Menu System

VOS Security Shell

Performance Monitors

Disk Space Manager

Access Control Manager

Secure CRT for Stratus

vos essentials1

“Our systems just screamed right along....... all day long..... barely even breaking out a sweat.”Tim Laflamme QVC, Stratus System Administrator

“Since implementing the product line at AOL, we have noticed a significant increase in our system reliability, recoverability and overall improvement in the integrity of the many systems we manage.”Alex Tulchinsky, Director, AOL Corporate Business Systems Operations

vos auditor
  • The complete security andauditing solution for Stratus/VOS
  • Full compliance with PCIsecurity standards
  • Customized to client’s specific requirements


“Its extensive security features allowed us to reduce the risk of human error as well as audit our operators and end-user activities”Erick Mazariegos, DTCC, Director Application Development

“It has also put us in good shape for our upcoming security audit. We can track everything that each operator does …there is no concern that someone can go into the application and damage the system. We now have the individual accountability and auditing which were lacking before.”Rob Aronson, Lead Design Analyst

“The product assisted us in managing our production network. Job scheduling, nightly batch cycles and process management are now fully automated ” Alex Tulchinsky, Director AOL Corporate Business Systems Operations

vos encryptor
  • Fast, simple, reliable and transparent data encryption
  • Real-time data encryption without any application changes
  • Latest cryptographicstandards – TDES and AES
  • Secure 128-bit per-file keys
  • Remote Encrypted Tape Facility
  • Centralized, simple configuration
drms disaster recovery mirroring system
DRMS - Disaster Recovery Mirroring System
  • Real-time data mirroring
  • High throughput
  • Hands-free operations
  • Easy configuration
  • No application changes
  • Minimal overhead
  • Different Platforms
    • Continuum, V-Series
    • VOS to relational databases

In Production since 1997

“DRMS reliability and SoftMark's extraordinary responsiveness to our business

needs and support questions has made the implementation of our Disaster-

Recovery plans an easy, pleasant and trouble-free experience.”

Anders Carlsson, Stratus Platform Manager, ICA Handlarnas AB, Sweden

dbq sql for vos
  • Instant Access to VOS Files
  • Query, Insert, Update, Delete
  • Report Writer: Automatic & Customized
  • SQL Syntax
  • Relational Joins
  • Online/Batch Processing
  • No Programming Requirements
  • Auto Parsing: PL/1, C, COBOL, dd
  • Access Proprietary Files (ON2, TCAM)
  • TCP/IP - Inter/Intranet Access to VOS

SGI- TCP/IP Gateway

  • Internet/Intranet Gateway for VOS
  • Send/Receive msg over TCP/IP to/from any VOS Queues
  • Pass msg reply back to Client
  • Full implementation for DBQ
  • Interfaces any existing VOS Application
  • Simple & Easy to use API

“SGI is the conduit that has taken us to the next level of distributed computing”

  • Shell Shrader, QVC
  • Application Development
sfax facsimile system
SFAX - Facsimile System
  • Complete Facsimile System
  • Hardware & Software
  • Turnkey Fax Connectivity
  • No Custom Programming
  • Runs on all Systems
  • Inexpensive Industry Standard Async Modem
  • Scalable 1-100 Lines
  • Reliable Tracking of Each Transmission
  • Alpha Numeric Paging System (inclusive or stand alone)
windows terminal emulator
Windows Terminal Emulator
  • Terminal Emulator for ALL Windows
  • W98, NT, W2000
  • Emulates V102, V103, PC Connect
  • TCP/IP & Serial
  • NO Host program on the Stratus
  • Concurrent Multiple Sessions
  • Built-in Scripting Language
  • Windows Cut & Paste
  • Highlight & Print
  • Keyboard Mapping
  • 100% compatibility with Host-PC1
  • Secure Encrypted Telnet


is committed to


develop & support

applications & custom software for

Stratus Contact: Martin Mulvey

(978) 461-7143