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Alternate Performance Task Assessment

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Alternate Performance Task Assessment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alternate Performance Task Assessment. Road Map to Success. Test Administration. The examiner filled out required demographic information in the test booklet Student’s answers were recorded in the test booklet by the student and/or the examiner or scribe

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test administration
Test Administration
  • The examiner filled out required demographic information in the test booklet
  • Student’s answers were recorded in the test booklet by the student and/or the examiner or scribe
  • The examiner was to follow the scripts provided in the test booklet
unscorable items booklets
Unscorable Items/Booklets
  • No prompt level documented
  • Two prompts marked
  • No student response indicated
  • Two responses marked for one question
continued development
Continued Development
  • Use assessment results to inform instruction
  • Have extended standards for Science
  • Have Science Tests (grades 4, 6 and 11)
  • Science APTA Field Test 2007

(Grades 4, 6 and 11

  • Science APTA Operational 2008

(Grades 4, 6 and 11)

score design
Score Design
  • The level of assistance and the correct response determine the student score for MC and CR Items
  • MC Items CR Items (Rubric)
  • I 3 Points 5-6 Points
  • P 2 Points 3-4 Points
  • F 1 Point 1-2 Points
  • NR/Unscorable 0 Points
  • Incorrect Response 0 Points
vertical alignment
Vertical Alignment
  • Last year’s results –so what!
  • Tool
  • Road map to the new year
time for reflections
Time for reflections
  • Was it taught and missed
  • Was it an examiner’s error
  • Was appropriate support provided (AT, opportunities to generalize vs. taught in isolation)
integrated instruction
Integrated Instruction
  • Possible to teach more than 1 standard in single lesson
  • Possible to teach multiple content areas in single lesson
  • Extended standards should not be taught in isolation
  • WV CSOs should be incorporated in lessons plans for those students who have reached mastery and above
instructional groups
Instructional Groups

Where does the student primarily receive his content instruction:

  • General Education Classroom (note article)
  • Self-contained with students on both the WESTEST and APTA
  • Self-contained with students on the APTA only
development of benchmark and formative assessments at the county school level
Development of Benchmark and Formative Assessments at the County/School Level
  • Formative assessments are designed to assess the students’ levels of mastery of the benchmark objectives. Results from these assessments are used to inform the instructional process and determine individual student needs for re-teaching or enrichment.
contact information
Contact Information
  • Beth Judy, Coordinator
  • Office of Student Assessment Services
  • 304-558-1585