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Vice Cigs

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Vice Cigs

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  2. About Vice Cigs Vice Cigs  (aka e-cig, smokeless cigarette, vape cig, and vapor cigarette) offers smokers an unparalleled smoking experience.  Vice Cigs developed a superior electronic cigarette that produces the best vapor quality, reliability and performance. We dedicated our focus to the research and improvement of a better nicotine extraction process. Resulting in Vice Cigs creating a better Lithium Ion battery that lasts longer and produces a powerful vapor. Vice Cigs strives to produce a higher standard of excellence for the electronic cigarette industry. Vice Cigs is a premium electronic cigarette that is a great alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Vice cigs technology converts water based nicotine cartridges into vapor, which is inhaled by the user simulating the sensation and satisfaction of smoking an actual cigarette.  None of Vice Cigs products burn any tobacco or smoke that would produce toxins, tar, smoke, ash, and harmful chemicals associated with a cigarette and/or cigars helping smokers choose a healthier lifestyle and moving them one step closer to quit smoking!

  3. Benefits of Vice Cigs A lot of people end up smoking to help relieve stress from work, bills, or just the day to day hassles without even realizing that a large portion of their salary goes into satisfying the craving for a smoke. One of the biggest advantages of using a Vice Cig is that it cuts down your cost of smoking. The Vice Cig cartridges is equivalent to two packets of conventional cigarettes. The cartridges and tanks are all re-usable, it’s an easy process to fill your e liquid, plus you have multiple flavors to choose from! Check out our Vice Cig Flavors and various Starter Kits. • No Smoke When you smoke a conventional cigarette, the smoke and ash that emits from your cigarette makes non-smokers around you uncomfortable and uneasy. The solution to smoking around others, especially in non smoking places, is electronic cigarettes.  E-cigs run on batteries and create a water based vapor, eliminating any smoke, ash, flames, matches or lighters! Since there is no smoke, there is no smell permeating on your clothes, hands, or in the room, which relieves your family and friends from the ill effects of second hand and third hand smoke. With no smoke, there is no odor, which allows Vice Cigs to be socially acceptable. Since there is no flames, smoke or ash associated with Vice Cigs, there is no more danger of anything catching on fire, no more burn marks or holes in your clothes, carpet or car interior. Plus you wont have to worry about cleaning any ash trays of any ash, cigarette butts and discarded cigarettes laying around.

  4. No Tar or Toxins Traditional cigarettes not only contain tobacco and nicotine but  thousands of harmful chemicals, including tar, urine, jet fuel, and nail polish removal. Vice cigs make it possible for you to inhale only 100% nicotine that only is mixed with kosher ingredients and pure flavors. • Vice E-Cig Starter Kits Vice Cigs Starter Kits come complete with everything you need to start using an electronic cigarette. Choose from our Standard Kit, Pro Kits and Platinum Kit, pair it with the cartridge flavor of your choice and start enjoying the luxury of vaping! Once you have selected the e-cig starter kit, making the switch to electronic cigarettes is easy. All of Vice Cigs starter kits include an automatic e-cig battery, e-liquid flavor, USB e-cig charger and wall adapter. At the tip of the electronic cigarette you will find a cartridge or tank, which is where the e-liquid is stored that contains the various level of nicotine flavor . To activate the Vice Cigs e-cig, simply hold down the button on the battery, take a puff or inhale through the cartomizer and the battery electronically activates the internal heating element, called the atomizer, and the e- liquid & nicotine is vaporized into a robust vapor mist that helps suppress the craving of a cigarette.

  5. Alice’s Caterpillar The “Hookah”, as most remember in Lewis Carols’ legendary, philosophical, tale for children has been dated to have started its extensive existence around the middle of the fifteenth century.Theorized to have to have it’s origins in India the bottle and pipe device was used as alternate means to smoke tobacco – Especially by the fancier and smancier aristocrats. The Hookah is made up of quite a few components starting with the jug with which water is placed into, purge valve for *ahem* releasing bad air, bowl (for holding the tobacco), a net screen inside the bowl to prevent crumbs from falling into the jug, grommets to help seal any leaky openings, a metal ash plate placed below the water jug to catch any smolderies that might perhaps burn a very expensive pair of pants ( or thing loin cloth in front of very expensive ladies ) and last ( the bitty used the most ) the long draping hose from which one ‘takes a toke.’

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