sire the four skinny trees n.
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Sire & The four skinny trees

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Sire & The four skinny trees. Lauren Maslanka. What the readers learn about Esperanza .

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what the readers learn about esperanza
What the readers learn about Esperanza
  • In Sire we find that Esperanza is becoming a woman. She is extremely interested in one of the neighborhood boys, even though her parents have told her that he is a punk. Esperanza envies Sire’s girlfriend, Louis because of the stories she has heard about the couple, despite hearingLouiswas very promiscuous. Although these are also signs of poor judgment they are also signs of maturity.
similes metaphors
Similes/ Metaphors
  • “Let one forget his reason for being, they’d all droop like tulips in a glass, each with their arms around the other”- Sire (73).
  • I liked this similie because it creates a gloomy picture in every aspect. Tulips especially because they have a harder time keeping there heads up. Being that they are draped down from one another
  • “It made your blood freeze to have somebody to look at look like that”- Sire (73).
    • I thought this metaphor was cute because it is a great way to understand how Esperanza felt when the boy she liked caught eyes with her. I can feel how strong the tension must have been between them through this metaphor. The feeling of one’s blood actually freezing for a moment is similar to goose bumps which may occur when people are extremely scared or thrilled, this metaphor intensifies that feeling which makes the reader realize how sensational it must have been when there eyes met.
  • “bite the sky with violent teeth and never quit their anger”- four skinny trees (74).
    • This metaphor was interesting because Esperanza is comparing herself to these trees. Here the trees are fighting to escape Mango Street because they are being forced to grow there. Clearly Esperanza can relate to them, for she too feels rooted onto Mango Street where she knows she does not belong. Esperanza sympathizes with the trees because she believes that it is the city’s fault that they are trapped in such a rural environment, just as it is her family’s fault that she can not move off of Mango street. By listening to the trees a neighbor should easily be able to tell that this is not a street one wants to linger on.
tone mood
Tone/ Mood
  • In Sire the mood of the chapter is despite. Esperanza wants to be with this boy even after hearing about his horrible reputation. Clearly she is becoming lonely with out many friends and a man to comfort her.
  • In Four Skinny trees the tone is very appreciative. Esperanza is finally beginning to value smaller things in life the beauty of a tree. She also realizes that she is not the only one feeling this way, so she becomes greatful that she has not been on Mango Street for long.
author s point theme
Author’s Point/ Theme
  • The objective of the two chapters was to show the different angles Esperanza has begun to approach to escape Mango Street.
  • Esperanza’s search for a man may be seen as a way for her to reach out to get off of Mango Street. This is also the theme of The Four Skinny Trees as Esperanza has pity on the four trees and herself because they cannot find away to leave.
journal prompt
Journal Prompt
  • How did you feel when you first caught eyes with your crush?
  • Is there something in life that symbolizes how you feel about something?