The Holiday Season:
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The Holiday Season: Ups and Downs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Holiday Season: Ups and Downs. Kate Moore. Ups and Downs – the Story of Life Are they more so during Times of change? Loss? Celebration? What about at Christmas? Over the summer holidays?. What is the Holiday Season for you?. Christ’s Birthday A celebration

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The holiday season ups and downs

The Holiday Season:

Ups and Downs

Kate Moore

The holiday season ups and downs

Ups and Downs – the Story of Life

Are they more so during

  • Times of change?

  • Loss?

  • Celebration?

    What about at Christmas?

    Over the summer holidays?

What is the holiday season for you
What is the Holiday Season for you?

  • Christ’s Birthday

  • A celebration

  • A time of rest and catch up

  • An economic bonanza for the shops

  • A time for families and friends

  • A time to get away – to catch up/

What is the holiday season for you1
What is the Holiday Season for you?

  • A lonely and/or expensive time

  • A time of stress

  • Brings back sad memories

  • What is it for you?

What is the holiday season for you2
What is the Holiday Season for you?

  • Perhaps it’s a time for helping others

  • Being a volunteer / supporter

  • OR

  • Perhaps you need support?

Why is it like this
Why is it like this?

  • History – always been like this?

    • OK Not OK

      Why NOT?

      Only YOU can answer this

Why is it like this1
Why is it like this?

  • Circumstances changed?

    • OK Not OK

      Why NOT?

      Control? / Challenge? / Communication ?

For you not ok
For you – Not OK

Having identified why NOT?

Accommodate or Change?

How? To what? Stressor

So i don t like the change
So, I don’t like the change….

What DO I want 

  • Change – always difficult

    • Requires clear goal

    • Communication of that goal

    • Appropriate implementation of the goal

    • Preparedness to hang in there

    • Respect for self and others

      • In setting goals and

      • during the process  Stressful or Challenge

The two faces of stress not always negative yerkes dobson 1904 wood et al 1998
The Two Faces of Stress-Not always negative (Yerkes & Dobson, 1904; Wood et al., 1998)

Constructive stress (eustress)

  • stress that acts in a positive way for the individual, family and/or organisation

  • Low to moderate levels of stress act in a constructive or energising way

    Destructive stress (distress)

  • stress that acts in a dysfunctional way for the individual, family and/or the organisation

    Which will it be for you?

Cognitions coping control
Cognitions, Coping & Control

  • It is NOT the event but how we THINK about it that causes us the problem

  • Identify your thoughts

  • Challenge these

  • Change them!!!!!

Costs of bad cognitions depression anxiety and stress
Costs of Bad Cognitions Depression Anxiety and Stress

  • Physical factors

    • Increased risk of CVD

      • Raised BP, CHD, stroke

    • Unhealthy feelings - aches, pains, upset stomach

    • Restlessness, inability to concentrate, sleeplessness

    • Increased risk of accidents

Costs of bad stress cont d
Costs of Bad Stress(cont’d)

  • Psychological factors

    • Tense, uptight, feelings of nervousness, irritability

    • Loss of motivation

    • Burnout

      • emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation, lowered personal accomplishment

    • Depression, anxiety

    • Pre-existing psychological disorders exacerbated

    • Any others?

Costs of bad stress cont d1
Costs of Bad Stress(cont’d)

  • Behavioural factors

    • Change in eating habits

    • Increase of risky behaviours (e.g., alcohol, smoking, drug taking)

    • Increases in workplace conflict (e.g., aggression, harassment)

Impact of bad stress
Impact of Bad Stress

  • Physical and mental health

    • anxiety/sleep/appetite/CHD/ulcers

    • concentration/ruminations

    • angry/cranky/irritable

    • cynicism

  • Cognitions

    • castrophizing

    • black & white thinking

  • Relationships

    • communication problems

    • aggression

    • lack of engagement

  • Job/course satisfaction & performance

  • Absenteeism & loss of productivity

  • Drop out/Quit/Withdraw

  • and you ………………………………………..?

  • What am i doing about it
    What am I doing about it?

    • Identify the stressor

    • Decide why it is a stressor for me

    • Change my way of thinking about it

    • Ask the other person(s) to

      • change their approach

      • change the system

      • work with me to finish / alter the problem

    • Remain focused on the issue NOT the person

    • Ask: Is this issue worth the cost to me/others

    • Yes - see it as a challenge/goal not a demand or stressor

    Ideas around christmas shopping
    Ideas around Christmas shopping

    1)plan and shop with a list

    2) try making gifts/food

    3) set a limit on the cost of presents and meals

    4) leave your credit card at home when browsing for presents

    5) pool cost of presents / meals by one person : one present and bring a plate

    6) watch last minute spending

    Ideas before christmas day
    Ideas before Christmas Day

    • try to have a rest day before Christmas

      2) reduce your expectations about a "perfect " Christmas day

      3) organise parenting issues for the day well before so children OK

      4) try and sort out relationship issues before Christmas Day

      5) be flexible re changes to previous years' arrangements to suit family and friends

      6) be aware of issues which might arise – try to anticipate/handle

    Ideas for christmas day
    Ideas for Christmas Day

    1) share responsibility for the meal with all family not just the women

    2) watch alcohol intake - sometimes regret what was said

    3) do not bring up previous quarrels

    4) do not be too hard on yourself if everyone does not behaviour how you hoped.

    5) a cold lunch may reduce the stressors of cooking - family can come at various times

    6) have your meal in the evening so f&f can visit others during the day

    7) try and work out some positive thing about Aunt Maud rather than focus on the negative

    8) visit someone who may be lonely or ask them to a meal

    9) think about the real meaning of Christmas for you

    In general
    In general

    • Remember some things are not worth making a fuss about

    • Avoid digging up the past

    • Christmas may not be the best time to confront or expose problems

    • Be assertive about what you want, but not aggressive

    • Plan activities - make sure you feel OK about this - If you feel you have been dragged along you are more likely to be resentful

    • Christmas is a time to look for the best in family and friends - Look and speak to the very best in them

    The holiday season ups and downs








    Benefits of good management good stress
    Benefits of Good Management (Good Stress)

    • Improved mood

    • Better health

    • Good social networks

    • Improved sense of control

    • Knowing my priorities

    • Happier, more relaxed

    • Nicer person to be with!!

    • Fun!!!

    • Striving – having goals – and Happier Holidays

    General tips that i can do today
    General Tips that I can do today?

    • Confront a long-overdue job

    • Ask for help - offer my help

    • Accept support from others

    • Examine demands upon you - Say Yes : Say NO

    • Be decisive

    • Count the positives not the negatives

    • Take time out - meaningful leisure

    • Think positively but realistically

    • Eat well, relax, exercise sleep enough, smoke & drink less

    • Change my way of thinking - evaluate importance

    • Remain focused on the issue NOT the person


    Hug a friend

    The holiday season ups and downs

    Positive approach

    - dealing with the problem

    the Hardy personality?

    Mastery over stress

    Using stressors (not stress) to achieve

    What about the 6 C’s to equal the 7th C



    Commitment taking CHARGE




    The holiday season ups and downs

    It’s up to me!I can change my thoughts, behaviour, actions Communicate - with myself- with family and others- with the organisationCampaign to change the problemrather than complain about the problemChoose to change not avoidI can

    Well! Most of the time anyway

    The holiday season ups and downs

    Let’s all take up the ChallengeAppraise what we currently do / do not doUse our resources - AND – share Stop AvoidingWe are responsible for ourselves(and our Christmas/Holidays)

    It s about
    It’s about….

    Balance ……….

    in your life

    in your negotiations


    Selfish Vs Unselfish – in self and others

    The holiday season ups and downs

    Thank you for listening

    Just remember – Santa relieves his stress by an

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Laughter really is good

    The holiday season ups and downs

    Happy Holidays

    and Good Health