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  1. Links Up to Ten • • •

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  3. Links • Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island •"A Shipwrecked bunny is taken to Easter Island, the home of candy producing plants and tasty reefs. With the help of island and ocean creatures, the newly created Easter Bunny brings the joy of Spring and Rebirth to all the little hands on Earth."  • Amazing Adventures • about June the Prune, a little girl who loves her bathtub, and Blossom's Tail, a story about a squirrel. There are also activities like coloring pages to accompany June the Prune.  • Ant Bee's Childrens' Books and Stories • the stories of Silly Willy, Herman the Hippo, and more! You'll like the illustrations (pictures) too! • Bedtime Stories • you like to hear or read a story before you go to bed? This site has lots of short stories about animals or adventures or make-believe. These stories are such fun, you might not want to wait until bedtime. Read them yourself or ask a grown-up to read to you. • Boowa and Kwala •"A fun story, sing-song children's music plus mazes, coloring games, guessing games and more for kindergarteners and preschoolers. Cartoons and interactivity with Macromedia Flash." 

  4. Links • Buckle Up, Teddy •,1162,3741,00.htmlRead this story about Elmo and his teddy monster. • Charlotte's Web • Taverna's second grade class in Sleepy Hollow, New York presents this great site of information about E.B. White's classic story. Here you'll find chapter summaries, fun quizzes, crossword puzzles, and drawings of everyone's favorite pig. There is also a page of teacher resources. • Children's Storybooks Online • a few short illustrated stories here. Some stories include sound, animation or even fun activities to do.  • Elmo Minds the Farm • you can read about Elmo online!  • Fletcher Hill: The Place for Imagination • fun stories such as "The Magic Basket and Jar" and "The Blue Lined Socks", and also do some fun activities. • High Noon •,1162,2320,00.htmlFind out what happens when Telly Monster deals with a bully. • Jimmy and the Golden Gate • picture book is about a little boy named Jimmy and his interest in the Golden Gate Bridge. • John and El's Bear Time •"Follow the adventures of two traveling teddy bears, John and El! The site features illustrated stories and songs, as well as coloring pages to print out, picture book reviews, and a section where kids can share their own stories and artwork. The text is big and easy to read, the pictures are bold and bright, and the bears are just adorable!"

  5. Links • Kids' Corner Featuring Beatrix Potter • can read Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin, Jeremy Fisher and more of your favorite Beatrix Potter stories online.  • Lil' Fingers •"Lil' Fingers storybooks is a computer storybook site for toddlers. Parents and children are encouraged to click from page to page reading and looking at colorful drawings (some of them even move!)." • Marilee's Picturebook Links • loves picturebooks and offers a collection of links that is divided up into the following categories: Sites You'll Love, Author / Illustrator Links, Multi-Author Links, Recommended Books Lists, and Online Picturebooks. • Night of the Moonjellies •"Seven-year-old Mark helps his grandmother and other family members run their seaside hot dog stand and then has a surprise at the end of the day."  • The North Star •"Get ready for a very special story." Choose a character and follow him/her through a journey. You can choose to have the book read to you as well. • The Official Berenstain Bears' Website • bear country! Read stories, play games, and color pictures with the Berenstain Bears.

  6. Links • Room 108 • animated stories with sound effects, try some unusual math problems, play games, or sing songs. • Story Hour • an original story or listen to one narrated to you. Some stories are even written by kids!Story Place • is an interactive web site, providing children with animated stories about monkeys, babies, animals, teddy bears, and more. • Storybook Library • for kids written by kids! A school in Alaska has assembled a great collection of stories for you to read.StoryBox •, illustrated stories and activities for kids. • Storyville • are 10 great stories to read here. You can choose to read them yourself, or have them read out loud to you. The illustrations are funny!The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter • the classic story of a young rabbit, complete with the original illustrations.

  7. Links • Thanks for the Memories •,1162,2514,00.htmlGather 'round the campfire with Forgetful Jones as he tells you a story about his day.Virtual Church Kids! • site has illustrated Bible stories like David and Goliath or Noah's Ark. There are pictures to print out and color. Kids can meet other kids here and find links to other sites, too.Walter the Trolley • Walter the Trolley too slow? Find out in this children's book. • Wear Your Helmet, Teddy •,1162,3791,00.htmlRide along with Elmo and Teddy to the park. • The Wizard of Oz • is a retelling of the Wizard of Oz, written and illustrated by some elementary kids in Tempe, Arizona. • The Yucky Letter M •,1162,2760,00.htmlLearn about the letter M with Prairie Dawn.  • Zoo Who? •,1162,2621,00.htmlBetty Lou finds out what new animal Dr. Price discovered.