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Weekly Newsletter: March 10 th – March 14 th PowerPoint Presentation
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Weekly Newsletter: March 10 th – March 14 th

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Weekly Newsletter: March 10 th – March 14 th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name: _______________________. Weekly Newsletter: March 10 th – March 14 th. Week at a Glance. Spelling Pattern Words. Individual Sight Words. Pattern: Glued Sounds. -ank rank sank thank. -ink pink sink think. -unk hunk bunk chunk. Weekly Vocabulary Words Read Aloud:

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Name: _______________________

Weekly Newsletter: March 10th – March 14th

Week at a Glance

Spelling Pattern Words


Sight Words

Pattern: Glued Sounds













Weekly Vocabulary Words

Read Aloud:

No vocabulary this week.


Comprehension Focus:

Retell the stories you read to someone in your family.

Remember: You can take A.R. quizzes at school for stories you read at home! Just write down the title or quiz number (you can find the quiz number on

parent information
Parent Information

Greetings Parents!

We have our Dolphin Dash this Wednesday here at school. If you haven’t logged in yet to the APEX website, please make sure you do! 10% of what our class raises will be given directly back to our class to use for new materials! It’s a great reason to donate.

Living the Dolphin Way

Living the Dolphin way is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Thank you for helping your child live the Dolphin Way at home and at school!

Thank You!

Thank you to the Khwaja family for donating Clorox wipes!

Wish List:

We are in need of the following items –

*Erasers (not pencil toppers)

*Jog-A-Thon sponsors!

Important Dates and Reminders:

3/12: LCM Jog-A-Thon

3/14, 3/21: Friday Flag

3/21: Report cards sent home

3/21: Movie Night

3/27: Open House

3/31-4/4: Spring Break

Learning Goals:

Word Work: Students will learn more about glued sounds this week. These are difficult to decode because the vowels do not make their “usual” sounds. Please see the front of the newsletter for examples.

Reading: Students will practice retelling the stories they read using the setting, character, beginning, middle, and end.

Math: Students will continue to build numbers. This week, we will focus on patterns in numbers, and identify ten more and ten less than a given number.

Writing: Students will learn the structure of a narrative paragraph. We will write a narrative together about a shared experience.

Social Studies: Students will continue to learn about significant figures in America’s history.

Science: Students will research and share information about habitats across the globe. Each student will focus on researching one animal from a particular habitat.