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Moot Court

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Moot Court. Sullivan v Florida. What is a Moot Court. It is an reenactment of an argument before an appellate court, the Supreme Court. Justices Job Description. Review the case and think of questions to ask the attorneys (six for each side)

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moot court

Moot Court

Sullivan v Florida

what is a moot court
What is a Moot Court
  • It is an reenactment of an argument before an appellate court, the Supreme Court
justices job description
Justices Job Description
  • Review the case and think of questions to ask the attorneys (six for each side)
  • Select a student to serve as Chief Justice. He or she will be in charge of the hearing and will call on the attorneys to present their arguments
  • Listen carefully to the arguments and ask questions whenever you like
Discuss the case with the other justices and decide whether you think there has been an Eight Amendment cruel and unusual punishment violation.
  • You do not all have to agree. The decision will be based on the majority vote. There will probably be dissenting opinions
  • Write a detailed opinion
who should be a justice
Who should be a justice?
  • People not afraid to get into a constitutional debate
  • You must be actively talking throughout the whole process
  • Someone who is comfortable asking questions
  • Someone who is willing to analyze the case more than just a once-over.
attorney job description
Attorney Job Description
  • Attorney for Sullivan (there is an 8th Amendment violation. Juveniles should not get LWOP)
  • Attorney for Florida (there is no 8th Amendment violation. Juveniles who commit heinous crimes deserve such punishment)
“May it please the court. My name is __________and I represent the _______________in this case”
  • “Today’s case involves..” (summarize the facts of the case that benefit your side. Discuss the specific issue that is before the Court. Remember the facts of the case are generally not in dispute as they have already been decided at the lower court.
“I would like to begin with……” (Present the arguments: focus on relevant facts concerning the issue. Include the law/constitution and relevant cases. Explain why the case(s) is relevant. Remember to discuss the opposing sides’ strongest arguments, explaining why their arguments are not relevant.
Be prepared to stop when a justice asks a question. Continue presenting your case until the next question is asked. Try to conclude your argument by restating the action you would like the court to take.
who should be an attorney
Who should be an attorney
  • Anyone – there are safe roles. You can read the facts of the case. You can discuss how the constitution applies to your case. Those can all be planned out ahead of time
  • People who are good arguers.
journalist job description
Journalist Job Description
  • Listen to the preparation of the petitioners and respondents. Take notes on the most compelling statements or arguments (do not disturb their discussion as you move between the groups; you are just observing.
  • Attend the hearing (moot court) and take notes. After the hearing you must interview one justice and an attorney from both sides.
  • Write a newspaper article about the case and the court’s decision. It must look professional (Microsoft Publisher). Needs a title and graphics
who should be a journalist
Who should be a journalist?
  • Those more comfortable writing than speaking
Please rank the following options according to your preference – 1 means you want that role and a 4 means you don’t want that role. Please give me an explanation, so I can better fit you to the correct role.
  • ______Supreme Court Justice
  • ______Attorney for Sullivan (juveniles SHOULD NOT get LWOP)
  • _____Attorney for Florida (Juveniles can get LWOP)
  • _____Journalist