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Call Center Software | Dialer Software | Vert Age Dialer PowerPoint Presentation
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Call Center Software | Dialer Software | Vert Age Dialer

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Call Center Software | Dialer Software | Vert Age Dialer
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Call Center Software | Dialer Software | Vert Age Dialer

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  1. CALL CENTER SOFTWARE Vert-Age Dialer B-45, 3rd Floor, Sec-64, Noida-201301 www.vert-age.com0120-4349743/

  2. INTRODUCTION: Call center is also known as customer interaction center. It is a place which is totally engaged in receiving and transmitting a large number of information, supports and inquiries from customers through telephone. In the present situation call centers are developed by rapid speed, it’s become an important component in modern enterprises or companies. It has been used in public securities, Telecommunications, services, telephone marketing and operational efficiency. The software’s that uses in the various call centers should be opposite to the various calls: easy to understand, easy to work correctly.

  3. MEANING: Call center is customer relationship management software, also called as a Call Center CRM. these software solutions that help call center agents access the right information and knowledge about a customer history and improve the customer experiences.

  4. DEFINITION: • A call center softwareis a centralized office that is handle large amount of customer telephone requests for an organization. Call centers are always welcoming the new employees and handle the all types of communication people. Call centers provides the ample space and large number of employees which are typically referred as ‘’call agents’’. • Various large organizations may choose the out sources of their call center services, will able to provide the systems and trained workforce to provide best quality services to all the customers.


  6. FEATURES OF CALL CENTRES SOFTWARES: • Telephony: Call center software are nothing without the telephones. It helps for two or more people two communicate. Mostly each and every call centers have their own telephony because of let customers bring their own. • Interactive voice response: This is mostly common and important feature. It is the telephony menu system that identifies, routs callers to the most appropriate agent, department. The IVRs great for call centers that have unique teams for different call types.

  7. FEATURES OF CALL CENTRES SOFTWARES: • Skills-based routing: It sends the various calls to specific agents, departments, based on customized rules. It is an excellent way to ensure that callers are routed to the agent who is mostly qualified to satisfy their needs. • Call recording: It is one of the call center software feature, records and saves the all calls so they can be played at a later time. This is helpful to the managers to identify the performance of the agents.

  8. STEPS FOR IMPROVING THE CALL CENTRE PERFORMANCE: • Performance indicator and setting goals: Setting your performance indicators should be a priority from the among When you understanding the overall goals of an organization from there we can start the indicators. • Time saving, efficiency: Every organization adopts the various software’s that helps to same time or boost the efficiency of your work force. • Main focus on people: Remember that at the core of the call center business tool is people. Happy customer service agents will be better at achieving customer satisfaction.

  9. CONCLUSION: Call center software’s would be best served by doing in-depth evaluation of their business; it needs to achieve the goals, objectives of the business. The use of tele- communication sales, access to information that is speedy, efficient, and reliable. The problems send, they analyze the problems and give the best solution. Every call centers provided the various services in 24 hours. The services provide personal, informed guidance and support to customers, available any time they need it. The call centers manned by capable employees has helped and improve its services is a critical factor in determine the customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.