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4 tips for outdoor holiday lighting n.
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4 Tips For Outdoor Holiday Lighting PowerPoint Presentation
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4 Tips For Outdoor Holiday Lighting

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4 Tips For Outdoor Holiday Lighting
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4 Tips For Outdoor Holiday Lighting

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  1. 4 Tips for Outdoor Holiday Lighting

  2. Greet your guests with the festive spirit by adding lights to your outdoors. In addition, outdoor lighting lets you take advantage of your exterior spaces after dark and adds value to your home. That said, choosing the right lights for your house can be a challenge at this time of year. Vernon Daniel Associates offers a variety of residential exterior lighting for a truly magical holiday season. In this post, we list four outdoor lighting tips to transform your yard into an amazing paradise with all kinds of lights.

  3. 1. Get the Right Lighting String lights remain a popular choice, but it pays to know exactly what you want before heading to the store. LED lights are pricier than incandescent bulbs, but can last longer. These also tend to have more lights per string, which offsets any loss in brightness. Consider also the size of the bulbs. Large C7 or C9 bulbs make a better match for a big bushy tree, than strands of mini bulbs, which can appear too small among the branches.

  4. 2. Choose the Lighting Color Decide what mood you want to create with your lighting display. Clear lights stand out in most landscapes, while colored lights add an eccentric touch. You also need to be mindful of the color of the cord when selecting your holiday lighting. Use green for bushes, wreaths, and garlands; brown for grapevine accents; and white for the gutters. Apply this rule to the extension cords as well.

  5. 3. Check the Power Wattage When it comes to outdoor holiday décor, you can never have too many lights. Nevertheless, you should also always check your power wattage, to keep in line with safety measures. In addition, it will help you prepare for the potential rise in your utility bills.

  6. 4. Call in the Pros In many instances, having great holiday lighting means getting help from the pros. This is especially true if you plan to hang lights on your roof but do not have much roofing experience. As one of the leading landscape lighting companies, Vernon Daniel Associates will deliver brilliant results to your property.

  7. We work closely with you to determine your needs and align them with your budget. Contact us today by calling (866) 304-3002 or completing our consultation request form. We have the skills and expertise to deliver on the exterior lighting solutions that you need.