school nutrition is it failing n.
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School Nutrition : Is It Failing? PowerPoint Presentation
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School Nutrition : Is It Failing?

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School Nutrition : Is It Failing? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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School Nutrition : Is It Failing?. Barbara Guo Deborah Kwon. Summary: Basic Facts on Health. Health is no longer emphasized in school policies In today’s society Obesity and Eating disorders are common hazards In the year 2005 alone there were 25,814 health related deaths

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school nutrition is it failing

School Nutrition : Is It Failing?

Barbara Guo

Deborah Kwon

summary basic facts on health
Summary: Basic Facts on Health
  • Health is no longer emphasized in school policies
  • In today’s society Obesity and Eating disorders are common hazards
  • In the year 2005 alone there were 25,814 health related deaths
  • Obesity is now a national issue.
  • The United States is a very “fat” nation.
  • Healthy life-styles are beneficial in the long-run.
    • A prolonged Life
    • Both physical and mental stability increases
    • Jobs, Friends, Spouses, have a common ground of intelligence
introduction to school nutrition
Introduction: To School Nutrition
  • Due to high rates of obesity among teenagers, nutrition is now an important focus in schools.
  • To promote good eating habits, both parents and schools should take part in the responsibility.
  • First Five commercials show the danger of eating unhealthy and ask parents to enforce better eating habits.
    • Many parents allow their children to eat sugar products at a young age.
    • Leads to an addiction or dependency on those products to stay “happy”
what garfield school already has
What Garfield School Already Has?
  • Vending Machines follow the C.A standards of containing no soda products
  • Vegetable gardens are grown and harvested from, for students to receive rich fiber and nutrients (donated from Home Depot)
  • Physical Fitness tests are required to measure there fitness level.
  • Extensive cafeteria menus are offered
    • A variety of food groups are presented to the students
discussion why
Discussion: Why?
  • Within the Garfield Elementary School…
    • Met with Dr. George Jaeger; tours and explanations on different programs and events were given personally.
    • Surveys and interviews were given out and questioned personally.
  • Article “Helping Schoolchildren Make the Grade in Nutrition”
  • One on one interviews with students brought a much more wider perspective on health.
  • Graphs made an exceptional visual in seeing the results of the students’ point of view.




conclusion what to do next
Conclusion: What to do next?
  • Health is an issue that needs to be nurtured long while the child is still growing and learning
  • Due to obesity and Health problems, diseases and poor health are a common factor.
  • Money is less consumed when the population learns to take care of itself by leading a healthy lifestyle
  • There are many influences that can inspire a child to eat healthier.
  • Nutrition is the key to success.
recommendations and action
Recommendations: And…ACTION!
  • Posters advertise a colorful and attractive way in eating healthier.
    • Fun and interesting slogans can actually help students remember to eat well
  • “Cultural Good Day”; a day where games and activities are made to encourage and bring a energetic feel to nutritious eating habits.
  • G.E.S may host an informative night to help both students and parents to gain an insightful idea on eating right.
for more information
For more information…
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