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Poster Format and Design

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Poster Format and Design. Dr. Rose Utley. Display Formats and Materials. Wall or Tri-pod Mounted Laminated Scroll Sectional Tri-fold For Table Top or Free Standing Display. Flow of Information on a Tri-fold Research Poster. Generally reads left to right Top to bottom.

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display formats and materials
Display Formats and Materials
  • Wall or Tri-pod Mounted
    • Laminated Scroll
    • Sectional
  • Tri-fold
    • For Table Top

or Free Standing Display

flow of information on a tri fold research poster
Flow of Informationon a Tri-fold Research Poster
  • Generally reads left to right
  • Top to bottom




Search Profile







example poster layout
Example: Poster Layout


Author, Credentials, Faculty, Institution






Literature Search



Implications for Nursing

design and display guidelines
Design and Display Guidelines
  • Make the text big
  • Keep the wording simple
  • Make it clear
  • Make it colorful
  • Give it a consistent look
    • Subheading and text fonts same size
    • Consistent boarders and line spacing
    • Use consistent bulleting throughout
text size
Text Size
  • Titles and subheadings at least 1½ inches high
  • Text at least 1/2 inch high
  • Should be able to view from 2 feet or more
font type
Font Type
  • Use easy to read fonts
    • Arial, Times New Roman, Courier
  • Avoid using All UPPER CASE LETTERS
    • A Mixture of Upper and Lower Case is Easier to Read
    • Avoid Italics or script fonts
amount of text
Amount of Text
  • 6 x 6 rule
    • Up to 6 words per line
    • Up to 6 lines per section
  • Use Phrases, not sentences
    • If you have to use a period, you wrote too much.
visual appeal
Visual Appeal
  • Use appropriate contrasting color for framing and bulleting text
  • Use dark bold text on a light background and visa versa
  • Use at least one Graphic, Chart, or Diagram
  • Borders help organize and add visual interest
  • Vary the size of sections for grater visual appeal
  • Effective Presentations homepage
  • How to Make a Great Poster

  • Poster Presentation of Research Work - tips and guidelines