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Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou

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  1. Maya Angelou By: Analise Tobias

  2. St. Louis Missouri was the place where Maya Angelou was born. Maya Angelou parents split up when she was born. Maya Angelou thought she couldn’t take care of young one’s. The mom put name tags on Maya Angelou wrist. The tag on her wrist had the name Marguerite Johnson.

  3. Maya Angelou had daily chores to do. She had to feed the pigs. She had to feed the pigs corn and sour mash. She had to work in a store. Maya Angelou was a waitress.

  4. Maya gave a try of the entertainment. Maya Angelou trained for natural talent. It was rough at first. It was life of late hours. Maya Angelou picked a stage name for the talent show.

  5. Maya Angelou was the first African American conductorette in San Francisco. She became a hard working girl. She was in the conductorette streetcar. She wore a crisp navy blue pants and shirt. She also had a change bucket attached to her belt.

  6. Maya Angelou was having a baby. She the baby dad did not get married. A few months later her son was born. The baby name was Clyde Bailey Jonhson.

  7. Maya Angelou got a job as a writer. Some famous writers go to New York and live there. She became someone important in the Harlem Writers Giud in New York. People in her group together and read other writings. They were good .

  8. When she first moved to Stamps. She thought it was tiny. Also she thought it a was drag place. She had friends who wanted to here her stories.

  9. She invented to change there last name. It fit her good. It was new. She had a show biz. She had a new last name for the show biz.

  10. She had made a book. It was called Why the cage bird sings. She became famous. It talked about her childhood. she made it in to a script.

  11. In maya was on pulse of morning. She speaks for people. Also she talked about backgrounds. She had some dark moments.