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Establishment of a Travel Agency

Establishment of a Travel Agency. What is a Travel Agency?. Sales office that sells to customers many of the various components of travel (transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, car rentals, etc.) Items are offered to the agent by travel suppliers in return for a commission.

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Establishment of a Travel Agency

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  1. Establishment of a Travel Agency

  2. What is a Travel Agency? • Sales office that sells to customers many of the various components of travel (transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, car rentals, etc.) • Items are offered to the agent by travel suppliers in return for a commission

  3. What is a Travel Agency? Service business and relies on the following factors for its success: • Travel agency reputation: word of mouth advertising • Conventional advertising: radio, television, direct mail, newspaper ads • Repeat clients

  4. What is a Travel Agency? • Convenience of location/hours: the agency may be selected because it is located close to the client’s home or business, or its hours of operation may be very convenient for the client. Travel decisions are often made in the evening or on weekends, therefore location of the travel agency is very important

  5. What is a Travel Agency? • Without a travel agent, thousands of suppliers would need their own sales representatives and staff to get the attention of potential travelers for direct bookings

  6. What is a Travel Agency? Some reasons customers preferred to use travel agents :- • Helps to get the value for money • Assures the highest quality accommodation and other services • Provides objective opinions

  7. What is a Travel Agency? • Ensure a trouble free trip ( by dealing with reputable suppliers and by anticipating problems so that they can be resolved before departure) • Provides someone to call for when things go wrong

  8. The travel consultant’s role Parts of the travel consultant’s normal responsibilities :- • Operating office equipment including postage stamps, copiers and reservations and ticketing equipment • Composing letters, assembly and storage/retrieval of client’s files

  9. The travel consultant’s role • Familiarity with Bank Settlement Plan (BSP) requirements and completion of all reports • Knowledge of geography and ability to read maps and atlases • Product knowledge and keeping up to date on travel industry manuals and brochures

  10. The travel consultant’s role • Counselling and selling skills • Telephone skills • Coping with client’s complaints • Research skills on destinations • Knowledge of ticketing and fares rules and forms

  11. The travel consultant’s role Main tasks of a travel consultant • Consulting/customer service 38% • Sales 27% • Processing document/reservation/ ticketing 24% • Marketing 3% • Management 3%

  12. The travel consultant’s role • Training 2% • Other 3%

  13. The Travel Distribution System • Provides a framework in which the various components of the industry • Tourist is serviced by the travel agency that, in turn, is serviced by the tour operator and other travel suppliers.

  14. The Travel Distribution System • Tour Operator/Travel Supplier – The Travel Agency - Tourist

  15. The Travel Distribution System 1) Transportation • Scheduled/National airlines e.g. Singapore Airlines • Charter/Domestic airlines e.g. Silkair • Railways e.g. Euro rail; Orient Express • Bus companies e.g. Greyhound, Grassland, Sri Maju • Car Rental companies e.g. Hertz, Avis

  16. The Travel Distribution System • Accommodation • Hotel e.g. Hilton, Hyatt • Resort e.g. Bangkok Resorts & Spas

  17. The Travel Distribution System • Tours • Package Tour Operator (GIT) e.g. Chan Brothers Travel, CTC, SA(UIC) • Independent Tours (FIT) e.g. Royal Orchid Holidays • Cruise Lines e.g. Star Cruise

  18. The Travel Distribution System • Other Suppliers • Travel Insurance e.g. AIA Insurance, AIG, NTUC • Attractions e.g. Singapore Zoological Garden

  19. The Travel Distribution System • Miscellaneous a) Tourism Board :- Singapore Tourism Board, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

  20. Spore’s Travel Agent Handbook Addresses questions frequently asked in relation to the conduct of an existing and new travel agent business. It includes the following :- • licensing requirements and duties of a travel agent. • Speedy reference guide

  21. Spore’s Travel Agent Handbook • Relevant legislation governing the business of a travel agent in Singapore • use of the Travel Related Users’ System as an electronic means for compliance with some licensing requirements.

  22. Registration of a Travel Agency Requirements for all applicants :- • a) Registration of Company • b) The Paid-Up Capital • c) Key Executive • d) Travel Related Users’ System (TRUST) & the Internet E-mail Address • e) Office Space and Signboard

  23. Registration of a Travel Agency • Using HDB residential flats or private residential property as offices are required to seek approval from Housing Development Board (HDB) or Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) respectively

  24. Travel Related Users' System (TRUST) • Up-to-date information on all licensed travel agents in Singapore, read notices, circulars or press releases by Singapore Tourism Board on the Bulletin Board. • Access information on upcoming overseas or local trade or consumer events as well as festivals in Singapore.

  25. Travel Related Users' System (TRUST) • If you are a licensed travel agent, you can update your company's record instantaneously and even submit your license renewal online! • All these are possible here at TRUST - a one-stop licensing website for all travel agents in Singapore.

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