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Creating An Alumni Leadership Circle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating An Alumni Leadership Circle . ‘Bridging the Gap’. Alumni Leadership Circle (ALC) History . Founded in 2005 with the help of 5 alumni & two inspired educators: - Ann Fields and Bea Cassidy

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Creating an alumni leadership circle
Creating An Alumni Leadership Circle

‘Bridging the Gap’

Alumni leadership circle alc history
Alumni Leadership Circle (ALC) History

  • Founded in 2005 with the help of 5 alumni & two inspired educators:

    - Ann Fields and Bea Cassidy

  • Alumni met to discuss forming a group that would link the academy, industry, and alumni together

  • Alumni volunteered their time to meet and form the ALC.

  • ALC has about 70+ alumni in current database









Who is involved in creating an ALC?





What is involved in creating an ALC?

  • Time & Commitment

  • Volunteering

  • Leadership

  • Industry support


When is the right time to create an ALC?

  • As soon as a group of committed alumni can be located.

  • NOW!!


Where do you begin creating an ALC?

  • No specific location

  • Utilize all resources

    - Local schools

    - Industry sites

    - Personal homes




Why is creating an ALC important?

  • Supports the academy curriculum

    - Sustains industry standards

    - Guest Speakers speak about industry

    - Mentors provide guidance for students

  • Motivates all involved to contribute to

    continued success

Why continued
Why? (continued)

  • Promotes community involvement

    (building strong local communities)

  • Serves as an outlet for alumni to excel both

    professionally and personally


How do you actually create an ALC?

5 Steps

Step 1: Solicit former students who have completed the

academy program

- Different schools (all in same area)

example: 4 different schools represented

Step 2: Make Contact/Establish a rapport & arrange a

‘Meeting of the Minds’

- highlight the primary goal to create a group of

alumni to enhance the academy

How continued
How? (continued)

Step 3: Establish a structure

(officers, core group, leaders)

- Success has been partially due to

their being no officers (we all act as

officers/lead council)

- Consider a Group Advisor who

provides needed support and focus

How continued1
How? (continued)

Step 4: Official Launch

- Seek industry support to arrange an

Official Launch event

- Locate alumni for launch event

examples: Miami Seaquarium &

Four Seasons Hotel - Miami

How continued2
How? (continued)

Step 5: ALC has been formed

- Involvement in industry events

- Student conference

- Advisory Board

- Presentations at schools

- Volunteer at academy events

* Around the World Dinner

* Tourism Professional of the Year

Bridging the gap
‘ Bridging the Gap’


ALC’s Central Theme

Bridging the gap1
‘Bridging the Gap’


  • Students explore their academy

  • Learn about industry (internship & behind

    the scenes exposure)

  • Graduated from the academy

Bridging the gap2
‘Bridging the Gap’


  • Provides support (professional & financial)

  • Partnership with academy

    - Planning

    - Execution

    - Advisory Board Members

Bridging the gap3
‘Bridging the Gap’


  • Completed the academy

  • Working in the industry

  • Links the ACADEMY & INDUSTRY together

  • Best marketing tool for the ACADEMY & INDUSTRY

  • Represents the BRIDGE in ‘Bridging the Gap’

Alc goals
ALC Goals

  • Focus on life after the academy

  • Getting Alumni involved with industry events

  • Helping future academy graduates

  • Increased networking opportunities

  • Motivate educators, industry, & alumni by

    focusing on how important everyone’s role in

    the academy is.

When are you going to start your alumni leadership circle in your city
When are you going to start your Alumni Leadership Circle in your city?