epitaphs and funerary art n.
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Epitaphs and Funerary Art

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Epitaphs and Funerary Art - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Epitaphs and Funerary Art. What will they say about us when we are dead?. Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang. Terracotta Army of Qin Shi Huang. Mausoleum of Augustus. Photo from livius.org. Mausoleum of Hadrian. Roman sarcophagus with married couple.

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epitaphs and funerary art

Epitaphs and Funerary Art

What will they say about us when we are dead?

mausoleum of augustus
Mausoleum of Augustus

Photo from livius.org

roman sarcophagus with married couple
Roman sarcophagus with married couple

The couple are clasping right hands (dextrarum iunctio) with Cupid holding a wedding torch.Munich, Glyptothek. Credits: Barbara McManus, 1988

cinerary urn
cinerary urn

name of dead woman is Thana Ancarui Thelesa; Etruscan, 150-100 BCELondon, British Museum. Credits: Barbara McManus, 1999

sarcophagus of male child with relief of prometheus story
sarcophagus of male child with relief of Prometheus story

Roman, third century CECapitoline museum, Rome. Credits: Barbara McManus, 1979

sarcophagus of the magnate
Sarcophagus of "the Magnate"

Tarquinia. Credits: Susan Bonvallet, 1994

sarcophagus of the married couple
Sarcophagus of the Married Couple

Photos from http://www.ou.edu/class/ahi4163/files/main.html

sarcophagus of the married couple1
Sarcophagus of the Married Couple

Photos from http://www.ou.edu/class/ahi4163/files/main.html

epitaphs at the capitoline museum
Epitaphs at the Capitoline Museum

Bill Thayer’s “Lacus Curtius”

l avillus dionysius horse trainer
L. Avillus Dionysius, horse trainer


Photo and translation from Lacus Curtius

numerius quinctius an actor
Numerius Quinctius, an actor


Photo and translation from Lacus Curtius

epitaphs a
Epitaphs A
  • sumusmortales, immortales non sumus
  • nihilsumus et fuimusmortales. respice, lector, in nihilab nihilo quam citorecidimus.
epitaph b
Epitaph B
  • T. Cissonius, Quintifilius, Sergianus, veteranuslegionisquintaeGallicae. Dum vixi, bibilibenter. Bibitevos qui vivitis.
epitaphs c
Epitaphs C
  • virumexpectomeum.
  • sustineo in aeternotoroadventumtuum.
epitaphs d
Epitaphs D
  • rogote, viator, monumentohuic nil male feceris.
  • ne quis hic urinamfaciat.
  • quod feceris et tibialiusfaciet.
epitaphs e
Epitaphs E
  • hic sitaestAmymone Marci optima et pulcherrimalanificapiapudicafrugaliscastadomiseda
  • hic iacetHelpidiusfatisextinctusiniquisegregiusiuvenis, causarum orator honestus. qui vixitannos XX.
epitaphs f
Epitaphs F
  • stans exit.
  • D(is) m(anibus) et memoriaeaetern(ae). L(uci) SecundiOctavi, Treveri, acerbissimamortedefuncti, qui cum ex incendioseminuduseffugisset, posthabitacurasalutis, dumaliquit e flammiseripereconatur, ruinaparietisoppressusnaturaesocialemspiritumcorpusqueoriginireddidit…
epitaphs g
Epitaphs G
  • paterfilio quod filiuspatrifaceredebuerat.
  • t(u) m(ihi) d(ebueras) f(acere), n(on) ego tibi.
epitaph h
Epitaph H
  • quod tues ego fui, quod nunc sum et tueris.
your turn
Your turn!
  • “Hic iacetMagistra, in ludoextincta, docta, amata, beata. Viator, disce et sape!”
  • Epitaph Worksheet: Fill in the blanks following steps 1-4.
  • Show worksheet to teacher for approval.
  • When approved, design a construction paper tombstone with your epitaph.