Immineo stage 34 vocab
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Immineo (Stage 34 vocaB ). Auctor , auctoris , m. And now they’re millionaires…. Creator, originator. Me auctore. “I suggest we all take a swig of this!!”. At my suggestion. Damno , damnare , damnavi , damnatus. “Thou shalt trek me around Vegas in drunken stupor.”. condemn. dum.

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Immineo stage 34 vocab

Immineo(Stage 34 vocaB)

Auctor auctoris m
Auctor, auctoris, m.

  • And now they’re millionaires…..

Me auctore
Me auctore

  • “I suggest we all take a swig of this!!”

Damno damnare damnavi damnatus
Damno, damnare, damnavi, damnatus

  • “Thou shalt trek me around Vegas in drunken stupor.”

Immineo stage 34 vocab

  • So while they were sleeping….

While until
While, until

Extinguo extinguere extinxi exstinctus
Extinguo, extinguere, extinxi, exstinctus

  • “Put it out!! Don’t eat the Marshmellows!”

Gaudiu m gaudii n
gaudiu,m, gaudii, n.

Immineo stage 34 vocab

  • Not happy…..

Immineo imminere imminui dat
Immineo, imminere, imminui (+DAT)

Indicium indicii n
indicium, indicii, n.

  • Its alllllways left behind at the scene of a crime….Oh my gosh that rhymed…

Immineo stage 34 vocab

  • Just…!!!!

Obviam eo obviam ire obviam ii dat
obviameo, obviam ire, obviam ii (+DAT)

  • “Hello Fate.”

Pendeo pendere pependi
Pendeo, pendere, pependi


  • You know whats coming next…


  • Minus the “cry”


NOTE: There are so many flipping words in this stage that just DON’T have the possibility of having a spiffy picture with them. So I’m probably just going to start throwing in pictures of kittens or asian babies.

As if
As if

  • As if this stage had words worthy of pictures.


  • From what I’ve heard, its actually a pretty nifty game….

Ultio ultionis f
ultio, ultionis, f.

  • Lesson: Do NOT put crazy asians in trunks

Immineo stage 34 vocab

  • I told you I would.

Vestimenta vestimentorum n pl
Vestimenta, vestimentorum, n. pl.

  • (boring pictures)

Depondent verbs
Depondent verbs

Adipiscor adipisci adeptus sum
Adipiscor, adipisci, adeptus sum

Amplector amplecti amplexus sum
Amplector, amplecti, amplexus sum

Comitor comitari comitatus sum
Comitor, comitari, comitatus sum

Conor conari conatus sum
Conor, conari, conatus sum

  • Trying something new.

Conspicor conspicari conspicatus sum
Conspicor, conspicari, conspicatus sum

  • Oh no, they were caught!

Egredior egredi egressus sum
Egredior, egredi, egressus sum

  • Oh crap, catch him before he’s gone.

Hortor hortari hortatus sum
Hortor, hortari, hortatus sum

Ingredior ingredi ingressus sum
Ingredior, ingredi, ingressus sum

Loquor loqui locutus sum
Loquor, loqui, locutus sum

  • You talk, you die.

Morior mori mortuus sum
Morior, mori, mortuus sum

Nascor nasci natus sum
Nascor, nasci, natus sum

Patior pati passus sum
Patior, pati, passus sum

Precor precari precatus sum
Precor, precari, precatus sum

Profiscor profisci profectus sum
Profiscor, profisci, profectus sum

Regredior regredi regressus sum
Regredior, regredi, regressus sum

Revertor reverti reversus sum
Revertor, reverti, reversus sum

  • Turn back…OR ELSE!

Sequor sequi secutus sum
Sequor, sequi, secutus sum

  • Follow the monkey 