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AVL Solution Fleet Management GPS Tracking system PowerPoint Presentation
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AVL Solution Fleet Management GPS Tracking system

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AVL Solution Fleet Management GPS Tracking system
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AVL Solution Fleet Management GPS Tracking system

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  1. AVL Solution Fleet Management GPS Tracking system

  2. CONTENTS • Introduction to UTIS • AVL & Tracking Service • Tracker Device • Fleet Management Application

  3. Introduction

  4. Introduction to UTIS UTIS UTIS is the distributer of SeQureME which is partner for several International companies that specialized in Automatic Vehicle Location(AVL) and Global Positioning System (GPS) services. We are specialized in Asset Protection and Management in the Telematics and GPS Tracking system solutions. We offer tracking solutions for financial institutions, car rental companies, companies with large fleets as well as for individuals looking to monitor their own mini fleets whether for the protection of the asset or the actual family.

  5. Introduction to UTIS Why UTIS? • Our partners are reliable and have been in the industry for over 15 years with a proven tracking records. • The software we use is user-friendly. • We have experienced and cooperative staff for customer care and support which keep us on the top in the market. • we have full coverage in Saudi and representation in Riyadh, Easter province, and Jeddah. Because…….

  6. Introduction to UTIS • We offer: • Asset Protection and Vehicle Tracking. • Fleet Management Solutions. • Secure and manage various industries like: • - Transport companies • - Packaging & forwarding organizations • - Suppliers management companies • - Courier service providers • - Manufacturing & supplying industries.

  7. Introduction to the Industry • Telematicsis the blending of computers and wireless telecommunications technologies, ostensibly with the goal of efficiently conveying information over vast networks to improve a host of business functions. Utilising GSM / GPRS, TCP, UDP ,IP and CSD communication together with GPS technology. • GPSstands for Global Positioning System. The GPS receiver has an antenna that receives signals from a constellation of GPS satellites. Using the timing of signal reception from multiple satellites, the receiver calculates its own position, speed and elevation.

  8. AVL & Tracking Service AVL stands for Automatic Vehicle Location.The most common reasons for using vehicle tracking are productivity security and customer service, although fuel management, asset management , health & safety and legislative compliance are right up there in importance. What is AVL? • Fleet and mobile asset management. • Surveillance, and stolen vehicle recovery. • Transportation of goods and packages . • Delinquent automotive sales, immobilization. • DIY, caravan, motor home, personal vehicles and assets. AVL service used for:

  9. AVL & Tracking Service

  10. AVL & Tracking Service The Key Benefits of Fleet Management Solution • Increased Productivity: Eliminate discrepancies between hours worked and hours claimed by driver. Keep vehicle reports such a Location Report, Daily Report and Hours Worked Report give you control. • Reduced Overtime: • Eliminate false timesheet claims with detailed real time • vehicle tracking that provides accurate start and stop • times as well as recorded idling and extended stops. • Time sheets are accurate to the minute! • Reduced Private Use: • Out of hours Movements reports will log any • movement of the vehicle outside working • hours. • Continued on next slide…….

  11. AVL & Tracking Service Faster Response Times: Deploy your vehicles with greater speed and efficiency and accurately predict arrival times or delays. You can choose the best or the fastest route for delivery / pick-ups. Reduced Communication Costs: Constant real time GPS analysis shows you at a glance where your vehicles are at all times so you can reduce cell phone calls to your drivers. Increased Fleet and Workforce Security: Constant real time GPS analysis shows you at a glance where your vehicles are at all times so you can reduce cell phone calls to your drivers. Custom Reports: Each customer has specific needs; Fleet Management offers integration services to tailor the solution to your business including. Customized reports that match your company’s data format, measure statistics unique to your business or industry; You can schedule the custom reports for email delivery at your convenience.

  12. AVL & Tracking Service • Other Advantages: The system can be used for several other purposes depending on the type of industry you are operating in. Some of these benefits and advantages to the end-user/company or organization include: • Planning the trip route, following its implementation, and receiving a real time indication for work plan violations. • Picking up and distribution, based on computerized planning which includes parameters of time and location. • Producing a report that replays the vehicle movements and its sensors state over a map. • Producing work plan violations reports, and receiving them to your mailbox on a periodic basis. Continued on next slide…………

  13. AVL & Tracking Service • Producing speed violation reports or delayed arrivals to the pick-ups/distribution stations. • Driver identification at any time. • Tracking the vehicle's mileage, and receiving reports when maintenance is needed, according to the manufacture's orders. • Assigning the available vehicle for the tasks based on the location and information on the closest vehicle to the pick-up location, directly to a display in the vehicle. • Receiving up-to-date information on the vehicle's location, with a wide base of settings and parameters.

  14. Device Tracker Tracker device is a GSM/GPS vehicle tracking device aimed specifically at third party system integrators. It is one of the smallest devices on the market yet provides all the features you expect to allow it to be integrated seamless into your existing systems with minimal work. What is it? The primary purpose of tracker device is to log vehicle Movements by using the latest GPS technology. It is Exceptionally fast in obtaining initial satellite lock so the Start location is always accurate. How does it locate? Installation is simple, requiring just a connect to the vehicles Battery , Ground and ignition switch. How is it installed?

  15. The primary method of communication is over GPRS, although SMS may be used where there is More economical preferred. How does it work? Tracker device is highly configurable allowing you to customize how it works to suit your needs and requirements. Furthermore, Box-tracker is sold SIM free allowing you to choose your preferred network. Is it Customized? A variety of electrical equipment can be Connected and monitored by Box-tracker via its Digital and analogue inputs. Two digital outputs allow you to control features. Driver identification And vehicle immobilization is available either by Your own hardware or an optional installation kit. Is it Multi- functional? Note: The units have no moving parts to malfunction and has no effect on the electronic computer module or factory warranty of the vehicle.

  16. Tracker Features • One of the smallest trackers available. • GPRS or SMS communication. • 2 digital inputs-4 analogue inputs-2 digital outputs. • Driver Identification by I-Button. • Vehicle immobilisation. • 64 Geofence entry and exit alerts. • Programmable panic button. • 3 axis motion sensor. • Internal GSM/GPS antenna with an external GPS version available. • Over air firmware update and configuration. • Automotive power supply 9/36 volts • Operating temperature range -10ºC to +60ºC

  17. Fleet Monitoring Software: BOX Solutions Tracking Application offers you a complete web based monitoring solution for maximising fleet efficiency and productivity.By utilising mobile phone GPRS networks and satellite GPS technology, Fleet Management Application offers fleet managers the convenience of a simple and effective 24/7 vehicle tracking, asset management and security package Detailed information Of your vehicles Tracking your vehicles Monitoring your vehicles • Vehicle behavior monitoring, including: out of hours mileage, speeding, excessive driving time • Vehicle odometer readings and route history report • 24/7 tracking on an unlimited number of vehicles with regular updates of exact location • Detailed mapping, street level accuracy within all of Saudi Arabia • Vehicle and non-powered asset tracking options • Points of interest reports • User friendly web based software

  18. BOX Solutions WhatTracker can do for you:

  19. CONTACT INFORMATION UTIS Email : INFO@UTIS.SA Mob : +966 504667387 URL : http://WWW.UTIS.SA

  20. Thank you