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E xit S tandards t hat E mpower & E quip M ore ESTEEM PowerPoint Presentation
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E xit S tandards t hat E mpower & E quip M ore ESTEEM

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E xit S tandards t hat E mpower & E quip M ore ESTEEM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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E xit S tandards t hat E mpower & E quip M ore ESTEEM. Presentation Facilitator. Sarah McManus Section Chief Testing Policy and Operation Iris Garner Education Consultant Testing Policy and Operation. Panelists. Jennifer Beck Instructional Coach

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Presentation Transcript
Exit Standards

that Empower & Equip More


presentation facilitator
Presentation Facilitator

Sarah McManus

Section Chief

Testing Policy and Operation

Iris Garner

Education Consultant

Testing Policy and Operation

  • Jennifer Beck

Instructional Coach

East Burke High School

  • David Edwards

Chief Marketing Officer

Virtual Public Schools

  • Cynthia Magee

Southwest Regional

Regional Accountability Coordinator

  • David McGee

Director of Student

Burke County School

  • Iris Garner

Research Consultant

NC Department of Public Schools

  • Sarah McManus

Chief , Testing Policy and Operations

NC Department of Public Schools

state board of education policy hsp n 000
State Board of Education Policy HSP-N-000

Students entering the ninth grade for the first time in the 2006-2007 school year, in

  • career preparation,
  • college technical preparation, and
  • college/university preparation course of study

Shall meet the following standards for proficiency:

state board of education policy
State Board of Education Policy
  • Score at Achievement Level III (with 1 standard error of measurement) or above

on 5

End-of-Course Tests:

    • English I
    • Algebra I
    • U.S. History
    • Biology
    • Civics and Economics
state board of education policy9
State Board of Education Policy
  • Students should also complete the following standards:
    • Successfully complete a graduation project
    • Pass the North Carolina Online Test of Computer Skills or its alternate assessment
when can you retest
When can you retest?
  • If a student does not pass the EOC test but passes the course


retesting opportunities
Retesting Opportunities
  • Maximum of two retest opportunities
  • Second retest opportunity must be preceded by focused intervention/remediation
  • Student must be given a retest no later that three weeks from the receipt of test results
  • Parent/guardian may request that their child be excused from the retest. Parent/guardian and child must accept participation in focused intervention.
remediation intervention

Intervention involves extended instructional opportunities designed to improve students’ performance:

  • Alternative models
  • Special homework
  • Smaller classes
  • Tutorial sessions
  • Extended day
  • Saturday school
after the second retest
After the Second Retest…
  • Update documentation (e.g., portfolio of the student’s performance in the EOC course)
  • Documentation (e.g., a portfolio) is reviewed by a review committee to determine if the exit standard for that course has been met
who should be on the review committee
Who should be on the review committee?
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Central office staff members
  • (EC) teacher (if applicable)
  • (LEP) teacher (if applicable)
initial steps for review process
Initial Steps for Review Process
  • Notify parents of the date, time, and location of the review committee meeting
  • Parent/guardian of any student being presented for a review has the right to be a non-voting participant and has the right to speak on behalf of their child
  • If parents are non-English speaking, efforts must be made to provide the information in the language they speak
documentation for review
Documentation for Review
  • Teachers provide documentation of the student’s performance for the review process.

Documentation may include:

    • student work samples
    • test data
    • information supplied by parents
    • information that is included in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for students with disabilities
    • other information that verifies that a student is


documentation for review18
Documentation for Review
  • Documentation of the entire review process should be kept on file at the student’s home school.
review process hsp n 000 4 6
Review ProcessHSP-N-000 (4-6)

The review committee reviews documentation and makes one of the following recommendations

  • Student retakes the course
  • Student is provided additional remediation
  • Based on the documentation, the student has met the requirements for the exit standard associated with the course


principal s role in the review process hsp n 000 6
Principal’s Role in the Review Process HSP-N-000 (6)

The principal reviews the recommendation from the committee and makes the final decision regarding the student meeting the exit standard for the course.

transfer students
Transfer Students

When a student transfers into a North Carolina public high school from out-of-state or from a private school, principals review the student’s transcript and may award credit for work completed

  • Tracking the High School Exit Standards Process (SIMS) and NCWISE Documents
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Exit Standards Brochure
  • Review Committee Folder
  • Exit Standards Web page
  • NCWISE Training Guides documents

-NC WISE Technical Library -NCWISE Guides

  • NCWISE Presentation

- Testing Section

thank you
Thank You
  • We appreciate your attendance and continued support with the North Carolina Testing Program.