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September 21, 2010 Instructors ' Meeting

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September 21, 2010 Instructors ' Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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September 21, 2010 Instructors ' Meeting. Hmm, What will I learn today?. Welcome. Who can help me when I have questions? . Introductions. Mississippi Bend AEA Staff. Drake University Staff Instructors. Give your name and your position Tell the course or courses you teach.

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September 21, 2010



Hmm, What will I learn today?


Who can help me when I have questions?



  • Mississippi Bend AEA Staff
  • Drake University Staff
  • Instructors
  • Give your name and your position
  • Tell the course or courses you teach


Where can I find the documents I need to set up a class?

Not this way

My Toolbox

Wrong Way

Current Forms

Use Online

Way Cool!!!



This course will show the professional development I have worked this year to enhance my portfolio

I learned a wealth of knowledge from this class.

Improving Education

preparing submitting a course proposal
Preparing/Submitting a Course Proposal

I know where to go online to submit a course, here’s a hint

  • Instructor Toolbox Documents: Instructor Toolbox
  • New Instructors: Instructor Handbook
  • Use online documents to get the most current forms
  • Submit 60 days before the first day of course
  • Refer to Course Proposal Checklist: Course Proposal Checklist
forms to prepare submit for a course proposal
Forms to Prepare/Submit for a Course Proposal


New Course (an approved Syllabus is good for 5 years)

Refer to: Professional Development Syllabus Directions

Submit:Course Syllabus and Course Syllabus Cover Sheet

Iowa Teaching Standards

Iowa Standards for School Leaders


Workshop Input Form

Vitae - Electronic versions are kept on file at AEA, needs to be updated every 5 years.

Re-Activation - Approved Syllabus within last 5 years

Activation Request Form and Course Syllabus Cover Sheet

  • Instructor Toolbox Documents: Instructor Toolbox
additional forms or documentation to prepare submit a course proposal
Additional Forms or Documentation to Prepare/Submit a Course Proposal

Solutionwhere Guide for Instructors


All Courses

Dept Secretary should set up Room Reservations (Learning Center Room Reservation) and order Materials (Materials Request Form or Materials Form from Course_Syllabus_Cover_Sheet.docx). Note on documentation if Staff Development should add charges for Materials to the class cost.

Grades and

Attendance Lists

  • Instructor Toolbox Documents: Instructor Toolbox

Additional Tips for a Course Proposal

Copy Right

All copy right rules must be followed when producing handouts or posting handouts online.

AEA Resources – Cindy Blinkinsop or Julie Alfaro

Number of Credits

• 1 credit = 15 contact hours

• 2 credits = 30 contact hours

• 3 credits = 45 contact hours

Sample Approved Course Syllabus

Multicultural, Gender Fair (MCGF) Needs: All instructors need to be aware of the course materials to make sure different cultural, racial, ethnic, and genders are represented in addition to students with and without physical challenges. A quick search of “multicultural” on the AEA’s WEBMAX yielded 444 items found including numerous videos, books, and CDs for professional and student use. Searching “gender” yields 71 items, including 27 DE Streaming items.

processing course proposal
Processing Course Proposal
  • Course approved by appropriate authorities
    • AEA Head of Professional Development
    • Drake University
    • Mississippi Bend AEA Board of Directors

Course Cost Calculations are determined before putting course on line.

Course activated on AEA Solutionwhere website & link sent to instructor for review.

prior to course start
Prior to Course Start

Print Attendance lists from Solutionwhere for each class

2 weeks prior Submit Print Request

If Attendance List shows 1 - Payment Still Due remind student to follow up with Staff Development

Betsy Justis will provide Evaluations, Class roster with student names, phone number, email, and type of credit at registration.

Keep in close contact with Staff Development regarding course status and minimum requirements.

first day of class
First Day of Class

Take Attendance and Review Credit Types

Credit Changes

Participants need to contact Staff Development for any changes in credit choices once they have OK’d them with the Instructor prior to the last day of class. If selecting Drake Credit, an online Drake form must also be completed along with registration.

Online RegistrationFor changes contact Staff Development

Drake Credit only: Drake Form

Have students print course syllabus posted here

Course Syllabus

Review course syllabus including rubric with registrants.

Explain course requirements, evaluation of assignments, and grading to all students.


Credit Requirements

Credit Requirements 100% attendance is required for all courses and workshops.

Audit - Meet the same course expectations and coursework (including attendance), but cannot be forced to do so.

Relicensure/Drake credit - Registrants are expected to meet the A or B criteria in order to pass the course. Credit types can be changed (and paid for) prior to the last day of the class. Drake Form must be completed if taking for Drake Credit so grades can be submitted to Drake.

Grading CodesAll Students need to receive a grade.

Drake Credit - A, B, C, D, F, or I

Drake requires that all incompletes be completed within one semester. If the work is not completed within one semester the student earns an “F.” Notify Staff Development when grades change.

Relicensure Credit - P, F, or I

Student may be given “I,” but establish plan with instructor for completion. Notify Staff Development when grades change.

Audit or Workshop – P

“P” is marked for transcript/portfolio purposes.

end of class
End of Class

Assignments due to instructor

*Note due date on course syllabus

Grades due 2 weeks after all assignments are turned into the instructor

Enter grades and attendance(100% Required) into Solutionwhere need Instructor ID & password.

*Email Staff Development Specialist when grades entered

*Return hard copy of Attendance Lists to Staff Development

*Return Evaluations for processing

*Send out a Broadcast email to students once grades are entered

Transcripts – Staff Dev will not notified Students of grades. Instructors should send a Broadcast email informing registrant of grades.

Staff Development


Other Resources

Iowa Core

Calcium Calendar


2010 Science Fair for Grown-ups - Data Walls

Leading High Impact Learning: Staff Development Department


Other Resources

Drake Info



Other Resources

Iowa State Wide Online Registration Site Under Construction