la rioja n.
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La rioja.

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La rioja. El camino de Santiago. ÍNDICE :. Ermita de la Ascensión Castle of Clavijo Castle of Briones Churche of San Bartolomé Cathedral of Saint Domingo of la Calzada Castle of Aguas Mansas. A little introducction …. The shortest rode of Santiago is in La Rioja.

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La rioja.

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la rioja

La rioja.

El camino de Santiago.


Ermita de la Ascensión

Castle of Clavijo

Castle of Briones

Churche of San Bartolomé

Cathedral of Saint Domingo of la Calzada

Castle of Aguas Mansas

a little introducction
A littleintroducction…
  • Theshortestrode of Santiago is in La Rioja.
  • Buthoweverthe art , theculture and social iscompletynecessary.
  • Theroad in La Rioja it can bewalked in 8 daysforthefastesones.
  • It has more orless 120 kilometres fromeoneside of theroadtotheother.
ermita de la ascensi n
  • The ermita de la ascension was built aroun the 12th and the 13th centuries.
  • Half of the ermita is made with romanesque style and the othar half with gothic.
  • It has two main windows.The inside is very simple it only has a font made up of stone.
  • The main decoration is painted with ochre,red an black.
  • The ship was rebuilt in 1949 so ephemeral, because in 1968 he returned to rebuild again.
ermita de la ascensi n1
Ermita de la Ascensión:
  • The outside: The main door:
  • The font: The inside:
castle of clavijo
Castle of Clavijo
  • islocated in Algoncillo, themiddle of La Rioja in thenorthwasbuiltBytheArabsbeforethetenthcentury, because of theimportantstrategic position occupied.Ontheoutsideonthewallabout 85 meterslong, withhorseshoearches, throughwhichyou can accessthem.Forpeople living in thetownwhereissituatedthecastleisverymeaningfultothem, and imposesmuch
Herewasfoughtthefamousbattle of Clavijo betweenthe Christian forces of Ramiro I againsttheSaracens of Abderrahman II and waswhere he madehisfirstappearancetheApostle James thatdeterminedthevictoryBatalla.When Christian Arabsbuiltthecastle, in century X, knewtheimportantstrategiclocation of its position. Withinthewalls of thiscastlewasimprisoned in 960 thefamousCountFernanGonzalez. In 1396 Diego López de Zúñiga handedittohis son Iñigo when he married Dona Juana de Navarra, illegitimatedaughter of Charles the Noble
castillo de briones
  • This castle in in the angle N-Y of the town,which grew out of urban settings defensive own character throughout the story had this priviligade place the border between Castile and Naverre.
castillo de briones1
  • Now a daysthecastle are mainlyruins:
  • Butisstillone of themainattractions of thecity:
san bartolom


Is a gotic church

Upstairs are *depicted various scenes of life Saint Bartolome  It has triple abside with both central and lateral semicircular square. It retains its structure with pointed arches baults of medio cañón¨n and oven When constructing the ghotic baultswere abolished cruciform pillars that servían to support arches and replaced by pillars octagonal. They, like a palm tree, they will stop the nerves of the baults and the pointed arches, which serve as separation between the *ships and the sections of the baults on the side walls were kept engaged columns, which recognise the strength of the arches fajones. Their capitals are *carved with motifs n the window vegetales.Bajo find another impost, in this case decorated with plant motifs. On the side walls are two *graves gotics





cathedral of saint domingo the calzada
Cathedral of Saint Domingo the calzada
  • The Church was founded by St. Dominic himself, who began in 1098. His style is a mix of Romanesque-Gothic. under the reign of Alfonso VII.. has numerous chapels with remains of distinguished knights. One of the jewels of the cathedral is the altarpiece by the sculptor Damián Forment left in the cathedral of his greatest works, the main altarpiece, now in the side of the cathedral. It was the only work done in wood. but died in 1540, left nearly finished the work, Renaissance style, the chorus, with its magnificent choir stalls and the cloister are three indisputable artistic attractions of the Cathedral of La Rioja
  • The exterior stands out the Romanesque apse, and stained glass windows, baroque tower and two covers. The south door has a large arch
The bell tower. is free and was built in 1762 in baroque style by Martin Beratúa, and is the third tower that has been the cathedral. The first was done in her twelfth century and was destroyed by lightning in 1450. The second was dismantled in the eighteenth century because it threatened ruin. The current is 70 m. tall and is made ​​up of three overlapping, on a square of side 9 meters.
  • In the apse we see pointed archs,small windows with stained glass and the dome
  • This is a estatue of Domingo
Thisinformationisfrom art guias

and from a place called¨Camino de Santiago por la Rioja¨