by christopher paul curtis created by taylor maclean
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Bud, Not Buddy

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By: Christopher Paul Curtis Created By: Taylor Maclean. Bud, Not Buddy. My Review Of The Book.

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my review of the book
My Review Of The Book

I give this book a 4 ½ out of 5. This book leaves you so you want to keep reading. Bud has many adventures to many places even with the detours he makes it to where he wants or needs to be.


Bud is an adventuress boy who does not have very much knowledge. He does not even have very much street smarts. His mom died when he was a young child. He has lived in a orphanage because he was not aware if he had a dad. He had always had a flyer he held onto because he always one day wanted to adventure off to see him.

herman e calloway
Herman E. Calloway

Herman was “Buds Dad” he is in a band. Bud had traveled all the way planning to walk the whole way to see me. Herman did not have much of a sense of humor. Bud had planned to walk the whole way to see me. He had meet a man named Lefty Louise who was kind enough to pick him up, feed him, and then drive him to see me.

lefty louise
Lefty Louise

Lefty was the kind man who picked when Bud was searching to find Herman. Lefty feed Bud food, red pop, and a place to sleep for the night. Lefty sent a telegram to Herman so he was not worried about Bud. Lefty has a great sense of humor.


Todd and his family took Bud in through a foster care program. Todd was not nice to Bud, Todd picked fights with Bud and then did the whole thing and blamed Bud for it all. He was a only child who got what ever he wanted.


The setting of the novel is Flint , Michigan and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The book took place during the Great Depression, when times were hard, food was scarce, and money was scarce. That means Bud did not have many resources, to rely on.


Bud Calloway is a young boy whose mother died and he has lived in a orphanage since he was a kid. This would probably effect Bud on the inside because, he would not have the life as a kid with sisters, and brothers. This probably effected Bud on the outside because Bud would not have the knowledge of a 10 year old buy.




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