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St. Anthony School. August 2012. Summer PD. Please fill out form Post on NING or Edmodo. My Take Aways. Student driven projects with purpose Grant writing tips Networking and social networking Adobe Education Leader HSTE Do what your passionate about, Kailua Community Concert

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St anthony school

St. Anthony School

August 2012

Summer pd
Summer PD

  • Please fill out form

  • Post on NING or Edmodo

My take aways
My Take Aways

  • Student driven projects with purpose

  • Grant writing tips

  • Networking and social networking

  • Adobe Education Leader

  • HSTE

  • Do what your passionate about, Kailua Community Concert

  • What are you going to do?

  • Discuss on ning

Ning or edmodo
NING or Edmodo

  • Please tell us what your doing on NING or Edmodo

Activity based vs pbl
Activity Based vs PBL

  • PBL is not: the same as “making something” or “hands-on learning” or “doing an activity.”

Pbl is a teaching method in which students
PBL is a teaching method in which students:

  • Engage in a rigorous, extended process of inquiry focused on complex, authentic questions and problems

  • Work as independently from the teacher as possible, and have some degree of “voice and choice”

  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of academic knowledge and skills

  • Build 21st century skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, andCommunication

  • Create high-quality products and performances which are presented to a public audience

The 6 a s
The 6 A’s


Academic Rigor

Applied Learning

Active Exploration

Adult Relationships


Project critiquing
Project Critiquing

  • Star Comic

    • Is it PBL or just an activity?

    • Elements of PBL

  • Example of comic

8 essential elements of pbl
8 Essential Elements of PBL

  • Significant content

  • A Need to Know

  • A Driving Question

  • Student Voice and Choice

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Inquiry and Innovation

  • Feedback and Revision

  • Publicly Presented Product

Star comic1
Star Comic

  • Collaborative

    • Students worked in groups

  • Creative

    • Created story and illustrations

  • Critical Thinking

    • Researched life cycle of star

    • Create a story based on the life cycle of a star

  • Communication

    • Shared comics with younger students

  • Assessment

    • Rubrics and reflections


Positive take aways
Positive Take Aways

  • Well planned- teachers involved planned unit together

  • Benchmarks put into place before unit

  • Mini lectures for needed skills planned

  • Teachers involved modeled example of assignments

  • Engagement of students high

  • Success rate high

  • Reflections valuable

Negative take aways
Negative Take Aways

  • No adult connection

  • No real driving question

  • No real world connection or purpose

8 essential elements of pbl1
8 Essential Elements of PBL

  • Significant content- YES

  • A Need to Know- NO

  • A Driving Question- MAYBE

  • Student Voice and Choice- YES

  • 21st Century Skills- YES

  • Inquiry and Innovation- NO

  • Feedback and Revision- YES

  • Publicly Presented Product- YES

Evolving projects
Evolving Projects

  • HAIS Digital Media Grant

  • Garden Warriors Episode 1

  • Worm Composting Episode 2

  • Green Club Episode 3

Successes and take aways
Successes and Take Aways

  • Projects are not failures if they are not PBL

  • Collaborate with others

  • Create a model

  • Maintain communication

  • Use social networking sites to communicate

    • Edmodo

  • Flip teach for skills needed

    • Teacher or student created screen casts


  • Showcase student work

Reflections and assessments
Reflections and Assessments

  • ePortfolios or blogs

    • Reflections of progress or what was learned

    • ongoing record of progress

    • Feed back about learning

    • Assessment

  • Edmodo

    • Formative Assessments

  • Teacher websites