forest fire n.
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“Forest Fire” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Forest Fire”

“Forest Fire”

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“Forest Fire”

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  1. Identifying Text Structure and Author’s Purpose “Forest Fire” Written by Anais Nin

  2. Bell Ringer: Tues. 10/8/13 Writing Prompt: • What would you take if firefighters asked you to evacuate your home? Include two to three reasons for your response. If firefighters asked me to evacuate my home, I would take ___________ because ____________. Learning Partners

  3. Snicker ChallengeTuesday, 10/8 Read the following passages. Determine the text structure. Write the text structure on the white boards. Do NOT write until I say “Go”. Chronological Cause and Effect Compare and Contrast Problem and Solution Sequence / Process Descriptive

  4. Passage #1 Being involved in after school sports and clubs is not a right. It is a privilege. Therefore, students have to meet eligibility requirements. If students have any “D”s or “F”s, the result is that they are not allowed to play. Also, if students have behavior issues in class, they cannot be on the team or in the club. Students need to keep good attendance. Consequently, If students miss school, they most certainly cannot come to practice. Being on a team is a lot of responsibility. If students are not proving to be responsible, they will not be permitted to be in clubs or teams.

  5. Passage #2 After a long day at school, I came home and watched “Cops,” my favorite show. During the commercial breaks, I got up and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I took the bread out of the cabinet, spread the jelly and peanut butter on the bread, and stuck the two pieces together. I enjoyed that sandwich as I watched the rest of “Cops.”

  6. “Forest Fire” Vocabulary: pg. 488

  7. Cornell Notes: “Forest Fire” pg. 490 Read the questions before you read so that you are an informed reader. Survey the Text: Read the title. Look at the pictures / images and read the captions. Skim the first and last paragarphs. Make a prediction. “I predict this passage will be about…..” (Use your white boards) 3. Answer the questions after we read. I will give you time and allow you to work with a partner.

  8. Annotate the Text:”Forest Fire” pgs. 490-493 • While you are reading, you must interact with the text. Use the • Post It notes to annotate. • Place a post it on the page where you see unknown words. • Questions marks near sentences that are unclear or where • you have questions. • Place a near a sentence that you think supports the main • idea or where you see signal words. • 4. Look for figurative language. Place a post It with a and the • type of figurative language.

  9. Exit Ticket List the six types of Text Structure.

  10. Text Structure: Chronological order “Forest Fire” pgs. 490-493 Text Structure: Chronological Order