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Recreation for People with Disabilities

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Recreation for People with Disabilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Youth-to-Youth Training. Recreation for People with Disabilities. A presentation by the National Youth Leadership Network. What is NYLN? . A youth-led, youth-run national organization that serves as a voice for and network of young leaders with disabilities.

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recreation for people with disabilities

Youth-to-Youth Training

Recreation for People with Disabilities

A presentation by the National Youth Leadership Network


What is NYLN?

  • A youth-led, youth-run national organization that serves as a voice for and network of young leaders with disabilities.
  • Our members are youth and young adults with disabilities (age 16-28) and allies (siblings, friends, parents, teachers, etc.).
  • You can register to be an NYLN member at As a member you will get great info and be connected to other young leaders and allies around the country.

IMAGE: Picture of the NYLN logo. It has a hand imprint on it, and it reads: National Youth Leadership Network.

what is r ecreation

Recreation refers to activities that peopleoften do during their leisure time. This includes:

  • Passive recreation (something you enjoy doing quietly and mostly on your own—like reading or watching a movie)
  • Active recreation (exercising/doing some form of activity with your body—like swimming or hiking)
What is Recreation? 

IMAGE: A person is holding up a book at the library.

recreation styles

Individual (listening to music, Internet surfing)

Group-related (team sports such as basketball, soccer, shopping, board games) 

Recreation Styles

IMAGE: A teacher is showing someone how to play the piano.

why is r ecreation i mportant

Recreation has numerousbenefits. 

Here are some examples:

  • It provides an opportunity to develop new friendships.
  • It helps you feel part of the community.
  • You can feel empowered, less stressed, more aware of yourself, and joyful.
Why is Recreation Important?

IMAGE: Two people gardening.

disability and recreation

Recreational options often seem limited to people with disabilities because:

  • Most recreational places aren't accessible to people with disabilities who need ramps, Braille, interpreters, etc.
  • A lot of accessible recreation is expensive.
  • People with disabilities often have limited transportation to get to the recreation site.
Disability and Recreation

IMAGE: A baseball glove.

disability and recreation cont

A lot of the accessible recreation places “include” them by letting them watch rather than finding a way they can participate.

  • People with disabilities are often considered "unhealthy" or "weak.”
Disability and Recreation Cont.

IMAGE: Two people riding in a hot

air balloon.

how can i f ind a ccessible r e creation

Ask friends if places they go are accessible.

Call local disability groups to ask for suggestions.

Look online.

Call the place before you go to see if it’s accessible.

Look to see if the local university provides accessible community programs.

How Can I Find Accessible Recreation?

IMAGE: A telephone available to call for more information about a recreation site.

more ways to find accessible recreation

Watch the community channel.

Look on the announcement boards at grocery stores, vocational rehabilitation offices, disability service offices, colleges.

See if groups that you are already a part of (like a church) offer anything.

More Ways to Find Accessible Recreation

IMAGE: A basketball

and a net.

r esources for a ccessible recreation

Mobility International USA

National Center on Accessibility

United Spinal Association's USA TechGuide

Kellogg Foundation's Access to Recreation Initiative

State Departments of Tourism

Magazines about disability often have a lot of information on things people with disabilities can do

Resources for Accessible Recreation

For more information, or to become a member, contact us:

National Youth Leadership Network (NYLN)