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ASTPHND Annual Meeting June 2008

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ASTPHND Annual Meeting June 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ASTPHND Annual Meeting June 2008. Purpose of Session. Provide overview of the Blueprint and application process Seed Grant Recipients will share their state dissemination strategies. Blueprint.

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astphnd annual meeting june 2008

Annual Meeting

June 2008

purpose of session
Purpose of Session
  • Provide overview of the Blueprintand application process
  • Seed Grant Recipients will share their state dissemination strategies
  • Outlines practical, consumer-focused, state and local strategies for improving eating and physical activity that will lead to healthier lives for children, adults, and families.
  • Provides consumers, communities, organizations, agencies, and programs with strategies and potential actions to address priority nutrition and physical activity issues in the context of their own community resources and needs.
Suggested strategies compliment & reinforce the strategic plan objectives from federal agencies.
  • Focuses on physical activity & eating behaviors as cornerstones for improving health and well-being.
  • Not designed to only address the problem of overweight and obesity.
  • Designed around critical eating & physical activity behaviors to address broad spectrum of health promotion and disease prevention.
nutrition physical activity
Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • Address nutrition and physical activity together - two behaviors provide viable approach for addressing health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Complex behaviors. Each important to successfully addressing improved health outcomes but when factored together, the synergy that comes from improved eating and regular physical activity is powerful on the individual and community level.
who is blueprint audience
Who is Blueprint audience?
  • Key state and local policy makers,
  • public leaders,
  • government bodies,
  • public health partners,
  • businesses,
  • voluntary and private organizations
  • ….with a mission to improve the health and well-being of those who live in our communities.
how can the blueprint be used
How can the Blueprint be used?
  • Consider suggested strategies and steps prioritize/elect them for use in your own communities and organizations.
  • Add or change the strategies or steps to fit more closely with the needs of your community.
  • Apply relevant aspects of the Blueprint in the assessment, development or planning of their policies and programs to address nutrition and physical activity.
blueprint mission
Blueprint - Mission

Improve the nation’s health by

integrating sound policy, programs,

resources, services, and messages

where individuals, children, adolescents, and

families make healthy choices about

eating and being physically activity.

blueprint vision
Blueprint - Vision

Eating healthy and being active

are an integral part of

daily life for everyone.

guiding principles
Guiding Principles
  • Sections are consumer-focused and community-based focusing on strengths, assets, and community involvement in determining priorities and how to address them.
  • Strategies reflect cultural dimensions of the community through acknowledgement of their contributions.
  • The cultural competency of individuals and organizations participating in the planning and implementing of strategies within the community is critical for success.
  • Physical activity is defined broadly to include Healthy People 2010 objectives and increased moderate physical activity and reduced sedentary behaviors.
guiding principles1
Guiding Principles
  • Healthy eating is defined broadly to include Healthy People 2010 nutrition-related objectives and U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • A public health planning process is used to engage stakeholders in assessing strengths and needs, setting goals and objectives, developing and implementing interventions, and evaluating outcomes.
  • Pubic health professionals in nutrition and physical activity work collaboratively to lead change for improved health outcomes in communities.
the cornerstones
The Cornerstones
  • ACCESS – Assure access to healthy foods and locations to engage in physical activity.
  • COLLABORATION– Promote healthy lifestyles by maximizing collaboration and partnerships.
  • SCIENCE AND RESEARCH– Build the science base and accelerate the transfer of science to practice.
  • WORKFORCE – Increase the diversity, capacity, and flexibility of the nutrition and physical activity workforce.
  • COMMUNICATIONS – Promote health and create awareness of the investment value of nutrition and physical activity through effective communications.
application requirements
Application Requirements
  • Indication that PA and Nutrition were dedicated to work together as evidenced by a joint letter of support.
  • MCH Director tied in – letter of support.
  • Focus on children and families - not a geriatric population.
  • Clear tie in with at least one Blueprint Cornerstone.
  • Agree to documents and share process and outcomes of the planning efforts.
2008 2009 seed grant application
2008-2009 Seed Grant Application
  • Handout in the meeting packet with
    • Seed Grant guidance
    • Application process
    • Summary of the application questions
seed grant recipients
Seed Grant Recipients
  • Missouri - Barbara Keen, RD, LD
    • Health Educator
  • South Carolina - Susan S. Frost, MS, RD, LD
    • Nutrition Consultant
  • Utah - Phyllis S. Crowley, MS, RD, IBCLC
    • State Nutrition Coordinator
  • Alabama - Laurie Eldridge-Auffant, MPH
    • Nutrition & Physical Activity Division
missouri blueprint seed grant project

Missouri Blueprint Seed Grant Project

Barbara Keen, RD, LD

Health Educator

Missouri Dept. of Health & Senior Services


Missouri’s Blueprint efforts centered on Cornerstone 2 – Collaboration
  • Emphasis in our collaboration on Cornerstone 1 – Access
  • Secondary emphasis on Cornerstone 3 – Science and Research
    • Strategy 2 – community data systems
missouri council for activity and nutrition
Missouri Council for Activity and Nutrition
  • MoCAN consists of partners from over 40 organizations statewide
  • Mission to implement Missouri’s Nutrition & Physical Activity Plan
  • Workgroups for

Schools & Childcare Messages

Worksites Policy

Families & Communities Healthcare

mocan families communities work group
MoCAN Families & Communities Work Group
  • Developed model for intervention and policy change for rural communities
  • Conducted focus groups with Missouri communities on health behavior practices
  • Collaborates with MU Extension and MFH initiatives to implement NPAO funded initiative in a SE MO community
missouri foundation for health mfh
Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH)
  • Healthy & Active Communities Initiative
  • Funds community based organizations to reach populations at risk for obesity
  • Member of MoCAN
university of missouri extension
University of Missouri Extension
  • Healthy Lifestyle Initiative
    • Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice
  • Working intensively with 5 communities
    • Seed Grant supports travel to communities
  • Member of MoCAN
healthy lifestyle initiative
Healthy Lifestyle Initiative
  • Brings together people from different segments of community
  • Assists local stakeholders in creating policies and environments to support healthy lifestyle choices
  • Links MU Extension and other resources to partner communities
healthy lifestyle initiative1
Healthy Lifestyle Initiative
  • Supports access to healthy, affordable, locally-produced food
  • Increases opportunities for safe, accessible physical activity
childhood obesity summit
Childhood Obesity Summit
  • Hosted by Extension in December 2007
  • Funded by MFH & KC Healthy Kids
  • Target audience: community members and agency leaders working on child obesity
  • To create partnerships and communication network
community engagement and policy development summit
Community Engagement and Policy Development Summit
  • Hosted by Extension in May 2008
  • Follow up to Dec. 2007 Child Obesity Summit
  • Attended by 100 leaders
  • Blueprint presented
    • Copy for each participant
    • Overview presentation at lunch
    • Partial funding from Blueprint Seed Grant
overview of blueprint presentation
Overview of Blueprint Presentation
  • Used PowerPoint developed by ASTPHND
  • Modified for Missouri
  • Stressed ties between Blueprint and Missouri’s Nutrition & Physical Activity Plan
cornerstone 1 access
  • STRATEGY 1: Assure access to a food supply and healthy food choices.MO Goal 1 Strategies 1,2,4. Goal 4 Strategies 1,2
  • STRATEGY 2: Assure access to safe, affordable, convenient opportunities to be physically active.MO Goal 1 Strategies 1,2,4. Goal 4 Strategies 1,2
  • STRATEGY 3: Increase the number and types of settings where culturally appropriate nutrition and physical activity services are supported and offered to people of all income levels, stages of life, and abilities.MO Goal 1 Strategies 1,2,4

Susan S. Frost, MS, RD, LD

Nutrition Consultant

south carolina blueprint seed grant collaborators
South Carolina Blueprint Seed Grant Collaborators
  • Bureau of Community Health & Chronic Disease Prevention
    • Fruit & Vegetable Nutrition Coordinator
    • Division of Obesity Prevention & Control
  • Bureau of Maternal & Child Health
  • Office of Public Health Nutrition
  • Established by merger of:
    • SC Coalition to Promote Physical Activity - SCCPPA
    • SC Coalition for Obesity Prevention Efforts - SCCOPE
eat smart move more sc
Eat Smart Move More SC

Mission -to lead collaborative and sustainable efforts to support healthy eating and active living where South Carolinians live, learn, work play and pray.

Vision – A South Carolina in which healthy eating and active living are the pillars of healthy lifestyles in healthy communities.

Members – 700 members across SC

Partners - businesses, organizations, churches, schools, communities, cities, parks/recreation, individuals, agencies (SC Dept. of Health, SC Dept. of Education, SC Dept. of Transportation, SC Dept. of Agriculture)


4 Priority Areas

Advocacy – Champion and advance local and statewide legislation, policy and funding that enhance healthy eating and active living

Communication – Create public awareness of healthy eating and active living

Training – Strengthen and sustain the capacity and infrastructure to address healthy eating and active living

Implementation – Guide and support the use of best and promising practices to address healthy eating and active living



Objective 1:Provide an environment supportive of active living.

Objective 2:Provide an environment that supports healthy eating.

Objective 3:Form local coalitions of concerned citizens and advocates to take action of overweight in communities.

Objective 4:Provide education to community members and decision makers about issues regarding healthy eating and active living.


Community - Objective 4

Provide education to community members and decision makers about issues regarding healthy eating and active living.

Sample Activities:

Provide education on the relationship between the built environment and health.

Incorporate Eat Smart, Move More messages throughout the community.


A Primer on Active Living for Government Officials

Improving Access to Healthy Foods: A Guide for Policy Makers

We Can! Energize our Community: Toolkit for Action

Smart Growth Toolkit

Neighborhood Scale Planning Tools to Create Active, Livable Communities

How to Create and Implement Healthy General Plans

Community Nutrition Networking Guide: Building Community Networks for Healthy Weight in the Carolinas

Children and Weight: What Communities Can Do About It

****Blueprint for Nutrition and Physical Activity: Cornerstones of a Healthy Lifestyle

2008 obesity prevention summit
2008 Obesity Prevention Summit
  • 350 Participants from across the state (provided travel scholarships to those in need)
    • All sectors (faith, community, worksite, agencies, parks/recreation, schools etc.)
  • All received the Blueprint document
  • Blueprint Breakout Presentation
    • Facilitator, Bonnie Spear, PhD
    • Very well attended
community seed grants
Community Seed Grants
  • $50,000 to provide community seed grants
    • $1,000-$3,000 for Capacity Building
    • $3,000-$5,000 for Implementation
  • Policy and environmental focus
  • Use Options for Action/Blueprint for guidance
follow up trainings with grantees
Follow Up Trainings with Grantees
  • Conduct needs assessments of local efforts and respond accordingly (survey and site visits)
  • Provide training and educational opportunities (Annual Summit, conference calls, webinars, regional trainings, website)
  • Facilitate collaboration and connection among community groups (website, networking opportunities)
  • Provide direct and promote other additional funding opportunities
sc blueprint budget
SC Blueprint Budget

$1,000 Facilitator and travel expenses for Summit

$1,000 Blueprint document and shipping

$2,000 Assistance with travel scholarship to those needing support to attend Summit

Total - $4,000


Susan S. Frost, MS, RD, LD

Nutrition Consultant

(803) 545-4487

Amy Splittgerber, M.Ed.

Partnership Coordinator

(803) 941-7050


Utah WIC ProgramRecipient of 2007-2008 ASTPHND Blueprint Seed GrantPhyllis S. Crowley, MS, RD, IBCLCState Nutrition Coordinator

“Cornerstones of a Healthy Lifestyle Blueprint for Nutrition & Physical Activity”

cornerstone focus
Cornerstone Focus
  • Cornerstone 1 – Access: Assure access to healthy foods and locations to engage in physical activity & incorporate into the existing Utah Blueprint
  • Blueprint Family Objective 1. Strategy 1: to conduct a family-based community needs assessment and identify available resources for physical activity and healthy eating.
strategy 1
Strategy 1

Assure access to a healthy food supply and healthy food choices

strategy 2
Strategy 2

Assure access to safe, affordable, convenient opportunities to be physically active

collaborative partners
Collaborative Partners

Bureau of Health Promotion

Maternal and Child Health Bureau

grant representatives
Grant Representatives
  • Patrice Isabella, MS, RD

Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Coordinator

  • Lynda Blades, MPH, CHES

Physical Activity Coordinator

  • Heather Borski, MPH, CHES

Director of the Bureau of Health Promotion

  • Nan Streeter, MS, RN

MCH Bureau Director

grant representatives cont
Grant Representatives cont.
  • Shaheen Hossain, Ph.D

MCH Data Resources Manager

  • Chris Furner, MS, CHES

Utah WIC Program Manager

  • Colleen Jenson, BS, LE

Ogden WIC Clinic Director

  • Phyllis Crowley, MS, RD, IBCLC

State WIC Nutrition Coordinator and Blueprint Grant Administrator

first task
First Task

Interview graduate student -

Health Related


Phone Interviews

Hire Tim Stempel, MSW

grant phases
Grant Phases
  • Phase 1. - Research literature for community needs assessment tools
  • Phase 2. - Adapt and/or develop a needs assessment tool
  • Phase 3. - Administer needs assessment in identified WIC community
  • Phase 4. - Analyze results of needs assessment
  • Phase 5. - Develop strategies to address issues identified in the needs assessment
phases completed
Phases Completed
  • Phase 1. - Research literature for community needs assessment tools (1/08)
  • Phase 2. - Adapt and/or develop a needs assessment tool (4/08)
  • Phase 3. - Administer needs assessment in identified WIC community (5/08)
wic community
WIC Community
  • Utah Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Small Area Report (2001-2005)
  • Highest risk for overweight & obesity
  • Ogden WIC Clinic in Weber County
  • 6,322 participants (1/08)
community needs assessment
Community Needs Assessment
  • 31 item “Healthy Living Survey”
  • English (500)
  • Spanish (150)
next steps
Next Steps
  • Analyze Results (6/08)
  • Identify Issues (7/08)
  • Develop Strategies (8/08)
state dissemination of blueprint
State Dissemination of Blueprint
  • Utah State WIC Conference on 9/17/08
  • Distribution of Blueprint
  • “Healthy Living” Survey
  • Nutrition Education & Evaluation Plan
potential national influence
Potential National Influence
  • Abstract
  • Poster session
  • National WIC Association Conference-2009
alabama s blueprint project hands working together one year later still going strong

Alabama’s Blueprint ProjectHands Working Together:One Year Later & Still Going Strong

Laurie Eldridge-Auffant, MPH

Nutrition & Physical Activity Division

Alabama Department of Public Health


Develop Alabama’s Wellness Plan using the Blueprint (2007).

Provide a Wellness Conference to introduce the Plan and disseminate the Blueprint (2008).

Creation of the Alabama Wellness Coalition is a viable “growth” of the Seed Grant!

building blocks of seed funding
Building Blocks of Seed Funding

Key: Cornerstone of Collaboration

take home message
Take Home Message

“A little bit goes a long way if partnerships are made along the way.”