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2008 New York - Member Forum

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2008 New York - Member Forum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of CRJP System Design Fiona Solomon, Director – Standards Development. 2008 New York - Member Forum. Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices, Ltd. . Design of the CRJP System. Introduction to the CRJP System

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Presentation Transcript

Overview of CRJP System Design

Fiona Solomon, Director – Standards Development

2008 New York - Member Forum

Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices, Ltd.

design of the crjp system
Design of the CRJP System
  • Introduction to the CRJP System
  • Roles of CRJP, Members and Auditors
  • Steps to certification
  • Checks and balances
  • Proposed timelines for system delivery to Members
introduction to the crjp system
Introduction to the CRJP system
  • CRJP Certification of Members
    • Certification is third party confirmation that fulfilment of specific requirements has been credibly demonstrated.
crjp certification
CRJP Certification
  • Standard:
    • The CRJP Code of Practices, plus additional modules as required eg Mining;
  • Auditor accreditation:
    • Accreditation of qualified and competent independent auditors who have been trained in the CRJP system;
  • Verification:
    • Accredited auditors carry out a verification audit of a Member’s Self Assessment against the Code of Practices;
  • Certification decision:
    • Auditor makes formal recommendation for or against certification based on verification findings;
    • CRJP grants certification based on auditor’s recommendation.
scope of application
Scope of application
  • Designed to apply to all sectors of the diamond and/or gold jewellery supply chain, from mining through to retail.
  • Condition of CRJP membership that Members seek certification covering all their relevant Facilities:
    • All Facilities which are owned or controlled by Members, and actively contribute to the diamond and/or gold jewellery supply chain;
  • Proposed timeline: Current Members to undergo independent third party auditing by 31 December 2010.
key roles
Key roles

CRJP Certification

summary of key roles
Summary of key roles
  • The CRJP is responsible for operating and updating the certification system;
  • Members are responsible for operating their business in conformance with the Code of Practices;
  • Auditors are responsible for verifying whether Member’s business practices are in conformance and making a recommendation on certification.
steps to certification
Steps to certification

By Members

By Auditors


step 1 self assessment by members
Step 1 - Self Assessment by Members
  • Define the parts of your business which actively contribute to the diamond and/or gold jewellery supply chain – the Certification Scope.
  • Self assess your performance against the Code of Practices.
    • Internal audit.
    • Assemble necessary information to enable auditor/s to work efficiently and effectively.
    • Identify and address any areas of non-conformance before the auditor/s arrive.
  • When ready, appoint accredited auditor/s and submit your Self Assessment to them.
step 2 verification assessment by auditors
Step 2 – Verification Assessment by Auditors
  • Desktop review of the Member’s Self Assessment and related information.
  • Define the Verification Scope:
    • Which provisions of the Code of Practices will be verified at which Facilities.
    • Takes account of risk and relevance using available information eg legislative frameworks and existing certifications.
  • On-site review of the selected provisions at selected Facilities, as defined in the Verification Scope.
  • Verification reports:
    • To Member (detailed);
    • To CRJP (summary and recommendation).
step 3 grant certification
Step 3 – Grant Certification
  • The CRJP Management is responsible for granting certification to Members, based on the auditor’s recommendation.
  • CRJP Management Team will review auditor’s report to check:
    • Auditors are accredited and competent.
    • All major non-conformances have been corrected, or are subject to a one year corrective plan verified by the auditor.
  • Certified Members will be issued with formal documentation on their certification status, benefits and conditions of use.
  • Certification details will be listed on the CRJP website.
checks and balances
Checks and balances
  • Quality control
    • Standardised forms for assessing and verifying conformance;
    • Guidance on standards and certification;
    • Formal training and accreditation of auditors;
    • Peer reviews of auditing quality;
    • Member training and support.
  • Complaints mechanism
    • CRJP will investigate and resolve complaints relating to certification assessments and outcomes.
  • Sanctions
    • Disciplinary proceedings against Members or auditors will be triggered by actions or omissions that affect the integrity of the CRJP system.
resources and tools to help you
Resources and tools to help you
  • Core system documents will be delivered first to get you started.
  • More tailored materials will be developed to support particular groups or issues.
proposed timelines staged system delivery
Proposed timelines – staged system delivery
  • Stage 1 – Core system documents – Oct 08
    • Certification Handbook
    • Code of Practices
    • Introduction to the Code of Practices (Standards guidance)
    • Self Assessment workbook
    • Assessment Manual (for Members and Auditors)
  • Stage 2 – Mining Supplement – Feb 09
    • Additional component applicable to Mining Members.
    • Will be incorporated into Code of Practices and Assessment tools.
    • Standards development process to include stakeholder consultation.
  • Stage 3 – Accredited Auditors – Mar 09
    • Establish selection criteria and assessment method.
    • Training for unique aspects of CRJP system.
    • List of CRJP accredited auditors available to Members – will grow with time.